Spy Bahu [4th September 2022] Written Update

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Veera warns that it is impossible to imagine what Yohan will do if he ends up miscarrying the baby. Ahana inquires as to the next step. Veera implores her to refrain from acting in any way, stating that she cannot warn her enough times. She will leave. Ahana believes that even I will not warn you, that first I will kill you, just as I would kill Yohan once I marry him. She threatens that if you don’t hand him over to her, she will kill you. Yohan is confronted by Veera, who asks him if he is facing a predicament and trying to figure out how to forget about whatever Sejal has done. She claims that you have brought her, but that you are uncertain about it. Yohan says that he couldn’t stand to see her in such a condition today and goes on to tell her that he despises her but that he loves her very much. According to Veera, you have no idea what kind of test God is putting you through. Ahana claims that she has deceived him, yet there will always be a piece of his heart that loves her. He believes that it is not fair to her. Veera encourages him to consider Mahira and says that she has loved him since she was a youngster and that he has helped her and us through difficult times. Veera also says that Mahira has dreamed of marrying him, but that her dreams have been shattered. She describes how she could feel if she saw the person who killed her brother standing next to you. Yohan compliments her and promises that as soon as he fathers a child, he will wed Mahira. Veera says but Sejal. Yohan promises that Sejal will pay the price for her actions in the future, but not right now. He claims that he checked her out, and it is true that she has lost her memory. He claims that Sejal will suffer the consequences of her actions once she regains her memory. He claims that both Sejal and Mahira would arrive at their destination safely. Veera nods her head.During their conversation, Sejal tells her infant, “your Papa loves you a lot, hichki.” She claims that your grandfather has given you the name hichki. Shalini arrives there and inquires as to how somebody can talk to themselves such an excessive amount. Sejal claims that I was having a conversation with Hichki. Shalini has told you that she has bought some new clothes and jewellery for you so that you may better fit in at Nanda Mansion. She gives her a mangalsutra and tells her to dress elegantly and resemble Yohan’s wife. She also gives her a mangalsutra.The rites of godh bharayi have begun. Arun has suggested that we prepare the rasam. I was waiting for Shalini to say Mahira because I knew she would. Ahana is afraid that she will end up killing her. Yohan and Sejal are given a blessing by Arun as he places a dupatta over Sejal’s head. As a ruse, Veera offers Sejal her best wishes for a happy and healthy pregnancy. Arun approaches her and asks for her true blessing before revealing that they are hoping for a son. Yohan has a question regarding this era. Arun says 2022. He claims that he believed they went back to the previous century. Sejal asks Yohan to bring Drishti. Yohan brings Drishti near Sejal. Drishti is instructed to touch Sejal’s stomach by Sejal. Ahana is visited by Shalini, who tells her that she, too, resembles the newborn Bua. Ahana engages in debate with her. Someone inquires to Veera about whether or not they called Sejal’s mother. Sejal inquires of Yohan as to whether he has notified her mother that she is still alive and inquires as to the location of her mother. According to Yohan, Veera is much like a mother. Veera performs the ritual while secretly wishing harm onto her opponent. Ahana puts a poisonous substance in the laddoo. When Shalini enters the kitchen, she finds her sipping water at the sink. She inquires of her as to her reason for being here. After that, she tells her that she will select Sejal rather than her as her dewrani instead of her.There are occasionally dancing performances by transgender people. Everyone in the family gets up and dances. Sejal is delighted, and she can now see the dance. The baby’s choti maa is what Ahana refers to herself as. She is a dancer. The smiles on Sejal and Yohan’s faces disappear. Ahana states while putting her palm on Sejal’s stomach, “I will adore the baby as much as the choti maa.” Sejal receives a call from Veera, who requests that the transgenders bless her. Sejal is blessed by the transgenders to have children, to have her husband’s affection pour on her always, and to continue to experience happiness throughout her life. The transgender individual asserts that their blessing is not wasted. Ahana steals money from Arun, uses it to cure Sejal and Yohan of their vision problems, and then gives the money to the transgenders. Veera makes a request to Yohan to give the sweets to Sejal.

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