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At the beginning of the episode, the doctor informs Yohan, Arun, Saras, and Minal that they have done everything in their power to help her, but her oxygen level is continuing to plummet, she only has 24 hours left to live, and everything is now in God’s hands. They keep Sejal’s well-being in their prayers. Minal breaks down in tears and begs Bappa for help. She recalls what Sejal had said, which was that the child always says “Mummy” when she is hungry. Saras thinks back on the times he spent with Sejal. Yohan thinks back to the times he spent with her and the things she said. The physician is continuing to treat her and reports that her heart rate is falling, indicating that a blood transfusion is required. According to him, there is no chance of the baby being saved. Minal confides in Bappa that she has every reason to believe that Sejal is still alive and begs him to protect her. Yohan is being asked to come by the nurse. Arun inquires about the status of the baby with the Doctor. The doctor reports that the mother and baby are both in good health as a result of the prompt treatment. Arun says thank god. According to Minal, God rescued her. The doctor recommends that the two of you travel to see her. Yohan extends an invitation to Minal to travel with him. Minal and Yohan enter the room and are greeted by Sejal. Sejal calls Yohan. Yohan forces her to wear eyeglasses. She is concerned about her child and inquires about what I am doing while I am here in the hospital. Yohan assures me that both of you are OK. He orders her to relax and tells her to take a seat on the bed. Minal wants to know when we will bring her back home. The doctor has recommended that you bring her home tomorrow if her healing is going well. He extends an invitation to Yohan to attend an important conversation. Yohan assures Sejal that he will see them soon. The doctor explains to Yohan that the amount of recuperation that can be done by Sejal under such circumstances is limited, and that her state was similar to that of women who end up having a miscarriage. Yohan thinks it is a relief to hear that Sejal and the baby are doing well. He inquires as to the cause of your concern. The doctor claims that Sejal’s health did not decline on its own and that she was given the medication that puts the baby in danger. We were able to find traces of the medication in the blood report that was done. Yohan is taken aback and suddenly remembers that he forced Sejal to consume the laddoo. The physician inquires as to whether or not Sejal took these medications. Yohan insists that this is not the case and that Sejal is really devoted to her child. The doctor wants to know whether anyone else has experienced this. Yohan explains why someone would act in such a way. The physician warns him that Sejal’s pregnancy is a delicate one, and that even a minor error may put both of their lives in jeopardy. Minal overhears the doctor, who claims that they first plotted to throw her in jail, and now they attempted to kill Minal’s baby. Yohan has assured me that I will determine who is responsible for this. The next day, according to Minal, she will bring her home.Yohan invites Sejal to spend the night at his home. Veera reveals that in order to protect herself, she has performed a jaap. Minal considers this other woman to be very crafty because she is pretending to pray for her. Arun urges Sejal to watch out for everything. Ahana has assured her that she will look out for her and ensure that she does not have any difficulties in the future. Shalini looks on. She assures her that she will accompany her to the room. Yohan responds that it is not necessary because I will take care of her alone. Yohan and Arun will transport her from that location. Minal assures Veera and Ahana that Sejal is unaware of their wrongdoings, but the truth is that she is aware of it. They should avoid Sejal at all costs, or else they will see what she will do, she warns them. Yohan makes Sejal drink water. He comments that you have demonstrated a great deal of courage and that if I had been in your position, I would have lost my courage. He expresses his gratitude to her on behalf of both him and their child. He tells her to stop crying and to get some rest before continuing.Sejal addresses him as “hichki ke pappa” and expresses confusion about how this came to pass. I give you my word that I will start taking better care of myself. Yohan implores her to stop crying and to stop placing blame on herself. He tells her to get some rest and thinks to himself, I will figure out who it was that tried to kill both you and our child.He exits the room and starts calling the Servants as well as everyone else. Veera is curious to know what took transpired. Arun also questions him about it. Yohan warns me that my wife and child are in danger even in their own home, and he explains that Sejal’s health did not decline on its own; rather, someone had intentionally tampered with some medicine in order to cause harm to the child. Veera wants to know who is able to do this. Yohan asserts that we have no choice but to discover the answer and instructs the Servant to look in every room of the house to see if they can locate any new paper or packaging. According to Arun, I have no intention of abandoning that individual. Yohan inquires of Ahana as to whether or not there is something that she needs to share with him. Ahana says no. Shalini promises that she will never reveal the truth to you, but she promises that she will. She claims that she, Ahana, had previously administered the medication to Sejal, and she provides evidence to support her claim (medicine wrapper). Yohan examines Ahana while looking at her with scepticism. He inquires of Shalini as to the origin of the item. According to Shalini, when she went into the kitchen to retrieve the sweets, she discovered mom standing there in silence. She claims that in response to my question, she made excuses. Ahana asks what are you saying? Shalini claims that she didn’t understand what was going on at the time, but when you hurried Sejal to the hospital, she went to the kitchen and searched everywhere before discovering the wrapper in the garbage can. She claims that she concealed this medication in laddoo and that is the reason why she was so animated throughout the godh bharayi rites. Ahana says you are accusing me incorrectly. Yohan demands to know why the information wasn’t shared with him earlier. Shalini claims that you were concerned while you were in the hospital, which is the reason why I did not notify her. According to Veera, I was at home; therefore, why didn’t you tell me? According to Shalini, I wanted to tell Yohan because I was concerned that she could easily trick us. Ahana asks, “Did you see this packet in my hand?” and then suggests that it’s possible that you’re blaming me for anything you did to the laddoo yourself.Shalini claims that it is common knowledge that I am not wasteful like you are and that Sejal is superior to both of us. Ahana engages in an attempt to emotionally blackmail Yohan by asking him why he would do this. Yohan speculates that this could be the reason why our engagement fell through after Sejal’s return. The servant brings the bill for the drug and reports that it too lists the same medicine name on it. Yohan inquires as to where you obtained it. Mahira’s chamber overhears a servant saying something. Yohan asserts that you wanted evidence. Ahana claims that someone is attempting to trick or catch me. Yohan shoves her, causing her to fall on top of Veera. Veera gives her a heavy smack and says, “You didn’t think once before doing this, didn’t your soul shake up, this house has given you refuge, and you sought to ruin our happiness.” After the slap, Veera continues, “This house has given you shelter, and you tried to ruin our happiness.” Arun approaches Yohan and requests that he kick her out of the house. According to Yohan, our childhood love and friendship has come to an end. He tells me to get out of my house before I completely lose control. She says Cuckoo… He takes her by the hand and leads her to the backyard. Veera believes that this is the end for Ahana because she did not listen to what I said.


Minal tells Sejal that they are unable to stay in this house because if Sejal had her memory, she would never stay here for one second since this place is hell. Sejal is able to stop her and tells her, “Mummy, I recall everything. By the grace of God, my child and I are OK; nonetheless, for the sake of justice and revenge, Sejal must die.” Minal is sobbing her eyes out.

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