Spy Bahu [7th September 2022] Written Update

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At the beginning of the episode, Yohan advises Ahana to flee his home as quickly as possible before he completely loses control. When they got outdoors, she brushed off his hand and ran back into the house. He continued to take her outside. She is in charge of the kitchen. Veera inquires as to the nature of this. Yohan inquires on the nature of this insanity. If you order me to leave, Ahana will answer, “I will slit my wrist,” and then she will question, “Where will I go?” She begs him to forgive her and to allow her to remain in this location. Yohan has told him that he cannot forgive them and that they cannot be here. Sejal appears at that location and declares, “I have forgiven you.” Yohan claims that you are unaware of what she did. Sejal responds, “I know,” and then explains that she does not want anybody else’s blood to be spilled in her home. She informs Ahana that she can comprehend being a woman and that she knows the agony that Ahana is going through because of the relationship that Nanda ji cut off with her and the dreams that you had as a youngster. Ahana expresses her regrets to her and begs her to reconsider kicking her out of the house. The blade is removed from her possession by Sejal. Ahana makes a request for another chance. Yohan suggests that you should have given this some consideration before doing such a horrific act. He is telling me that I will not forgive you, and that you will not remain in this place. Sejal thinks that I should give her the benefit of the doubt. Minal inquires of Sejal, “What are you saying?” Mahira was on the verge of abandoning her family, according to Sejal, who argues that if she is able to have a second chance, then so should Mahira. She begs Yohan to forgive her for what she has done. Yohan says this is your final opportunity. Veera believes that I have no choice but to expel Ahana because she has become a greater source of difficulty for her than Sejal. Ahana enters the kitchen and entertains the idea of hurting Drishti in order to get Yohan into a more intimate relationship with her (Ahana). Sejal walks over to them and says, “I just realised I forgot to mention something.” She claims that Hichki was inquiring as to whose hand had been used to concoct the poison. She activates the induction gastop and maintains Ahana’s grip on it with her free hand. She explains that whenever there is a threat to the child, the mother doesn’t leave the aggressor alive and states that she is doing it for her child. She says that I forgave you for myself and that I would accept this minor penance for the sake of the serenity of my hichki. She claims that a large hammer is used to smash the kettle of sin. She walks away from her and tells her that she will send medicine for her to put to the burn she has. She goes after having reminded her.Sejal is informed by Minal that they will be travelling to Jamnagar. It seems as though you have forgiven the young lady who attempted to hurt your child, according to her. Sejal interrogates, “Do you intend to forcibly abduct me?” Minal claims that if you had remembered, you wouldn’t have stayed here by yourself. This is his explanation. She invites her to join them. According to Sejal, we are of the Kotharia brand, which means we can go down but not back up. She slams the door behind her. Minal inquires about what was said and then remembers that Saras had stated the same thing. Sejal apologises to her and tells her that she must take action in order to protect her husband and child from harmful people. She claims that she has not forgotten anything, but in reality she recalls everything. She claims that because of Ambe Maa, both my baby and I were able to survive. She claims that I made the decision on that day itself that Sejal must be sacrificed in order to get justice. Minal wants to know how this came to pass. According to Sejal, the beginning of this endeavour can be dated back five months.A flashback depicts Sejal recovering in the hospital after the van she was riding in was involved in an accident that was caused by Ahana’s plot. She comes to and notices SK and Tana ji standing there. She then regains consciousness. She is able to see clearly thanks to her glasses. She makes an effort to get rid of glucose dip, etc. SK claims that you have not improved at all. Sejal has stated that the two of you are to blame for my situation. She claims that she wants to share the truth about Veera Nanda with Yohan. SK reports that you came to after a month of being unconscious. Tana ji explains that the seat was stuck in such a way that it prevented her from being burned by the fire. It is his understanding that you were unconscious when we extracted you from the valley. SK asserts that Yohan, Nanda, and everyone else believe that you have passed away. Sejal says you didn’t inform Yohan about me. To leave, she exerts her best efforts. SK warns that it is not healthy for you to do so. Sejal claims that I am nothing more than a wife who is trying to protect my husband. SK warns that you are putting your unborn child in danger in order to save Yohan. He demonstrates the report and states that it is a marvel that the infant was able to survive the catastrophic catastrophe. Sejal gets emotional. SK believes that the decision you make now will have an effect on the future of your baby. Fb ends. Sejal explains to Minal that SK Sir helped her comprehend everything. A facebook again. SK claims that in order to protect you from the terrorist organisation, we chose not to acknowledge you as a spy. He claims that the police have confirmed your death. Sejal asks Yohan whether it is acceptable to keep the fact that this is his child a secret from him. She assures me that Yohan will welcome me.SK claims that Veera and the imposter Mahira have indoctrinated him to the point where he will never accept you. Sejal claims that I have the desire to speak with him someday. Tana ji states that if there was any mistake made, then? What should we do, Sejal inquires? Tana ji begs Sejal to expose bogus Mahira and Veera Nanda. SK adds that God did not preserve you in order for this to happen, and that the death of Sejal marks the beginning of Paro’s existence. Tana ji informs her that her objective will remain the same, but that she will have a new soldier accompanying her on it. There is a harshness there. SK claims that he is Harsh, a normal person that we recruited to work as a spy. He promises that he would bring you to his hamlet, where you will meet him while you are asleep. When you do, you will be a vulnerable girl who has forgotten her past. Tana ji advises you to convince Yohan that you have lost your memory. After that, Veera Nanda will be the only one who believes you. Sejal states that she will carry out her threat for the sake of her child, her love, and her nation. Fb ends.Hearing her makes Minal feel a range of emotions. Sejal can’t help but think about Yohan and how he saved her life. Sejal tells me that she couldn’t bring herself to stand in front of me while she allowed me to watch her suffer. Minal tells her daughter that she should question her father about him and adds, “I never believed that you abandoned me.” Sejal comforts her while crying and apologising to her. Sejal has stated that she will continue to act until criminals like Veera and phoney Mahira are brought to justice for their actions, as well as until I am able to demonstrate that I am innocent. Minal inquires as to the reason why you did not permit her to leave today. She will repent for the day for intruding in our life, according to Sejal, who adds that she will crave for it just as much as I have. She claims that they were unaware that a mother and wife will do anything in their power to protect their children and family. According to Minal, she is there with her. After saying, “I know that my mother is with me,” Sejal embraced the woman. Ahana has the idea to strangle Sejal so severely that she won’t even scream when she’s dying.



Sejal has a conversation with Harsh in which she informs him that the moment has arrived to bring our goal to its conclusion. Tana ji receives a request from Harsh to impersonate a baba so that she can visit Nanda Mansion. He then assumes the role of Pandit and travels to Nanda Mansion, where he requests Veera to bring water down from the terrace. When Veera realises she is about to tumble over the terrace, she gets out of her wheelchair. All three of Arun, Yohan, and Shalini are taken aback. Sejal looks on.

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