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At the beginning of the episode, Yohan massages some oil into Sejal’s foot. He claims khakra is burnt. Sejal notes that oil has been spilled on the ground and expresses concern for Babu ji. Yohan informs Sejal that they should get going right away because the journey will take a while. Lakshmi visits Sejal/Paro and reveals that Gajri’s husband has returned home after drinking and is being disruptive to her. The woman, Gajri, is beaten by her husband, who then forces her to leave the house. The weight of Gajri is ready to bring the stone crashing down. Yohan comes to her rescue and reprimands Gajri’s husband for his disrespectful treatment of the woman for having done so. The man tells him that you are now Paro’s husband and wants him to leave the premises. Gajri’s spouse receives a reprimand from Sejal. He pushes Sejal. While Gajri’s husband is beaten, Yohan holds Gajri’s wife captive. Gajri begs him not to beat her spouse and he ignores her. Gajri’s husband is urged by Sejal to respect his wife and told that she is begging for him to help her. She claims that Gajri is pardoning your transgressions, but that does not mean that you are free to cast her aside whenever you like. Yohan feels regret for his behaviour toward Sejal as he considers that he may have also acted in this manner with her. The apology that Gajri’s husband gives to her Yohan and Sejal had earned Gajri’s blessing for rescuing her home.Ahana is here to see a certain person. Arbaaz, the person she likes, shows up to meet her. She claims that she was greatly missing him. Arbaaz thinks it doesn’t look like. He claims that you have forgotten about me ever since you went there. She gives him a hug and tells him that once this job is finished, then we…. She is taken aback when she discovers Shalini taking photographs of them. She introduces herself as Shalini bhabhi and tells Arbaaz to hurry up. She makes her way over to Shalini and starts calling her name. She emphasised how fortunate it was that we met. She takes the phone away from her and tells her that the photo is terrible because the person I was hugging couldn’t be seen, and then she deletes the picture. She requests that she take some beautiful photographs of Yohan and her during their wedding day. Shalini claims that she will inform everyone about the affair you are having. She inquires as to who he was. Ahana makes believe that she does not know anyone and claims that she came here by herself to pray for Yohan. Shalini accuses you of lying and then seems astonished about it. Ahana tells her guest that she will be leaving soon and expresses gratitude for her presence. She causes damage to Shalini’s vehicle. Shalini accuses her of being insane and then asks how she will get home. Ahana says go to hell. When she goes, she takes the car.Yohan had a conversation with Inspector about the latest information on the exhibition theft. According to the Inspector, they were unable to locate the criminals since the CCTV footage had been destroyed. The peasants will no longer hear from Sejal. According to Lakshmi, Jamai ji is a kind person who will look after you. Gifts are bestowed to Sejal and Yohan by the other villagers. Babu ji arrives and tells them that you are his daughter and that you cannot leave without having bidaai rasam. After doing their aarti and applying their tilak, he requests Yohan to look after his daughter. Yohan expresses his gratitude to him for looking after Sejal and promises that he would never forget the favour he did for him. Babu ji demonstrates the rice grain plate to the audience. As part of the bidaai ceremony, Sejal is required to cast the rice grain behind her. She then hugs Babu ji. Babu ji instructs her to watch out for everything. She inquires as to where Harsh is located. He is considering the best way to let you know that he cannot fathom you leaving. Sejal inquires as to whether or not Harsh is furious with me. When Harsh arrived, he expressed his distress by stating, “Yes, I am upset, you are leaving your best buddy,” and then he inquired about the identity of the person he would now torment. Sejal says you only trouble me. According to Harsh, we can cause trouble to someone over whom we have authority. He informs her that he has brought gifts for her, in the hopes that she will not overlook them. When Sejal looks at the photo frame, she starts to feel upset. She asks how it is possible for her to forget you as you are the one who brought her here and arranged for her to meet the angels here. Yohan overhears Harsh telling Paro that this will be the final time that tears will come from her eyes, and that she will not receive any more tears in the future. Yohan claims that he is able to successfully manage his relationship with his wife. Harsh tells the child that there are very few people who are willing to sacrifice their lives or take the life of another person for him or her. He then invites Paro to bring her kid to meet them. According to Yohan, she is Sejal. Yohan Nanda, and he requests that he become accustomed to the term. He invites Sejal to join them. In the vehicle, Sejal takes a seat. They are leaving. Both Babu ji and Harsh start to well up with tears.

They have now moved to the vehicle. The call from Ahana is answered by Yohan. Ahana is concerned about you and asks where you are; I was also concerned about you. She is about to begin discussing their upcoming wedding. Yohan adds that we will discuss after he gets back to the house, and he also mentions that he is bringing a surprise with him. Ahana has the impression that he is going to surprise her with something. Yohan is questioned by Sejal about the identity of this female. Yohan claims that she is my old buddy Mahira from when we were children. Sejal inquires as to whether or not you still keep in contact with a friend from your youth. He inquires as to whether or not you stayed at the home of your mutual friend Harsh. She inquires as to whether or not you were disappointed to see me there. She inquires as to how long Mahira has been staying with you. Yohan claims it’s been between 6-7 months. Sejal inquires as to whether or not I was present at the time and whether or not I was envious. You were a good wife, nobody could be more than me, and you were never insecure because you knew how much I love you, Yohan says as he stops the car and speaks to his wife. He asks her if she has any further questions. She suggests that we go back home. He believes that he is itching to get back to his hometown and settle some scores there.Ahana reveals to Veera and Arun that Yohan will soon return with a gift for her and tells them about it. Veera suggests that Yohan may have been upset that he was unable to attend the engagement, which is the reason why he brought a surprise. She claims that Yohan must be held captive somewhere, which is the reason she is bringing the surprise now. Shalini arrives, and when she does, her hair is all over the place. They notice Shalini there. Ahana inquires as to whether you have been bothered by anyone. Shalini believes that in the absence of evidence, I am unable to convey the truth. She explains that because her automobile was not functioning properly, she had to walk home. Ahana informed me that cuckoo had called and informed him that he would be coming home with a surprise for me. According to Veera, we will find out today whether Yohan and Mahira are engaged or not. According to Arun, I will take care of making the arrangements today. It is Drishti who gives Adi to him.Veera has a conversation with a member of the community and relays the message that we must immediately provide our group with weaponry. Yohan will arrive today, according to what she has said, and we will supply weaponry tonight. Adi is brought there by Arun. Veera makes it appear as though he is in good shape and says so. Ahana travels to the location. According to Veera, Yohan’s future wife has arrived. She predicts that you will get engaged exactly like Krishna did on his birthday. Ahana expresses her happiness at seeing Arun care for Drishti’s child, and she also expresses her confidence that Yohan will love their future child as much as he loves her. Yohan is determined to pick a confrontation with everyone because he believes he cannot allow his child to grow up in an orphanage.


Mahira witnesses Yohan enter the room while carrying Sejal in his arms. What does Veera have to say? Sejal is pregnant? Arun confronts Yohan, telling him that he has no right to bring a woman like her here.

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