Swaran Ghar [16th August 2022] Written Update

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The first thing that happens in this episode is that Aarav calls Swaran and asks her whether she came since he can’t recall the prayer. She adds that I have arrived, and that I would recite the prayer over the phone with you if you simply repeat after me. She has a phone conversation with Aarav. Arjun recognises her voice and thinks about Swaran. He moves his head to look at her. Aarav expresses his gratitude to her and tells her, “I love you; I’m going on stage.” Jeet karo….plays… Arjun rushes towards her while thinking about the time she came to his rescue. He comes to a halt after stepping on the earring. He is the one who receives the earring. He says Swaran Bedi. She inquires as to what took place and whether or not you would want to talk to me. He said that he had to thank you since you had saved both of his lives. He bestows to her an earring. He peers at her uncovered face through the opening in her dupatta. She thinks back to the mishap he had. Ajit has praised the excellent job that you have done. Nimmo appears and hands him a pocket square as a gift. She makes fun of him. She tells you that Swaran couldn’t come here because you would be feeling like crying and that you should take this tissue to wipe your tears away. Ajit jokes on her. The gentleman adds that our respected principal visitor is currently present; please extend a warm greeting to him. Swaran travels to the location. Everyone is taken aback by this. Ajit says Swaran. Nimmo inquires as to whether or not Swaran is the host. Arjun is travelling with the other guards. Ajit gestures to Swaran and Arjun with his hand.Kiran has informed me that I should sit there for the performance of my kid. According to the guy, the most important guests will seat there. Kiran claims that she is my future mother-in-law. Nimmo and Kiran grow enraged. According to Jai, Swaran did not have the admission card; therefore, it is unclear how she obtained the VIP seat. According to Ajit, it is the blessing of the Lord. Arjun replies that this is a little matter and that he wishes he could help you in some way. Swaran is seated and is looking in the direction of Ajit’s back. Arjun asks didn’t you enjoy tis seat. She states that this is not the case, but that a friend of hers is present and that he made many attempts to get her to enter the building. Arjun asks in what location. When he sees Ajit, he inquires as to whether or not he is your buddy. He goes and meets Ajit. Ajit tells to you here that you informed him at the Gurudwara that Swaran is your buddy. He first talks about his son, and then about his grandchild. He mentions that Swaran’s grandson is also present, and thanks for bringing her here even though she did not have an access card. Arjun claims that he is able to do this for her since she is the one who saved his life. Ajit asks was it you. Arjun has confirmed that you can go with me; thank you. Ajit claims that I will just show up. He then hands the handkerchief over to Nimmo while continuing to tease her. He makes his way over to the reserved seating area. According to Arjun, we are familiar with one another. Swaran thanks Arjun. It’s nice to have you here.The guy invites the most important visitor to come up on stage. Arjun departs. Vikram calls Arjun. Arjun ends the call by hanging up. He explains that you may know me by my moniker, Goldie, which was a nickname given to me by the principal since I constantly won gold medals. Ajit believes that he is a decent human being. Arjun claims that he has never been successful in academics but has always been successful in sports, that the name Swaran isn’t a bad one, that there are not many people who save the lives of others, and that it would be beneficial if we gave medals to such people who lead the world through their goodness. Vikram continues contacting him.

He tramples the cow poo with his foot. After escaping the area, he walks to the bathroom to wash his foot. Bebe moistens his foot with some water. Why did you decide to come here, does she ask? Arjun adds, “I simply want to express my gratitude to the one who was responsible for preserving my life; she is standing right here between us and her name is Mrs. Swaran Bedi.” He expresses his gratitude to Swaran and makes a joke about how he wishes she could have all of his gold medals. He promises that he will pray to the Lord for the opportunity to be of assistance to you. He requests that everyone give Swaran a round of applause. Everyone cheers and applauds for her. Ajit exclaims that she is my buddy, and that’s the way it is.Vikram inquires as to whether you are living here and why. Bebe wants to know what the problem is, because there isn’t any cheating going on here. He says I didn’t ask you to depart. She says things like “I don’t love you today,” “no one can get the dirt out of your head,” and “you aren’t devoted to your mother.”When Aarav’s programme is unveiled, Swaran enthusiastically applauds for it. She thinks back to Vikram. She sees Aarav on stage. Aarav says, “I want to sing a song,” which is something that Swaran taught me. He sings Aye watan… Swaran claims that I instructed him on this a very long time ago, yet he still remembers it. She cheers for him by clapping. Arjun stops singing. Swaran signs him to sing. According to Nimmo, Aarav was unable to memorise four different lines. Because Kiran is so astute, we can believe what he says. Arjun procures a microphone for Swaran to use. Ajit implores her to go. Swaran joins Aarav on stage to sing some of his favourite songs. Ajit and Arjun smile. Nimmo pulls a face in response. Everyone starts clapping. Swaran claims that every mother loves her kid, but not more than the nation, and that is why she sends her child across the border. I applaud all of the women who do this.


Ajit explains that Swaran used to live like a queen in a castle, but now she is driving her children to school. This brings the story full circle. According to Arjun, I am in a position to give her a job. According to Swaran, we are going to celebrate Bal Gopal’s birthday.

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