Swaran Ghar [18th August 2022] Written Update

Swaran Ghar 18th August 2022 Written Update writtenlab.com


The episode begins with Nakul pleading with Swaran to return to his house. She does not agree. He warns her against developing a recalcitrant attitude. She claims that I gave the house the names Vikram and Kiran. Bebe spills the beans to him about everything. He is taken aback by it. I can’t believe Vikram booted you out, he tells me; come with me. She responds with a negative answer, “No, I lost a lot of things along with the house. Swaran Ghar was my pride, and I will go there when all of my boys want me there.” He inquires as to the manner in which you intend to remain here. She believes that our routines shift depending on the circumstances. He inquires as to the manner in which you intend to remain here. Gulabo comes. Nakul is presented by Swaran. She hands Gulabo the money that she had. Nakul wants to know what you were doing just now. She mentioned an internet transfer. He claims that you had no idea about it. She claims that I have mastered everything. Ajit comes. He said that Swaran is quite busy these days; she is taking money out of an ATM, she has rescued Aarav from his kidnappers, and Bebe is now operating a dhaba. Amazing, I’m so delighted to see you expanding your knowledge, Nakul exclaims. After Kanwal passed away, I had the opportunity to learn a lot of new things, and now we are all very happy here. Bebe has confirmed that it is okay for Aarav to break Swaran’s fast on Janmashtami. Aarav should come here immediately. Swaran says yes. Nakul says I promise, I will get Aarav. He gives each of them a hug before leaving.Nakul arrives home. Vikram says you… Nakul hits him. Vikram, he asks how dare you, how did you make mummy leave, and are you not ashamed of yourself? Vikram argues I didn’t oust her. According to Nakul, you should get the house paperwork. Kiran appears and says to Nakul, “I’ve missed you so much.” Nakul gives her a reprimand. He claims that Swaran is the legitimate owner of this home. Bebe thinks that it is a stunning tiara. Swaran says Aarav would look like Nand Gopal. Bebe has informed me that I should inspect the jhanki once. It is shown by Swaran. It is lovely, according to Bebe. Ajit thinks it’s wonderful, and I got some diya and lights. On the occasion of Janmashtami, he requests a blessing from Bebe. Bebe inquires whether or not you will enjoy the occasion with your family. He claims that all of you are a part of my family, and Jai has followed Ankita and Dhillo to her home. It was said by Bebe that he left you here with us. He requests that she offer a prayer to Kanha ji. Swaran prays for the well-being of her sons, namely that Vikram will recognise his error. According to Vikram, mummy acted in accordance with her wish. In the conversation, Nakul asks him to retrieve the house paperwork. Kiran promises that he will give it, that he will chat to you, that he would invite you to come with him, and that he will tell everything.Ajit chats to Jai on call. He is given the instruction to talk to Goldie by Jai. Ajit tells him not to worry about anything. Bebe wants to know who you are chatting to. Ajit reports that Jai called and asked whether or not you served him tea. Swaran suggests starting with puja, followed by aarti, and finally chai. The papers are requested by Nakul. He is asked to contribute money by Kiran for the sale of the house in the United States. He claims that it is still available. She responds OK, you also don’t question me. He claims that he is referring to his own mother when he states that I cheated my mother, that Bebe told me everything, that you and Vikram lied to me, and that Ajit also told him the same thing. She claims that Ajit is a con artist. She contacts Sharma and tells him that she heard about your acquaintance Gulati from you. Sharma claims that Ajit cheated his way onto the land that he now owns and stole it in order to open a dhaba. Nakul asks isn’t it his land. Lawyer says no. Kiran claims that Ajit is a phoney.Nakul sits. Kiran claims that if you had been around, you would have seen that Ajit was going to end up with the house in his possession by manipulating Swaran. As a result, Vikram and I were forced to take this action because we had no other choice. She hands the papers over to him. She requests that he rip it up. He tells me that I can’t look at mummy like that. She promises that she will take my son and go, allowing you to do whatever you choose. She is leaving.Vikram and Nimmo grow worried. The work, Kiran says with a smile, is finished. Swaran sings a bhajan kaun kehte hai ke… Arjun makes his way there and, upon hearing her voice, he smiles. She performs the aarti ritual. Additionally, he participates in the aarti. She turns around and sees Arjun there. A grin appears on her face. His gaze is drawn to her. She offers him aarti. Ajit turns and sees Arjun.

Arjun receives information from Ajit regarding the land dispute. Arjun recoils in disgust as he observes Swaran’s dupatta being consumed by the flames of the fire.

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