Swaran Gharare [ 1st September 2022] Written Update

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At the beginning of the episode, Swaran is concerned about Ajit. Bebe inquires as to which vegetables we should purchase, what took place, and whether or not you are okay. According to Swaran, I have an important phone call to make. She will leave. Ajit and Jai examine the legal documentation for the property. Jai inquires on the status of the hearing date. Ajit has told me that I cannot do it because I have to show it to someone. Swaran phones him and inquires as to whether or not Jai has arrived. Ajit confirms that he has the necessary paperwork and states that he will be present until 12 o’clock. Bebe asks is everything fine. Jai asks whether it’s okay if he tags along. Ajit says no. Bebe claims that something went wrong with Ajit, that he has a pure heart, that he cannot steal someone else’s land, and that I should pray for him. Swaran confirms that she is praying in the same manner as you. She doesn’t think anyone is a bad man, not even Goldie. She considers Arjun at this moment.She is of the opinion that neither of them is in the right and that they simply have a misunderstanding. She tells me I need to get to the office. Nimmo and Kiran encounter Shorvori, and they decide to chat to her. Nimmo makes fun of Swaran in this passage. Shorvori tells me that I have some excellent news to share with you: Swaran has a new job working in the office of a radio channel. Not only does she get a high wage, but she also receives free pick up and drop off. Nimmo claims that she is ignorant of everything. Shorvori claims that she is completely knowledgeable now.Swaran is going to check in at the office. Arjun wants to know if Ajit would be there. It is confirmed by her. He claims that I have already contacted the attorney to verify the papers. Ajit’s automobile doesn’t start. He insists that I cannot arrive there later than the specified time. He requests that Jai take the vehicle to the mechanic. It is a call from Swaran. He claims that the vehicle wasn’t starting, but I will get there in time. She invites him to accompany her. He is leaving. Arjun requests that Swaran provide two cups of coffee. She will leave. The arrival of Ajit is imminent. He believes that Arjun is not a horrible man and that perhaps he would understand once he sees the paperwork. After it, there is an automobile. Swaran retrieves the coffee and reports back to us that the pantry was empty, so she did it herself. Arjun inquires about the whereabouts of your friend and notes that he did not show up. When she claims that he will be there, he stays true to his promise. She will leave. After reviewing the documents, Arjun requests that you tell him what you find to be the truth. After hearing this, she leaves.Ajit is struck by the automobile. He ends up on the ground. He suffers an injury and then passes out. It is a call from Swaran. She mentioned that you ought to be here, so get here quickly. The goons make a dash towards Ajit in order to get the papers. Ajit gets up. He makes an effort to halt the thugs. After grabbing the papers, he tosses his backpack to the ground. They combust the documents. Ajit shouts no.Arjun asserts that he did not show up, that he was a waste of our time, and that he betrayed your confidence. The attorney claims that he does not have the documents; therefore, we should carry out the work according to our original plan. She begins to wonder where Ajit is located. She also uses the name Jai. She travels to Arjun and requests that he hold off on helping her till Ajit arrives. Ajit is currently unconcious and lying down. Since the lawyer has indicated that he does not wish to attend, we should leave immediately. Arjun says sorry. A lawyer advises you not to apologise because you were assisting another person at the time. They are leaving. Arjun invites Swaran to take a seat and offers him one. A man sees Ajit hurt. He contacts the authorities. Arjun requests that Swaran get him some water. He claims that he doesn’t want to hurt you, but that people aren’t always what they seem to be. For example, Ajit wasn’t able to get the paperwork since he doesn’t have it. She denies the allegations and claims that the man in question is her childhood buddy. Although Kanwal placed a great deal of faith in him, he was unable to contact her because of an unforeseen event. Sorry to break it to you, but everyone else is being duped by your pal, says Arjun.


Inspector inquires about how Ajit came to be involved in an accident with Ajit. Ajit tells him that it wasn’t an accident, that a car hit him, and that other men got out of the car and beat him. The inspector asks him about whom he has reason to be suspicious. Ajit points at Arjun.

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