Swaran Gharare [22th August 2022] Written Update

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At the beginning of the episode, Swaran calls Nakul and asks whether or not he would be travelling with Aarav. He adds that we won’t be able to come because Aarav isn’t feeling well. She inquires as to what transpired with him. He promises that we will speak again later. He breaks off the connection and sobs. Kiran and Vikram should get themselves ready and then head over to him. Arjun observes Rj Tanha’s accessories. Bebe requests that Swaran prepare supper for them, but no one shows there. Swaran signs no. She can now make out Aarav’s voice. She decides to go check it out. She recognises Aarav and makes her way over to him. She claims that Nakul told her that you aren’t doing well. She interacts with members of her family. She has a joyful grin. She bestows her blessings onto Nakul and Kiran. She gives him a hug. Vikram also comes. She starts crying and then she hugs him. A happy face can be seen on Ajit. According to Swaran, the Lord has performed a miracle. Aarav is forced to don the crown before she tells him, “You will look like a Bal Gopal now.” Aarav breaks her fast by giving her some laddoo to eat.RJ Tanha will now be performing live on the show. He unveils himself. He is Arjun. He shows a grin. Swaran does the aarti. Everyone is there to watch it. Swaran and Neelu are the ones in charge of making the supper preparations. Bebe scolds Kiran. Swaran is in charge of distributing the food to everyone. She claims that Kiran’s favourite paneer may also be found there. Kiran is grateful to her. Neelu is tasked by Swaran with obtaining chole for Vikram. She inquires of Ajit how he was able to do such a miracle. According to Ajit, I was planning to tell you. Arjun contacts him and inquires whether or not everything went smoothly and whether or not Swaran met everyone. Ajit responds that yeah, everything went well, and that he wanted to tell you about the lawsuit that is currently going on since it involves his land and the dhaba that he runs there. Arjun doesn’t hear his voice. The battery on Ajit’s phone eventually runs out. He starts the charging process. Nakul extends an invitation to Swaran to travel with him. According to Vikram, they departed of their own free will. The RJ Tanha’s show is kicked off by Arjun. He promotes Swaran nikhaar’s items in his advertising. When people hear this on the radio, they can’t help but smile. Kiran claims that Tanha gave her approval of the product. Swaran inquires whether or not he discussed our merchandise. Nakul says yes. Tanha is talking about it, and Swaran claims that it is our stuff. Aarav and I both nodded off while watching the commercial for Kiran’s company, so we’ll have to leave immediately. Nakul replies yes, we will go. Swaran encourages him to go with his journey. She gives him a hug and a blessing. Vikram also takes her blessings. She wishes for him to maintain his joy.Bebe doesn’t bless Vikram. Vikram takes Aarav. Kiran receives Swaran’s blessing. Bebe blesses Nakul. Nakul goes. Bebe inquires of Ajit, “When are you going to leave?” Ajit tells us not to be concerned since he will go before we go to bed. He recommends that you express your gratitude to Tanha. Swaran says yes. Bebe inquires as to why. Swaran claims that he published an advertisement for our goods. Ajit calls in to the show that Tanha hosts. According to Arjun, our next caller is here. He inquires as to what it is that she desires. When Arjun hears Swaran, he flashes a grin. Bebe suggests that you inquire as to why he chose to go by the name Tanha given that it is an unusual name. Swaran has expressed his gratitude to you for publishing an advertisement for Swaran Nikhaar. Arjun inquires as to why and who you are. Swaran says I m Swaran. He inquires as to whether or not you are also known as Swaran Nikhaar. Bebe claims that he is unaware of it. Arjun laughs. The answer is yes, and many thanks for the advertisement. He expresses his gratitude and says that his best wishes are with you and the product. Bebe claims that you were in a position to offer her the position of receptionist, but you chose not to. This is communicated to Arjun. Swaran apologises, but I had to simply take a moment to say thank you. She hangs up the phone. They laughed at it.It is the morning, and Ajit is now at home. It seems that I left my phone at Swaran’s residence by accident, according to him. She examines the deed and related documents. He requests that Jai find a file in which to store the papers. He is reminded of his conversation with Swaran when he sees a love greeting. He replies that there is no way I could ever give you this card, but I’m glad that you are even here with me now. Arjun is given a list of the applicants who have applied for the position of receptionist. He notices Swaran’s name. Swaran talks to a lady. She claims that they are not willing to provide me with any work. Bebe believes that unless fate is on your side, nothing you do will help. A call comes through to Swaran from the radio channel. The other woman congratulates her and tells her that she has been chosen for this position. Swaran inquires whether or not you are sure. The girl replies “yes,” stating that you have been chosen and inviting you to the recording studio. Bebe inquires as to the nature of the terrible news. Swaran says I got a job. They feel joy as a result. She claims that I acquired a job in Tanha’s channel, which begs the question: how? Bebe claims that she voiced her concern to Tanha about the lack of employment opportunities he provided, which led to the current situation. They embrace with joy.


Arjun and Ajit are talking on the phone, and Ajit tells Arjun that he wants to fight his own war. Arjun calls you a daredevil; I will pray that everything goes well for you. Ajit adds, “I want to change things, and I will convey my thoughts to Swaran without allowing anyone else to come between us.”

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