Swaran Gharare [25th August 2022] Written Update

Swaran Gharare 25th August 2022 Written Update on Writtenlab.com

Ajit makes the first move by calling Swaran at the beginning of the episode. Swaran laughs. He assures me that I will come pick you up, and then we will head out to supper together. She disagrees and tells us to return home so that we can eat dinner with Bebe. She takes a call for the office. She apologises and explains that she received a call, that it is her first day, and that she will talk to you after office hours have ended. He assures me that I will meet you outside of your office. Ajit hangs up the phone and tells Swaran that he will take him to a five-star hotel because he is wearing an expensive suit and expensive glasses. He also claims that he would not eat with Bebe.A coworker at the office complimented Swaran and assigned her the task of maintaining the files in the record room. Mallika thinks that today you have achieved greatness and that you should be proud of yourself. Swaran goes to the room where the files are kept. Swaran is in charge of the files. After locking the door, Mallika took off running. Arjun notices her and inquires as to the reason for her haste. She claims that I will be going right now. He puts a halt to her. He inquires as to where Swaran is located. She adds that she doesn’t know, but it’s possible that she departed, and she apologises for today. He is leaving.The arrival of Ajit is imminent. His automobile gives him trouble. He makes an attempt to start it. He asks how I shall get to my Swaran at this point. The door appears to be locked, according to Swaran. She screams for assistance. She adds that she is now in the recording room and that she wants to be removed from the room because she is uncomfortable being in a closed-off space. She claims that I forgot the phone in the car; what should I do now? She searches for sometime in the future. She stretches her arm out in the direction of the ventilation window. She wonders how anyone could possibly notice that she is present. The auto mechanic makes repairs to the vehicle. Ajit pays him. He goes, saying that he will come to Swaran later. Scared is how Swaran is feeling. There is a message for Arjun. The lamp is visible to Swaran. She controls the on and off switch. She screams for assistance. Arjun adds, “I just got in the car, I’m on my way home, and I’m feeling a little tired.” He notices the lights flitting around. The call is terminated by him. He asks why the light in the recording studio keeps flickering. Ajit gives Swaran a call. According to him, she isn’t answering, and I’m running late. Swaran yells for someone to help him get out of this place.Arjun has arrived back at the workplace. He inquires about the record room’s lighting with the security guards. The guard states that he will go and turn it off. He notices Swaran’s handbag at that location. He thinks back to what Mallika had said. He requests that the security guy cease his actions and not turn out the lights. He runs. Ajit gives her a call. Arjun then enters into the record room after he has called out to Swaran. Swaran is sitting there anxiously.Arjun approaches the security guy and requests that he retrieve the record room keys. Swaran claims to be inside and requests that the door be opened. Arjun opens the door. She has a hold over him. He ends up with her. She claims that I went to keep the files, but she does not explain how the door got locked. He brings her some water to drink. Ajit gives her a call. Arjun invites her to sit down and have a conversation afterwards. He reprimands the security guard. She claims that I am doing well. The guard wants to apologize. Arjun told me that if I hadn’t come, she would have been locked up all night, so I should be careful the next time. Her phone gets dead. He suggests that you make use of my phone. She says that everything is good and that she is heading home. Ajit arrives at that location. He claims that Swaran’s phone just went off; I will check it out when I have a chance. It appears that Swaran is approaching with Goldie. Tanha, he confirms, will always be his Goldie. Arjun says I shall drop you. No, according to Swaran; I’ll take the car. He tells you that I am Sir only at the office, but you call me Goldie. Come with me, and I will drop you off. It is clear that she is agreeing. She is currently seated in his automobile. Ajit watches what is going on and muses that he should talk to Swaran. Arjun opens the door, which allows her tangled dupatta to be released. She offers her apologies. He says its okay. They are leaving.

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