Swaran Gharare [28th August 2022] Written Update

Swaran Gharare 28th August 2022 Written Update on Writtenlab.com

Tanha’s show is where he performs. While driving, Ajit is also able to listen to the broadcast. Ajit promises that he would convey his emotions to Swaran and that he will advise Goldie not to see the women at this juncture. Swaran falls asleep. Arjun believes that I will ask her in the near future. When Ajit thinks about her, he can’t help but smile. Swaran reports that we have arrived, but I apologise; I dozed off. Arjun tells her to get some rest and tells her to go. She recommends that you come as well and talk to Bebe. He informed me that I have a meeting. She is grateful to him for saving her and not dismissing her from her work. He told me that I ought to thank you. Kiran is doing the counting of the money. Nakul inquires as to the reason you cashed the check. Nimmo insists that we must first acquire the raw materials. Vikram claims that we need more money in order to purchase the material because we erred and should have instead accepted a larger advance payment. Nimmo tells me that you should be grateful to me. Some of the men return home. The individual for the interest of five lakhs on the one crore loan. They are all startled by it.Bebe receives unfiltered information from Swaran. Bebe believes that the fact that Goldie is your employer should be viewed as a positive development. Ajit arrives home. After reviewing the documents, Nakul determines that the interest rate is 5% each month. Vikram asserts that this is not the case, stating that he is the one who signed the document and that the rate was 5% every year. He reflects on it. He rebukes the other man. Nimmo gives Roshan a call and inquires about his interest in the job. Roshan makes a threat toward her. Vikram gives him a reprimand.He asks Kiran to ask Nimmo. He asks how I will acquire such a large sum of money. Nakul claims that it is a case of “tit for tat,” that Roshan isn’t as big of a cheat as the two of you, that the two of you cheated on the family, and that you kicked out mummy and Bebe. Kiran tells him to stop talking such crap and he complies. Nakul says Karma returns. Vikram and Nimmo argue. She hands the money over to the individual. She gives him three lakhs of rupees and then sends him. She insists that we must make the payment. Bebe praises Arjun. Ajit is able to hear them. He is the one who wears the goggles. He receives assistance from a woman who believes that he is blind. Ajit says leave me, stop it. Both Swaran and Bebe notice that Ajit is donning a suit and a pair of sunglasses. They laughed at it. The lady gets up and walks away with the tiffin.Bebe takes the glasses off her face. She inquires whether or not you can see us. He claims that I have cool goggles, and that you are making fun of me. She inquires as to who puts it on throughout the night. He claims that every hero and heroine in the story wore it. She jokes. Swaran apologises, saying that he is unable to stop his laughter and asks, “Why did you come wearing a suit?” He insisted that we go immediately to go eat. She indicates that we will consume it at our house. Bebe inquires as to why and what makes it so remarkable. He claims that it is my birthday today. She claims that it is not for her birthday but rather for the job. Bebe is given the command to prepare herself. Bebe says I had made rotis for myself, you two go. Ajit has confirmed that it is, but you were supposed to be there. The phrase “let me get ready and come” was spoken by Swaran. She starts getting ready. When Ajit sees Swaran approaching, he cracks a grin. She puts the bindi on and then the kajal. They are leaving. She claims that you also obtained the automobile. He confirms this and then says, “Wait here, I’ll open the door.” He endeavours. She requests that he test the keys for her. He has responded positively. He makes her sit. Her laughter may be heard. They are leaving. She notices the get-well-soon card. He puts a halt to her. He claims that I purchased this suit around the time that Jai was born. She claims that you are already aware of what took place today. He adds that we will talk about it later, so in the meantime, tell me what you would like to eat. She says Rajma chawal.

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