Swaran Gharare [30th August 2022] Written Update

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The first scene of the episode features Ajit going to another person and saying “Arjun Deol.” Arjun exits the room to answer a call. The man is reprimanded by Ajit. The individual claims that my name is Rohit Kumar, but I am not familiar with anyone named Arjun. Swaran watches Ajit fighting. She asks him to separate himself from the other man. The man states that you may check his identification and that his name is Sunil Kumar. The manager claims that he is an old customer of ours named Sunil Kumar. Swaran says sorry. She takes Ajit. She inquires about the identity of the other person and the reason you were striking him. Ajit claims there was a miscommunication, and he adds, “I’m starting to get hungry.” She is the one who serves the food. She tells him to keep control of himself and asks him if he is old enough to fight. He wants to know what happened to my age, but you shouldn’t bring it up. They enjoy themselves, laughing while they eat.Bebe is the one who cooks the rotis. The lady thinks you provide a very joyful appearance. According to Bebe, Swaran finally went out after a lengthy absence. The lady wants to know what Ajit’s connection is to Swaran, and she wonders why you won’t reveal any information to them. Bebe gives the lady a reprimand. The ladies exit the room. Bebe gets agitated. Ajit reports that the meal was delicious. Swaran requests him to display the receipt to him. Ajit sees the bill, and it is for 8945 rupees. He insists there is no problem. He searches for his wallet in the car. Ajit, Swaran inquires as to what has transpired. He referred to my wallet. She instructs you to examine the rear pocket. Ajit says that we got into a fight, and it’s possible that it happened there. The waiter inquires as to where you are heading given that there is nothing around. The manager arrives and inquires as to what took place. The waiter informed me that his purse had gone missing; I checked that location. According to Ajit, my purse has been taken by an unknown person. The manager claims that we witness this same situation on a daily basis. Swaran says no, he had money, I saw it. The manager reprimands them. The manager is reprimanded by Ajit, who grabs him by the collar. Swaran implores Ajit to part ways with him. The manager claims that you misbehaved with one of our customers and are now creating a scene in order to avoid paying the bill. Swaran requests Ajit to get quiet. She adds that we are going to think about it and do something, so just wait. She looks through his purse. She is broke and has no money. The ring is given to her by her. Ajit says no. According to Swaran, it is worth between 15,000 and 20,000 dollars; please retain it; the two of us will come by tomorrow to pay the money; in the meantime, please keep this cell phone. The manager suggests that you call the police because they won’t agree with this approach. She makes a request to him. The manager reprimands them. Preet, Arjun has come up to tell you to watch what you say. Manager says Sir, you…Arjun tells you to leave him, claiming that he believed you had the etiquette to speak to a female. The manager claims that you do not know them and that he behaved inappropriately with a guest. Arjun tells Ajit that being furious is not a good idea because those people are only performing their jobs. He inquires about the whole amount of their bill. Ajit has stated that he does not want any assistance and that he will do it himself. Swaran has stated that we will address the situation. According to Arjun, I am able to do this for my pals. According to Ajit, I will be the one to pay the money. She requests that he put an end to it. Ajit inquires of her to explain to Arjun, why it is that he would pay. Swaran has informed me that tomorrow will be the day we pay the payment, therefore please retain this. The manager has declined. Arjun claims that they are his friends and that he knows them rather well, and that if they say they will pay the bill tomorrow, then they will in fact pay it. Manager responds okay, no issue. According to Arjun, you ought to offer an apology to them because the manner in which you spoke to them was inappropriate. Manager apologises. Swaran thanks Arjun. He receives a phone call. He apologises and explains that he has to leave, asking if it is okay if he drops you off. Ajit claims that I own an automobile. Arjun encourages everyone to take it easy. He leaves.Both Ajit and Swaran are currently en route. According to Ajit, this transpired because someone took my purse. She claims that you are always getting upset, that you had a fight with that man, then with the manager, that you were nasty to Goldie, and that she asked you why you took her there. He is considering the best way to tell you. They finally get there. She will leave. He believes that everything has been ruined. He is leaving. Bebe inquires about the supper and whether or not you had a positive experience by going out. Swaran says yes. Bebe reveals the events that transpired. Arjun’s driver delivers him Ajit’s purse. According to Arjun, this must have been the reason for the incident; the pickpocket would have stolen the money and then thrown the purse. He gives Ajit a call. Ajit doesn’t answer. He recalls Swaran in his mind. When Arjun returned home, he handed the wallet over to Swaran. She claims that Ajit’s identification cards are in this, thus she wants us to return it. Bebe wants to know what your plans are for the time being. Arjun has informed me that I am welcome to accompany you. Bebe instructs Swaran to take the item back and turn it in. Arjun is currently found at the dhaba.Ajit gets harmed. He claims that I ruined everything, Swaran was so happy, she is right, I get angry very easily, and he is right. Both Swaran and Arjun are currently en route. He claims that my land is also there, but that it was unlawfully taken by someone else. She expresses regret for the inconvenience. He says there is no problem with that and that even Jeet would have acted the same way. She claims that his name is Ajit Lamba; she questions why you refer to him as Jeet. He brings the car to a stop and inquires as to which name you have mentioned. She says Ajit Lamba, he operates a dhaba. Arjun is thinking back to what Ajit had said.Swaran inquires about what took place. Arjun is driving ahead and thinks that we may have encountered each other several days ago but were unable to recognise one another. Ajit has been considering Agarwal. He claims that it was his fault for making me angry, and that I won’t be able to stop Arjun Deol if he approaches me with him. Arjun notices the dhaba. Ajit notices the car and decides to go check it out. He is under the impression that it is the same car, and he is surprised to see Arjun Deol here. He is recalling Arjun Deol at the moment. After he has worked himself up into an angry state, he approaches with a stick in his hand. When Swaran saw Ajit approaching, he asked him why he was being so irate. Arjun looks on.


Ajit has one final question for you: “Who are you?” Arjun says I m Arjun Deol, I m Goldie, I m your enemy Arjun Deol now. He aims gun at Ajit. The jolt is felt by Swaran.

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