Swaran Gharare [ 3rd September 2022] Written Update

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The words of Ajit come back to her. She told me that I need to leave since my friend had an accident and was taken to the hospital. Mallika says did you inform Sir. Swaran has said that I should tell him. According to Mallika, you forgot that Sir ordered you to be quiet and not bother him. Swaran instructs you to inform him that I had to leave for an urgent matter. Please tell him that Mallika apologises, and then leave. The response that Swaran gave was “no,” “I can’t wait,” and “I can lose a career,” but “I can’t lose my friend alone.” She exits the room. Both Nimmo and Kiran are currently en route. They are able to view Swaran. Nimmo claims that Arjun likes Swaran, and as a result, he gave her a job. Nimmo does not know what it is about Swaran that makes Arjun hire her. Swaran leaves for the hospital. A treatment is given to Ajit. Arjun has a message for you at the reception desk. Mallika doesn’t answer. Arjun goes to see Swaran. He inquires as to where Swaran is located. Mallika said that she had to leave quickly. But where, he wants to know. She responds with a “aunty kind housewife” type statement. He claims that he knows her and that she would only have left in an extreme circumstance. Ajit is in Swaran’s prayers. Arjun gives her a call and inquires about what took place. She breaks down in tears and tells that Ajit was involved in an accident. He tells me not to cry because Ajit is safe and nothing bad will happen to him. I warned you that there would be some sort of issue when you heard her declare that he is an honest man. He assures me not to be concerned because I will get there.Ajit gets conscious. He interacts with his family. He tells Jai not to worry about him because he is doing well. He is reprimanded by Swaran when he arrives. She sheds a tear. Ajit says listen to me. She states that she doesn’t want to lose you because she’s had a lot of loss in her life. He tells you not to cry and that he is OK. She wants to know how this came to pass. The inspector arrives and inquires on what caused this accident. According to Ajit, a car struck me, a few individuals exited the car and stole my bag, and they burned the land papers in front of me, indicating that someone was responsible for this catastrophe. Inspector asks do you doubt someone. Ajit claims that he is certain that he was the one who caused this disaster. He shows Arjun. Swaran turns and sees Arjun.The inspector claims that he is a successful businessman. Ajit claims that he did this. Arjun claims that Goldie is my nickname and that I am innocent of any wrongdoing; you are the one who hid it. Ajit asks what did I lie. Arjun inquires as to the whereabouts of the papers. Ajit claims that your thugs have burned the paperwork, despite the fact that you are a wealthy guy and you still want my land. Arjun claims that he did nothing wrong but that you stole his land because you did not have the proper documentation. The Inspector requests that they refrain from fighting. Ajit claims that he is a wealthy man and that he has purchased the witnesses. Arjun says you can come to office and know where I went since morning. Ajit says he can buy anyone. Arjun says I m not a liar and fake like you. Swaran puts a halt to Ajit’s assault and defends Arjun. Ajit claims you are saving him. She claims that he did nothing wrong, and I have seen him myself; he was in the office the whole time; he did not leave the building. Ajit claims that he had hired goons and sent them after him. She vehemently denies this, arguing that he has never stopped being helpful to the family. Ajit claims that you believe I am capable of doing this. She says no. He takes a back seat.Arjun adds that it was a mistake for him to come here and see you because you tried to seize my land, but he promises that he will get it back by tonight. He leaves. Ajit asserts that you backed him up. She claims that Arjun was looking forward to seeing you, that he would have given the land back to you, that he did not do this, that a woman is able to distinguish between good and evil, and that if he had done this, then I would have been aware of it. He wants to know the specific location of the accident. She believes that she can discover the truth. Rajeshwari is shown a picture of Ajit by Nimmo. She claims that Swaran and Ajit are robbing Arjun of his property. Swaran comes to Arjun. You want to save him, he wounded himself to frame me, and he is wrong. He claims that I came to meet him, that he is blaming me, that he did not have the paperwork, that he made an explanation yesterday and even today, and that he did not have the papers. She responds, “I truly don’t know,” but adds, “I do know that the person who owns the land will get it,” and “I hope that the Lord won’t do injustice.” They arrive at the road that serves as the bypass. According to Swaran, Ajit was involved in an accident earlier today. The proprietor of the juice stand claims that he witnessed the collision and that he saw a man get out of his vehicle, grab the victim’s bag, and then burn the documents. Arjun asks what. Swaran wants to know where this event took place. This is what the man has to say.

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