Swaran Gharare [ 5th September 2022] Written Update

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At the beginning of the episode, Swaran asserts that Ajit was going to come with the paperwork and that he was not lying. Arjun asserts that your trust in him is well-placed. She claims that she wants to know if Arjun or Goldie is the one asking. He claims a friend is curious about it. He claims that he is pure in heart, which is why he easily loses his temper because he cannot deceive anyone. He says even I don’t lie. I am aware, she states. He claims that you believe I am wealthy, and hence I do not feel any emotional attachment to my land. She states that no, you are correct, for Ajit, the land is the support for his life, how can we even conceive of existing without the support, that dhaba is his everything, he won’t lie, I know you well, I trust you, think before you do anything, it is up to you whether or not you want to believe him. He responds with the phrase “I know, I will drop you.” She tells me that I should go instead. She exits the room.Bebe requests that Ajit eat some food. His answer is no. She claims that I left my kitchen and came to you because you are in such a state of distress. He wonders whether or not Swaran is on my team. It sounds like she made the trip to see you. He claims that she has more faith in Arjun than in me. Arjun has instructed me to determine the identity of the person who harbours ill will toward Ajit. It is seen by him that Rajeshwari is giving money to the thug. The goon expressed his gratitude for her and requested that she give him orders whenever there was any job to be done. He leaves. Arjun stops Rajeshwari. He is reminded of what Ajit had said. He inquires as to where you have been. She claims that I met with the minister earlier today. He claims that Ajit was involved in an accident earlier today. She says that you are implying that I am the one who did this. He denies this and claims that the individual was similar to Madhav Singh. She claims that you believe I am capable of doing this and that you are associating with the wrong people these days. He queries who it is. She claims that Swaran has indoctrinated you and that Sapna has made your life a living hell. He encourages her to put the past in the past. She just tells him, “I will be with you when the world is against you, and until you get the dhaba land, your father’s soul will not find rest.” Ajit is approached by Swaran. Bebe requests that she take care of Ajit. She claims that he is not taking in any food at all. Bebe is asked by Swaran to get some juice. Bebe drinks it. She claims that he is furious because you were out on the town. Swaran claims that I brought him some sugarcane juice. Ajit turns away. Bebe acts like Ajit.Ajit claims that Bebe did not provide me with any oranges to eat. Swaran displays a grin. Bebe approaches Ajit and requests that he drink the juice. He opines that this is sufficient. Swaran says I spoke to Goldie. He claims that you do not understand what it means to lose anything, all while he is attempting to take my dhaba. She claims that I have misplaced my Swaran ghar. He claims that he won’t comprehend it. When we are considering reclaiming the land, Rajeshwari claims that Swaran and Ajit are making an effort to become friendly with you. She will leave. Arjun thinks.Ajit gets Arjun’s message. Ajit claims that he has made up his mind, and he is going to take over my dhaba. Ajit goes to his dhaba. Swaran has stated that we will do whatever in our power to prevent anything bad from happening to my dhaba. Ajit claims that I will take care of it. He instructs the workers to provide the customers with healthy food. He is accompanied by Swaran. Ajit recounts a moment from when they were children. He gets depressed. The sight of him causes Swaran to cry. Arjun travels all the way to the dhaba. Arjun tells Swaran that he made a commitment to her, that he got the lawyers, that they should present the paperwork if they have them, and that he has the papers to show them. Ajit claims that you are the one who is driving me crazy, that you are aware that someone burned my paperwork, and that despite your best efforts, you will not be able to acquire this piece of land. Arjun cautions against being adamant and suggests instead that you check these papers once. Ajit seems unmoved and tosses the papers aside. He claims that the land is his, and that he will not take any advice from anyone. To maintain composure while conversing, advises Swaran. She looks over the documents.She is taken aback by it. She requests that Ajit review the documents. He claims that my name was scribbled on these papers, but that they were destroyed in the fire. Arjun confirms that he obtained these files directly from the court. Your lawyer tells Sir that he spoke with the judge and obtained these papers; the judge has checked them; it’s true that your papers are older than Arjun’s; this demonstrates that your papers are legally legitimate; Arjun is dropping the case; the land is yours. Swaran says thanks. Arjun is quoted as saying, “At first, I assumed you were putting on a play, but Swaran was able to convince me that you were indeed involved in an accident.” Ajit inquires as to whether or not you accompanied him for his sake. They both nod. Arjun asserts that the truth will always triumph, and since you were honest throughout this process, you are the victor. Please take these papers; the land is rightfully yours, and no one can take it away from you. Ajit says this dhaba is mine. Arjun has confirmed that you will own it permanently.Ajit inquires of Swaran as to whether or not she heard that it is his land and his dhaba. He instructs his employees to provide a healthy meal for everyone, and he buys everyone dessert today. She has a joyful grin. Arjun says sorry pal. No, Ajit is right, and I’m sad to hear that. Swaran instructs them to wash their hearts and gives each of them a bear hug.


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