Swaran Gharare [ 7th September 2022] Written Update

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At the beginning of the episode, Bebe is seen bringing flowers to Arjun. She comes into contact with Gulabo. Gulabo argues. According to Rajeshwari, the celebration would be enjoyable. According to Arjun, I will also be inviting a couple of my pals. She inquires as to who. He mentions Swaran, and… That front desk clerk is the subject of her interrogation. He maintains that she is the one who kept me alive. When Bebe got home, she immediately called Swaran. She steps outside to examine the balcony. Bebe responds to Swaran’s call. When Bebe sees Swaran, she is taken aback. She inquires as to what took place. Swaran reports that she arrived to help dry the clothing but fell down and is unable to get up. Bebe advises to hold on, since she will do something soon. A lot of tears are shed by Swaran. Bebe encourages her to get up and take care of herself by telling her to do so. Ajit does pushups. While doing so, Dhillo reclines on his back. Ajit adds that everyone would know that I’m a huge wrestler, and that you need to mature and get fit in order to compete with me. Dhillo says I have a holiday today. Even though it is my day off, Ajit promises that today will be enjoyable despite the fact that I have plans for the evening. Rajeshwari asks what did you say. My second friend, according to Arjun, is named Ajit Lamba.She becomes enraged and then demands what you will say to introduce them to each other. He tells me that they are my guests, and that Swaran’s Bebe would also be there. He asks that they behave themselves appropriately, or else I shall celebrate my birthday with them on separate occasions. Bebe gets Swaran downstairs. The suffering causes Swaran to sob. She requests that Bebe give Ajit a call. According to Bebe, I shall call Nakul. Swaran asserts that he is aware of a way to alleviate the sprain. Ajit gets Bebe’s call. He asks what was the matter with Biji calling me. He answers. Bebe has informed us that Swaran is not feeling well because she recently suffered a sprain. Ajit worried. He returns to his house. He wishes Swaran well and reminds him that they need to attend Goldie’s party as well. Ajit performs a check on Swaran. Bebe requests that he help Swaran feel better. Ajit assures us that we should not be concerned because she will be OK now. Swaran says its paining a lot, Ajit. Ajit claims that she has not changed much since childhood, and that she still cries over relatively minor injuries. Bebe reports that she is in a lot of pain. He claims that she would scream even when she was in relatively little discomfort. Ajit jokes and makes Swaran laugh. Swaran says stop it Ajit, make me fine. According to Ajit, I shall alleviate the sprain. She tells you to be quiet. Bebe says make her fine. Bebe is invited to the party in the evening by Ajit, who teases her by stepping on her toes. Bebe yells and tells her mother to “wait,” demanding to know where she is going. He instructs you to focus on her initially. Swaran gets up. Bebe reports that she is doing well. According to Ajit, you should only give her neck a good jolt or else this would continue to happen. Swaran says no, he is joking. Ajit laughs. Bebe beats him. He says forgive me.Ajit inquires of Swaran regarding their health. It is confirmed by her. Ajit stated that he would prepare some tea for the two of you. He goes. Bebe smiles. The apology comes from Swaran for the trouble. Bebe says don’t worry, I didn’t get so old. She gives Swaran a bear embrace. Even though you have three children, she believes that you are suffering from feelings of loneliness and that you should seek assistance from a friend. Arjun is adamant that he would not drink tea. Rajeshwari adds that you used to insist that you don’t require anyone else, but she says that I was everything to you. He tells me that from this point on I can have buddies. She claims that you are prepared to move on from me and join them. He claims that I told him that I would invite them here. She chuckles and adds that everything is fine and to invite them. He smiles. One more thing, he asks you to promise him that you will treat them well and talk to them in a respectful manner. She inquires as to whether or not you will now instruct me in that. He leaves after making some friendly remarks. She claims that you are prepared to leave the party for them, and that you should simply wait and watch to see how they arrive. Bebe advises you to contact Nakul if you find yourself in a difficult situation because he is your son and you are his mother. Because Swaran claims that Ajit is familiar with how to treat this type of injury, I decided to contact him. Ajit procures ginger tea on their behalf. Bebe jokes on him and laughs. She has promised that she will get some biscuits for both of you. She will leave. Swaran predicts that your tea will become chilly. Ajit inquires as to whether or not you plan to go shopping for party attire. Rajeshwari calls Gulabo. Gulabo responds with “sure, tell me,” adding that she has your phone number saved. Rajeshwari inquires as to the amount of rent that Swaran pays you each month. Gulabo claims that he makes 1000 zlotys per month. I have placed 60,000 rupees into your account, Rajeshwari adds; you should get those people out of the house. Bebe gives Nakul a call. She claims that I have been phoning you for a long time, but Swaran has been ill. He inquires about her current well-being. Rajeshwari is quoted as saying, “I don’t care; ask them to just leave your house.” Gulabo wants to know what your beef is with that group. She sees Bebe. Bebe claims to be your mother and invites you to see her at least once. Nakul has responded by saying, “Yes, I will come later; I’m busy right now.” Gulabo tells me that I can’t take them on by myself because Ajit is fighting alongside them. Rajeshwari claims that she will dispatch enforcers, but that the work must be completed today and that her identity must not be mentioned. Gulabo tells us not to worry since he has it under control. Goldie is going to get a broach from me, according to Ajit. Swaran has confirmed that he would receive an embroidered kerchief from me. Bebe has informed us that we should also take this bouquet. Ajit jokes. He is urged by Swaran to return home and spend some quality time with Dhillo. He says that I will call and inquire about how you are doing. He leaves. Bebe asserts that he has a deep concern for Swaran.When Ajit is in the dhaba, one of the staff members gives him a praise. Ajit told me that I needed to go to Goldie’s house today for a party, so I went there and got everything I needed. He glances at himself. He tells me that despite my wound and my anguish, I look pretty wonderful. He notices that Swaran is wearing a saree. He claims that I was unable to convey my emotions to her because Bebe and Swaran were present. I don’t want there to be a circumstance in which you require my assistance because I want to be there for you at all times and see to it that your needs are met. He gives you a friendly smile before saying, “I want to offer this to you and declare my feelings, just say yes once, and we will stay together.” O jaaniya…plays…Bebe is given the instruction to get ready by Swaran. She claims that I will be responsible for the task till then. Gulabo appears and requests that they leave the area. Bebe puts a stop to the thugs. Gulabo claims that you no longer reside in this area. She orders them to leave her alone. Swaran inquires as to how it is that you are stating that we advanced you one month’s payment. The advance is paid back by Gulabo. According to Swaran, we are unable to leave in this manner; you ought to have informed us of this a month ago. Gulabo claims that it is his wish and estimates the cost at 60,000 rs. Swaran inquires as to what you mean by the statement that someone is paying you to convince us to leave. Gulabo warns you that if you do not leave immediately, these men would drag you and your stuff out into the street. Swaran worries.


Arjun adds that he is waiting for his special guest and that he will only cut the cake after the guest has arrived. Ajit is restrained by being tied to a bed. Bebe makes an effort to reach out to Ajit for assistance, but he is unable to do so.

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