Swaran Gharare [ 9th September 2022] Written Update

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At the beginning of the episode, Swaran inquires of Ajit regarding what took on at the dhaba. He claims that these thugs arrived there and tied me up, but can anyone stop Ajit and a storm? Bebe tells Swaran that he needs to be strong since these people may return in the future. Swaran is appreciative of the presence of the neighbours. Gulabo places a call to Rajeshwari and informs her that Ajit has arrived and that everything has gone wrong. She is reprimanded by Rajeshwari, who tells her not to mention her name in front of others. Swaran yells at Gulabo, demanding that she come out and explain why she did what she did and who sent her to that location. She claims that you told her that someone handed you money, but she doesn’t know who it was. Ajit pushes the gate. She claims that we cannot use physical force to enter the building. Ajit claims that someone else was responsible for Gulabo’s actions and that someone else dispatched the goons to the dhaba so that I would not come here. Gulabo is able to hear them, and she calls out. The departure of Swaran and Ajit The manager reports that Arjun stated he will return at some point and that he has been helping Swaran. Rajeshwari experiences a fit of rage.Arjun receives unfiltered information from Bebe. She claims that Ajit was attacked in order to prevent him from assisting us. The arrival of Swaran and Ajit She tells everyone that I wasn’t able to locate Gulabo, thanks for your help, and please have some tea. The lady indicates in no uncertain terms that you are not the only one. The neighbours decide to move out.Ajit apologises and says he was getting ready to come there when something else came up. Arjun has stated that he will not forgive any of them because they did not call him for assistance. Swaran tells me that I can count on your assistance, and if you assist me in administering ointment to him, he would stop acting like I’m trying to kill him. Arjun will say anything on your behalf. Ajit says I m OK. Ajit is captured by Bebe and Arjun. According to Ajit, it will consume a lot of fuel. Arjun engages Ajit in chat. According to Swaran, it is finished. Ajit responds by saying “wonderful,” “I’m okay,” “I didn’t know,” and “I won’t go home today; I will stay here, and thugs can come.” Swaran has stated that he will take care of finding out who is responsible for this. Arjun claims that if we know who she was speaking with today, then we will be able to determine who it was. A call comes in from Rajeshwari to him. She wants to know where you are. He apologises and explains that he had to come to Swaran’s residence since Gulabo’s word brought some goons to evict Swaran from his home. She tells me that all of the visitors are waiting for me, that you should come home, that she will help me with this work tomorrow, and that tomorrow is our birthday. Please come back. Arjun adds, “I know it’s our birthday, good, I’ll be there.” Swaran is able to hear him. Rajeshwari is made angry by Nimmo and Kiran’s behaviour.Arjun has told me that I need to leave. Ajit informs us that we are aware that today is your birthday. He hugs Arjun and wishes him. Arjun says thanks. Bebe blesses him. Swaran extends his best wishes to him and informs him that in place of cake we have prasad. Arjun says its improved. She starts by requesting that he come up with a wish. When he closes his eyes in prayer, he is able to glimpse Swaran. She distributes prasad to them. She requests that it be given to both of us. Arjun offers her the prasad (holy food). Ajit suggests that we should sing and dance; why are we acting so anxious? Swaran has confirmed that our assumptions are correct. Arjun has seen that despite all of your hardships, you always have a grin on your face. Bebe has confirmed that she wants us to sing and dance. Ajit responds with a yes, and in my manner as well. She responds with a negative, “not in your style.” Ajit claims that I am not the same person as Tanha, who is a poet. He sings a song while also dancing. Everyone is in good spirits. Arjun, Swaran and Ajit dance. Arjun gets a message. He obtains the phone number that Gulabo used to receive the calls. He believes that Rajeshwari’s phone number is this. He couldn’t understand how she can behave like this.A photo is hung up on the wall by Ajit. He believes that it is correct. Bebe claims that you caused me some difficulties. Swaran responds by saying, “I know, you tease him when he comes, and you miss him when he doesn’t come.” Ajit asks does she miss me. According to Swaran, the answer is yes; when the men arrived, Bebe was pleading with me to phone Ajit so that he could save us from the goons. Bebe affirms that we were saved by you. Ajit gives Swaran a grin and adds that it is sufficient that you miss me because he has dealt with half of the goons. Swaran responds with an affirmative, “Yes, you taught me to fight for rights, and I did.” Bebe is thinking about Ajit and Swaran.He claims that the two of you have a good understanding of each other. According to Ajit, we had known one other since childhood. Bebe says that you guys are no longer youngsters, and I was wondering about something. Ajit assures you that you have nothing to worry about because the thugs are terrified of you and have fled; they won’t be back. When you were in pain, I called Nakul and asked him to come to meet you, but he didn’t come. I then called Vikram, but he didn’t answer the phone. Bebe says that if she isn’t here, life has no guarantees, she worries a lot about Swaran, and she wants to know what will happen to Swaran. Your children don’t worry about you, she says. Don’t worry, according to Swaran everything is alright. Bebe tells me that she is concerned for you. Ajit assures you that you have nothing to worry about and that he will maintain our friendship. Bebe asks sure? Are you planning to maintain this friendship for the rest of your life? As everyone else watches, Ajit mutters, “Yes, I will maintain our friendship for the rest of my life.” Bebe asks Swaran to say. Swaran inquires as to what. Bebe goes to the picture of Kanwal and says, “I swear on Kanwal that if you both chose to support one other for the rest of your lives, then I will always support you, and my blessing is always with you both.” The jolt is felt by Swaran. Ajit stares at her.


Swaran has instructed me to promise to him that I will only describe Bebe and I as friends. Ajit stands silent. Bebe claims that his silence is evidence that he has feelings for you. The wails of Swaran

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