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She gives you her word that I would live up to my responsibility and bring Aarav home without incident. According to Nakul, it is critical that you find him as soon as possible. She has given me her word that she will go and get him, and she says that you should not be concerned about it since I will phone you later. She prays each and every day in the expectation that Aarav will one day return to her. Kiran falls to the ground and is rendered comatose. Nimmo sprinkles water on her. Swaran has arrived, and he immediately begins inquiring about what just occurred. She asks that Vikram take Kiran and Nimmo back to their flat after they finish their date. Kiran asks for Aarav. Swaran has given me his word that we will be able to locate him, that nothing untoward will occur to him, and that I will bring him back to a secure location. Vikram snatches them. When it was eventually her turn to arrive, Shorvori was there to greet Swaran with a loving embrace.
Swaran asserts that it was wrong of them to separate a woman and her child and warns that they would be punished for their conduct. He also asserts that it was wrong of them to separate the mother and the child. Aarav shouts Satnam Vaheguru’s name. Goon enlists the help of other individuals in an effort to keep him quiet and demands payment in exchange for his silence. A discussion takes place between Ajit and Swaran and the individual selling chocolate. He says that I produce chocolate and sell it in local shops, but I have no idea how your grandchild was abducted. He says that I create chocolate and sell it locally. She wants to know whether or not anyone has requested you to add something to chocolate or whether or not you have volunteered to do so. He vehemently rejects the notion that he was the perpetrator of the crime and asserts that he has no memory of the event in question. He claims that he is clueless regarding what Nimmo is discussing. Swaran brought to my attention the fact that I am missing an essential element. She is ruminating on the people who kidnapped her at this same moment. Her account is that the man was seeking to have a conversation with Aarav while he was located inside the building. She was reflecting on the past at the time, and she discussed her ideas with Shorvori. Arjun is now situated within the car. The radio is the primary mode of communication amongst the thugs who are working together. Arjun had overheard the chats that the thugs are having. The person who claimed to have kidnapped the boy stated that they were currently in possession of him and that they had purchased that chocolate and added the medication themselves. All three of Swaran, Ajit, and Arjun are up to speed on this information. The amount of ransom that is being demanded is one crore, which is equivalent to one million Indian rupees. Ajit becomes irritated. The kidnapper asserts that we are able to kill more people for one crore, and that we have already killed two police officers. He also states that we are able to kill more people for one crore.
Given that they are asking for one crore, Arjun wants to know what the plan is right now and why they are asking for it. According to what Ajit has heard, the sum of one crore is what they are asking for. Arjun is of the opinion that we should inform the boy’s family about what has taken place. Is what you’re saying that Nimmo wants one million or one crore? Kiran has expressed the wish that she might reunite with her companion Aarav. Vikram is curious about the ways in which we are going to amass such a great sum of money, so he asks about those methods. She offers the idea that they should sell the house to him as a solution to their problem. He advises her to calm down and then proceeds to explain that they are unable to sell the property because it is currently secured by a loan. Nimmo is adamant that he made an accurate evaluation of the situation. Kiran grabs Nakul’s phone. She asserts that the kidnappers want one crore in return for the captive in order to release the prisoner. After hearing this, Nakul gives the following response: “I know, don’t worry about it, I’ll work out the money, and I’ll arrive by the next flight.” Kiran gives a resounding “no” in response, claiming that she is unable to wait and inquiring as to the reason why her son is being treated in such a manner. Kiran’s response is forceful.
Everyone, including Swaran, sends up prayers in hopes that Aarav will continue to be healthy. Ajit proposes that we should all travel via alternate routes in order for us to find the goons, and he says this in order to help us. Arjun exits. Currently, Swaran is considering Aarav in his thoughts. She demands to know how dare you touch my Aarav, and she guarantees that she will not give up on her relationship with Aarav.

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