Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na [10th August 2022] Written Update [TBJJN]

Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 10th August 2022 Written Update [TBJJN] On Writtenlab.com

Jaya is seen in the beginning of the scene lying down and wailing. Vamika contacts everyone and informs them that she has fallen down the stairs. What took place, Dev wants to know. According to Vamika, someone purposefully threw oil in this area. Raghav believes that someone must have singled out Jaya in order to commit such an act; nevertheless, he is unsure of her adversary. Everyone concentrates on Krisha. Krisha says I didn’t do anything. Dev says I am doubtful. He takes Jaya from that location.
Dev hears from Gaj that there is a threat posed by Krisha to the family. Ugra asks, “Why on earth would she do that?” Vamika claims this because she is aware that Jaya has the ability to see her true face. Ugra warns Dev that he must maintain control over Krisha if he calls Jaya his mother since Krisha has the potential to cause significant harm to Dev. Raghav asserts that Krisha has lost his mind since he gained the power. Dev claims that I am unable to take anything away from her. Dev is informed by Jaya that if she is no longer considered his wife, then she would no longer possess this power. Ugra believes that Jaya is correct, and that we do not have a choice. Dev claims that I made a commitment to Krisha that I would stay with her forever. We do not feel secure with her being here, and we will all leave very soon if Krisha chooses to remain here. Jaya claims that she also pledged to never lie to you, but she never fulfils that promise. Dev argues that if this is the solution, then they will end their marriage to Krisha. All smirk.

While inside the mandir, Krisha is offering her prayers for the restoration of her connection to Dev. She turns to see him standing there, and he motions for her to follow him outside because he has something important to say. Jays smirks.
As Krisha and the rest of the family take a seat, she inquires of Dev what it is that he would like to discuss. Jaya claims that everyone knows the two of you are staying in different rooms in this house. Because you and your spouse have different priorities in life, it is in both of your best interests to quit this coercive marriage and start a new chapter in your lives apart. According to Krisha, I will not sign the divorce papers. Jaya responds, “I knew you would say this; thus, I am telling you that if we utilise the law against you, then your time would be wasted; so, just take some money and go away.” Krisha responds by saying “okay, I will sign the papers, but there is one condition.” Jaya inquires as to how much money you require. Krisha replies, “I don’t want anything; all I want to know is if Dev is on board with this divorce.” Dev is quoted as saying, “I believe that carrying out this plan is the best option.” Krisha’s pain compels her to sign the divorce papers. Krisha passes out just as Dev is ready to sign the papers, so Dev immediately rushes to her side. All look on.

The doctor examines Krisha and informs Dev that he is responsible for Krisha’s well-being due to the fact that she is pregnant. It comes as a shock to Dev. Krisha and Dev exchange pleasantries with one another. Dev goes away and then leaves from that location. Krisha grins.

Jaya explains to the family that Krisha must have been the one who carried out all of these actions in order to avoid signing the documents. Both Dev and Krisha will go there. Jaya asks Dev to put his signature on the documents. Dev claims that I am unable to divorce Krisha. Ugra wants to know why. According to Dev, Krisha is carrying Dev’s child because he made the decision to become a parent at this time. Everyone is astonished. The fact that she is carrying my child makes it impossible for me to divorce her, according to Dev. What does it mean if Virendra says I’m going to be a grandfather? Rati hugs Krisha. Jaya, Krisha has just informed you that she is going to become a grandma; how do you feel about this news? Are you excited? Jaya gives her a hug and offers her congratulations. Krisha gives praise and thanks to God for the gift.
Dev is on his way out of the home when he hears Krisha’s voice and immediately turns around. There is a broach that Krisha brings with him. She tells you that even though you don’t trust me, she loves you just as much as she did before. The broach is handed up to him by her. Dev tells her to retire to her room and get some rest. Krisha is in pain and makes a move to flee. She cast a pitying glance in his direction and said, “I’m sorry that I’ve caused you to start drinking.” Because I am carrying your child, don’t you think it’s about time you started acting more responsibly? Dev says, “I will be the best father, but I’m not sure whether I can be the husband that you desire.” [Case in point] This child will maintain a connection between us, but otherwise our relationship will remain unchanged. Krisha is looking at the ground. Dev says don’t feel sorry. Krisha has the belief that I will smooth things over between us.


Vamika mixes a medication in Dev’s drink. Jayamaa is supporting Vamika. Krisha implores God to intervene and save Dev from danger.
It looks like something weird is about to take place first thing in the morning, according to Jayamaa, who compliments Vamika on her hard work and remarks on Dev’s condition.

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