Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na [15th August 2022] Written Update [TBJJN]

Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 15th August 2022 Written Update [TBJJN] On Writtenlab.com

Scene 1
Naina brings Vamika to a halt and adds that everyone in the house should be aware of the low deeds that you are performing. Vamika slaps her and tells her to stay within her boundaries while she does so. Naina asks how dare you to slap me? You are the one who has gone beyond acceptable bounds, not I. Naina calls out for everyone else to assemble there. Raghav inquires about the recent events. Naina claims that Vamika has resumed her low-quality behaviour. She is once more trying to come between Dev and Krisha. Ask her what she was doing in Dev’s room all night, as she spent the entire time there. Ugra approaches Vamika with a request to take control of her hands. Naina claims that she used Dev to her advantage. Vamika cries. Jaya arrives at the location and inquires as to what is going on. Ugra claims that Dev and Vamika spent the night together in a room together. Jaya says that I would go and have a talk with Dev. Jaya approaches him and inquires as to whether he was recently in the company of Vamika. Vamika was in my room, but nothing transpired between the two of us because you already know me, according to Dev. I was inebriated. Jaya argues that it is irrelevant whether anyone did anything right or wrong because the entire family is insulting Vamika. I’ll take care of them, but what you did to that girl was terrible; nobody will question you about it, but they won’t spare her. Dev says I don’t trust Vamika. Even if Jaya insists that she isn’t using the situation in any way, we don’t have faith in Vamika, so we’ll have to pin the blame on her. Dev exits.
Raghav inquires of Vamika the reason that she acted in such a manner. Both Krisha and Dev travel there. Rati inquires about what’s taking place. Ugra claims that Dev and Vamika were in the same room together the previous night. That, according to Krisha, just cannot be the case. Jaya tells her to go get some rest. Krisha says I won’t. According to Dev, she was in my room the night before. Ugra alleges that they stayed the night together. Vamika tears, and then she flees the area.

Vamika shuts the door behind her and locks herself inside. Dev opens the door. In this house, it is impossible for me to modify my image, explains Vamika. Because Dev was intoxicated and I didn’t want to take advantage of the situation, why am I being blamed for everything that happened? Dev claims that there was no interaction between us. According to what Ugra has said, we do have some family values, and if something transpired between you and Vamika, then you are required to marry her. Ugra remembers that Jaya provided her and Naina with the funds necessary to carry out all of this. Vamika is instructed by Krisha to desist from utilising Dev’s goodness. Jaya accuses you of being self-centered and tells you to put Vamika’s honour and the pursuit of justice before your own. You must act justly, according to Krisha, right? When I am around, Dev won’t be able to look at another lady, that much is certain. She wants to know if anyone was in Dev’s room the previous night. Are you sure there isn’t a witness? Jaya questions the necessity of there being a witness. So let’s see what happens, says Krisha. Krisha takes everyone in there and demonstrates a camera that’s in Dev’s room. She claims that the entire conversation was taped in here. The flashback reveals how Krisha had concealed a camera in his room all along. Jaya urges everyone to give some thought to their privacy. Krisha asserts that she has great faith in Dev but that she is determined to expose the truth. Vamika instructs you to consider my honour, so do so. If the video contains anything inappropriate, Krisha has threatened to marry the two of you off to Dev. She plays the clip, which demonstrates how Dev fell asleep after getting drunk, due to Vamika placing him on the bed and then lying on top of him. The video comes to a close, and Krisha informs Dev that Vamika is still a cheater and a liar. Dev yells at Vamika, “I told you this was your last chance!” Vamika nods her head. You will be disciplined for this offence, and he pulls her away from the scene. Jaya hears from Krisha that she won’t be able to save her daughter from harm. Dev dragged Vamika into the living room and told her that she was no longer allowed to stay at his house. He advises Vamika to never set foot in this house again, and he requests that Jaya make another home ready for her. He requests that Vamika prepares to leave and packs her belongings. Jaya overhears Krisha saying, “I’ve started playing a game like you have, and I put the camera there.” Please go and assist your daughter in packing her bags. Jaya storms off in a furious rage.

The following is a recap of what Dev said to Krisha in the previous chapter: “Papa remembers everything, and he told me everything about Kaka and my childhood.” If he has something to say about everyone else, then he should also tell us something about Jayamaa, says Krisha. When it comes to Jayalakshmi, Papa claims that he remembers everything, including everything that she did in the basement.

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