Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na [17th August 2022] Written Update

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Virendra has a conversation with Dev in the beginning of Scene 1. Dev claims that I was thinking back to my younger years. Virendra starts reminiscing about the past experiences. Dev expresses astonishment and asks, “Your memory is back?” According to Virendra, “absolutely,” I do recall everything at this point. He describes every occurrence involving the two of them to him. It’s frequented by Ugra and Gaj. Dev asserts that he can recall any and all details at this point. Virendra tells Gaj some of the same stories he tells everyone else. Dev makes a call to everyone present and tells them that Virendra can now recall everything. Krisha inquires of Virendra, requesting that he also share some information regarding Jaya. According to Virendra, I remember everything, including the time when she served me down in the basement. She was really kind to me and attended to my needs, ensuring that I stayed warm and had plenty to eat. According to him, Jaya used to give me foot massages. Right now, the bottoms of my feet are giving me pain. According to Dev, Jaya is delighted to massage them, is that correct? Even though she is upset, Jaya begins to massage his feet. Krisha smirks at her.

Jaya is furious and is currently locked up in her room. It is there that Ugra and Raghav go. Ugra requests that she hand over the money that they have. Jaya plays the video for them in which they are shown pleading for financial assistance. Jaya replies, “I have proof against you, and if I reveal this to Dev, he will throw you all out.” Raghav claims that we were merely kidding about it. Jaya implores them to refrain from making fun of her at all times. She warns Ugra that she is harmful, and then Ugra goes missing as a result. Ugra advised that the video should not be shown to Dev. Jaya tells her to go away and stop bothering him. Ugra informed me that my friend Naina is going on a trip and that she requires ten lacs of money; therefore, I was wondering if I could get it from you. Jaya hands her ten rupees and tells her that this is the standard right now, at which point she should leave. Both Ugra and Raghav will be departing.

Vamika gives Jaya a call and says, “I just left the house when you made a deal with Krisha.” Jaya asserts that she is aware of her need to uphold the commitment she made to you. Vamika claims you lost against Krisha so easily? Jaya has told us that this is exactly what she is contemplating, and that all we need to do in the meantime is keep a low profile because she has the results of our DNA test. Vamika claims that you no longer care about me, therefore she suggests that you should consider the situation resolved. She hangs up and adds, “I will have my revenge on Krisha immediately.”

Scene 2 Dev is taking a look at the preparations that have been made for the function that will take place later that evening. Krisha claims that you are performing all of these actions for the sake of themselves. Dev claims that he does everything for you since he views you as his entire world. Then, Krisha asks, is it possible for me to make a request? Dev says simply order me. Krisha expressed her desire that her parents be in attendance as well. Dev expresses his regret, saying that he is unable to contact your parents. The question is posed by Krisha. Because, as Dev explains, I’ve invited them before. As a result of her happiness, Krisha gives him a hug. Dev tells me that he is aware of what it is that you desire. He leans in and gently presses his lips to hers on the top of her head. Rati splutters and then informs you both that tonight you have a dance performance to offer. Dev says I can’t dance. Virendra appears and tells you that you are required to do a dance for the audience. Dev and Krisha promise him.

Gaj had a conversation with Virendra, during which he expresses his delight in reminiscing with his friend. Virendra has told me that I need your assistance in re-establishing this family, and as a result, I am requesting that you participate in the event that will take place tonight. Gaj says it is imperative that you keep in mind that I am unable to put on a smiling face if I am not content. I don’t want Dev to have a bad attitude as a result of what I did. Virendra confronts Dev with the question of whether or not he is excited about the prospect of being a parent. Gaj adds that he is extremely glad for him since he is like my son, but he does not like Krisha because she is from a little village and she does not understand our royal ceremonies. I have no doubt that she exploited Dev, and I have no doubt that she is taking advantage of you as well. In comparison to Krisha, Jaya is superior because she has been working for us for a longer period of time and she has also been responsible for your care. Since this Krisha is an imposter, dealing with her is difficult for me. Virendra told him, “I can’t give you the truth right now, but when you know it, your perspective towards Krisha will change.” To which truth does Gaj refer? Virendra continues, “Just know that I am alive because of Krisha, that our family is together because of her, that we haven’t become Jaya’s servants because of Krisha,” and that our family would be annihilated if Krisha didn’t save us. If you do trust me even a little bit, then you need to shift your perspective towards Krisha, and I would like for you to participate in the event that is happening tonight. From there, he will depart. Gaj is considering his options.

Vamika is outside Dev’s house. She is about to be visited by Naina. According to Vamika, who claims, “I observed some sound professionals going in the house,” all you need to do is replace the microphone. Please get back to me as soon as Krisha has control of this microphone. Naina inquires about the outcome of the situation. According to Vamika, Krisha will experience a shock; nevertheless, she will not pass away; rather, she will spend many days in the hospital. Over the course of several years, we regularly subjected Virendra, our senior citizen, to shocks of this nature. My mom’s safety could be in risk if Krisha loses her composure and stops controlling her. If you complete this task for me, I will plan a trip across the world especially for you. Naina is curious about the possible outcomes of this situation. Vamika says no one will. Naina is concerned about the safety of Krisha’s unborn child, so she wonders whether there is any risk. According to Vamika, the child won’t be in any danger at all. After saying that she will handle it alone, Naina exited the room. According to Vamika, all of the blame will be placed on Naina now.


Jayamaa says to Krisha you did wrong. Krisha affirms that whatever actions I took were appropriate, and despite the fact that Vamika made an attempt on my life, there is no cause for concern; nevertheless, Vamika did make an attempt on the life of my unborn child. I don’t know how I’ll survive without her. Just be thankful that I didn’t turn your name over to the authorities, because the clock is ticking on her life.

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