Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na [27th August 2022] Written Update [TBJJN]

Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 27th August 2022 Written Update [TBJJN] On Writtenlab.com

The Episode Start With:

Virendra and Dev have a conversation. Dev claims that I was thinking about my younger years. Virendra begins to speak about the past experiences. Dev is caught off guard and asks, “Your memory is back?” Virendra affirms that he is aware of everything at this time. He recounts every one of their special moments to him. It is frequented by Ugra and Gaj. According to Dev, he remembers everything now. Virendra is generous enough to tell Gaj some of his tales as well. Dev makes a call to everyone present and tells them that Virendra remembers everything now. Krisha asks Virendra to share some information with her about Jaya as well. According to Virendra, I remember everything, including the time when she served me in the basement. She was very kind to me, as she kept me warm and provided me with food. He claims that Jaya used to give me foot massages. Right now, the soles of my feet are giving me pain. According to Dev, Jaya is more than happy to massage them, is that correct? Although she is upset, Jaya begins to massage his feet. Krisha smirks at her.
Jaya is furious and she is currently sitting in her room. Both Ugra and Raghav will go there. Ugra asks her to hand over their money to him and the others. Jaya plays the video of them pleading with her for financial assistance. Jaya asserts, “I have evidence against you, and if I show this to Dev, then he will kick you all out.” Raghav claims that we were joking the whole time. Jaya requests that they never make light of the situation with her. She warns Ugra that she is dangerous, and Ugra subsequently wanders off. Ugra has instructed not to play the video for Dev. Jaya tells her to disappear into thin air. Ugra mentioned to me that Naina is going on a trip, and she needs ten lacs so I was wondering if I could give it to her. Jaya hands her ten rupees and tells her that this is the standard at the moment, at which point she should leave. Ugra and Raghav are going to leave.

Vamika gives Jaya a call and asks, “Did you make a deal with Krisha while I was out?” Jaya asserts that she is aware of the promise she made to you. Vamika claims you lost against Krisha so easily? Jaya has confirmed that this is what she is pondering, and that the only solution is for us to remain covert for some time while she reviews our DNA report. Vamika claims that you no longer care about me, so she says that I should take charge of the situation. She hangs up and then says, “I will get my revenge on Krisha right now.”

Scene 2 Dev looks over the plans for the function that will take place in the evening. Krisha says that you are doing all of this for her. Are you? According to Dev, you are everything to me, so I do everything for you. Krisha asks if they are able to make a request, can they? Dev says simply order me. Krisha stated, “I really wish both of my parents were here.” I’m sorry, Dev, but I won’t be able to call your parents. Why do you ask, Krisha? Because, as Dev explains, I’ve already invited them. He makes Krisha happy, and she hugs him. Dev says, “I get what you’re looking for.” He leans forward and gently presses his lips to hers. Rati coughs and then informs you both that you are expected to do a dance tonight. Dev says I can’t dance. Virendra appears and tells you that you are required to deliver a dancing performance. He has the word of Dev and Krisha.

Gaj had a conversation with Virendra and tells him that it’s nice to look back on our memories with you. Virendra continues, “I need your help in establishing this family anew, and I am requesting that you be a part of the function that will take place tonight.” You have to keep in mind, according to Gaj, that I am unable to put on a smiling face if I am not content. I don’t want Dev to be upset with himself because of me. Virendra asks Dev if he is not excited about the prospect of him being a parent. Gaj adds that he is extremely glad for him and that he is like his father to him, but that he does not like Krisha since she is from a little village and she does not understand our royal ceremonies. I have no doubt that she exploited Dev, and I have no doubt that she will exploit you as well. In comparison to Krisha, Jaya is superior because she has worked for us for many years and has also attended to your needs. Due to the fact that this Krisha is a phoney, I have a problem with her. Virendra says, “I can’t give you the truth right now, but when you know it, your perspective towards Krisha will change.” Gaj wants to know, “What truth?” Virendra continues, “Just know that I am alive because of Krisha, that our family is together because of her, that we haven’t become Jaya’s servants because of Krisha,” meaning that our family would have been wiped out if Krisha hadn’t rescued us. If you do trust me even a little bit, then you need to shift your perspective towards Krisha, and I’d like you to join us at the function tonight. He will depart from that location. Gaj mulls it over in his mind.

Vamika is outside Dev’s house. Naina will go to meet up with her. Vamika told me that she had seen some sound guys walking into the house, so all you need to do is replace the microphone. Once Krisha has control of this microphone, you are to let me know. Naina inquires as to what will take place. Vamika predicts that Krisha will experience a shock; nevertheless, she will not pass away; rather, she will spend some days in the hospital. We subjected old Virendra to shocks of this nature for a number of years. It’s possible that Krisha will lose her composure and quit controlling my mum. If you are willing to help me out with this, I will plan a trip around the world for you. Naina wants to know what will happen if anyone finds out. Vamika says no one will. Naina wants to know if Krisha’s unborn child will be in any danger. According to Vamika, the baby won’t be in any danger at all. Naina responds, “Then I will do it,” and then she leaves. According to Vamika, the responsibility for everything will now fall on Naina.


Jayamaa says to Krisha you did wrong. Regardless of what I did, according to Krisha, it was the proper thing to do. Vamika tried to kill me, but that’s not the issue. She tried to kill my baby! How can I possibly abandon her? Just be thankful that I didn’t provide your name to the authorities, because as a result, her demise is drawing closer.

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