Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na [29th August 2022] Written Update [TBJJN]

Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 29th August 2022 Written Update [TBJJN] On Writtenlab.com

The Episode Start With:

Dev is asked to sign Krisha’s appointment letter at her request. He hears Jaya’s voicemail and rips the letter that Krisha had written. From there, he takes her away.
Krisha is dragged into the house by Dev. Jaya shoots her an angry stare and then says, “You kept making mistakes, but I had no proof against you until now.” Dev asks whether or not you believe that she will be truthful. I have had enough of your errors; take care of her for me, he tells Jaya before leaving the room. Krisha is informed by Jaya that people have been accusing her for the burning of Daksh’s photo, but today Jaya has proof against her. What does Krisha have to say? She is planning to approach this matter with composure. Krisha asserts that you are free to provide the evidence because I am innocent of any wrongdoing. Jaya plays a video in which Krisha can be seen inserting Daksh’s photo into the holika. Jaya asks, “Is that evidence sufficient?” According to Ugra, we ought to kick her out of the house. Krisha’s bewilderment prompts her to watch the video once more. She asks, “Do you think this is really me?” She calls the anxious maid Lakshmi who is at her service. Due to an injury, Krisha claims that she is unable to move her finger. She plays the video and explains that the person in the video is not using her finger, and her face cannot be seen, thus someone was using Lakshmi to pretend to be me. She does this by showing the video. Jaya confronts Lakshmi with the question, “Who compelled you to do it?” Raghav gives her the evil eye while he is threatening her. According to Lakshmi, I made a mistake, but I was threatened. That location is where she will depart. Jaya is informed by Krisha that the truth is that someone was making threats against her, and Jaya is urged to place her trust in Krisha because she does not intend to harm Devraj. As Jaya watches from there, she walks away from there.

When Minakshi gets a call from a Raj family, she is engaged in some form of self-care. He claims that I’m going to propose marriage. What does she say? My husband’s name is Kuch. He claims that I am speaking about the marriage of his daughter to your son Aarav. Let’s get something planned out. She then confirms her agreement and hangs up the phone.

Krisha is hard at work compiling various documents in order to identify all of the locations within the hotel. She starts praying to God, telling him that she has no choice but to discover where Vikrant has hidden the weapons. She consumes sweets and gives thanks to God for all of her blessings. She claims that Vikrant has concealed the guns in the most secure location; if this is true, then where may they be? She sends Jaisalwal Kaka a message requesting that he keep an eye on Vikrant’s room and let her know if he notices anything out of the ordinary.

Krisha is attempting to ride her bike to work, but it will not start. She notices that Dev is leaving in his car, but instead of following him, she stands in front of him and asks him to give her a ride. According to Dev, there is no room for me in the car. Krisha watches in dismay as he walks away. Another attempt at starting Krisha’s scooty is successful, and she then takes off on it.

Rati sends up prayers that Dev and Krisha will find a way to get back together. Raghav enters the room and tells them that they should pray for their own relationship. Rati is quoted as saying, “I told you it’s nothing like that.” Raghav claims that you want to be with Aarav; is this true? Rati says to stop it since he is similar to my brother. Raghav insisted that I should see proof from you. Rati asks, “What do you want to do?” Raghav is quoted as having said, “I want a DNA test of this infant to establish that this baby is mine and not Aarav’s.”

When Krisha comes upon Dev standing on the side of the road with his broken down automobile, she is behind the wheel. You can ride with me, according to Krisha. Dev insists that I do not require it. According to Krisha, we have a meeting with a client, therefore please take my lift. Dev is happy as she rides her scooty and thinks to herself, “I will always be with him.”

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