Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na [3rd august 2022] written update

Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na [3rd august 2022] written update on writtenlab.com

After Krisha has given Virendra some medicine, she looks in the closet and finds Basanti hiding there. It is at this point that she begins to pursue her. Krisha grabs Basanti just as she is about to escape, saying, “I met your son.” Basanti had been attempting to flee. He is under the impression that you have passed away, but you are still around. Why are you putting yourself through all of this trouble? Basanti has informed me that I am obligated to carry out this task because of Jaya. The palace you see before you was once my place of employment. When Jaya started working here as a nanny, I was enjoying my job very much but it was interrupted when she arrived. She accused me of stealing and kicked me out of the house as a result of her suspicions. I was hoping to have a conversation with Virendra, but then I learned that he had passed away. I felt it was important to show my respect by going to the palace, but while I was there, I was attacked. As soon as my eyes opened, I could see Virendra standing in front of me, fully conscious. Jaya confined the both of us to the basement and locked the door behind her. She did this to keep me there so that she could care for Virendra, but she lied to my family and told them that I had passed away. She compelled me to look after Virendra and would frequently send money to support my loved ones back home. Every day, I would watch as Jaya tormented Virendra in front of me. You eventually set Virendra free, and shortly after that, I left that location. Jaya made a promise to provide financial assistance to me, but she is not picking up the phone when I call her, and I recently discovered that she has not provided any financial assistance to my family either. She breaks down into tears before pleading with her for assistance. Krisha asserts that Jaya is responsible for the loss of many lives, but that she will assist you. She requests that she come to the palace and tell everyone the truth in front of everyone there. The thought of doing that terrifies Basanti, and she declares that she cannot do it. It is from that location that she departs.

Krisha is under the impression that I was unable to persuade Basanti that I am obligated to take some action against Jaya before she can take any action with Virendra. Virendra visits her there and reveals to her that I have been having disturbing dreams. Krisha has the impression that he is gradually regaining access to his memories. She tells him to go to bed and get some rest. Virendra succumbs to exhaustion after soothing Krisha, who has been crying in silence. Krisha believes that she needs to have a conversation with Basanti in order to convince her.

Jaya apologises to Dev for her previous behaviour toward Krisha by approaching him and saying, “I am sorry.” I have a motherly relationship with you, but I am not actually your biological mother. According to Dev, you are my mother, and because Krisha betrayed my trust, you were completely within your rights to yell at her. The arrival of Krisha forces Dev to depart. Krisha immediately begins putting her belongings into her suitcase. Jaya warned that you would be banished from the palace very soon. Jaya leaves. Krisha asserts that in order to triumph over evil, I require the assistance of God. She receives a message from Basanti encouraging her to meet up with her.

Krisha will finally get to speak with Basanti. Basanti appears before them and says, “I have to get justice for Virendra, someone has to bring Jaya’s truth out, but I can’t come to the palace.” Basanti is referring to the fact that she is unable to enter the palace. I have a deep-seated dread of Jaya. I went to the palace in the hopes of speaking with Virendra and obtaining his assistance, but he claimed he couldn’t remember anything. She plays the video that she recorded and tells you that you can use it as evidence against Jaya. It has been suggested by Krisha that this will be beneficial to me. Basanti says I am scared. Krisha has promised that she will watch over you and keep you safe.

Basanti is led down to the basement by Krisha, who assures her that she will be safe in this location. I will expose the truth about Jaya, and once that is done, you will be in no danger. Basanti wishes to express gratitude to her.

Krisha communicates with everyone else in the family by calling each of them. The projector is being prepared by her now. Dev has arrived at the location and is inquiring about what is taking place. It has been brought to my attention by Krisha that I was accused of deceiving you when I lied to you, but I want to tell you who I met earlier. I went there to speak with an elderly caretaker who worked here at this palace. Her name is Basanti. Jaya looks on. Krisha begins the presentation by turning on the projector and displaying Basanti’s picture. Ugra claims that she has been a caregiver for a very long time. When Virendra examines the photograph, he experiences a chilling sensation. Jaya is feeling overwhelmed, and she wonders what’s going on. It was too late to save her. Krisha asserts that Basanti is still alive and that she has not passed away. Gaj questions why the conversation is even focusing on her. According to Krisha, the reason for this is because she was the only other person in the basement with Virendra. She is the only person who saw her father go through the ordeal of having to put up with the torture for all of these years. I have a video that I’m going to show you all that will completely alter how you feel about Jaya and her situat


Precap: Krisha says to everyone, today I’ll tell the truth from these many years Jayamaa kept papa as a hostage underground, for so many years she tortured papa, she was the one who planned the accident that killed Dev’s mom and dad, and she kept papa to torture him more. Krisha accuses Jayamaa of being the person who killed Dev’s mother. Jayamaa denies the accusation.

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