Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na [5th August 2022] Written Update [TBJJN]

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Scene 1
While Krisha and Virendra are out for a stroll, Virendra hands Krisha a flower and tells her that he can’t stand to see her upset and suggests that they talk to Dev and reveal the truth about what Jaya did to Krisha. Krisha predicts that Jaya will accuse her of having a skewed perception of events and that Dev will only believe her. In order to find a solution, we need to put our faith in God. Both Krisha and Virendra go through the motions of returning home. From that location, Vamika will be departing. Virendra reveals to Krisha that Vamika and Jaya would beat and torment me in the past. According to Krisha, I, too, had the impression that Vamika and Jaya were connected. It is imperative that I discover something.
Krisha walks to Vamika’s room and immediately begins searching it. She is about to listen to the album after discovering it there. Krisha must stay hidden since Jaya is on her way. While Jaya is in the process of tidying up her room, she comments on how spoiled this girl is. Krisha is perplexed as to why is behaving as though she is her mother. Jaya looks around and eventually locates the album, which she then takes with her. The album was discovered to be missing by Krisha. In that location, she discovers Jaya’s phone. When she picked up the phone, Vamika told her, “Mummy, don’t worry; I’ll be waiting for you.” Krisha is left wondering why she even bothered to call Jaya’s mother after hearing all of that. Krisha goes into hiding while Jaya returns to remove her phone from her.

The way Krisha discovered that Vamika is Jaya’s daughter is revealed to Rati by Krisha. It is necessary for us to locate evidence that they are guilty. Only after that will Dev have faith in what I say.

After his long journey, Vamika finally makes it home, where he immediately starts drinking. She walks in a halting manner. When Jaya arrives, she advises the individual not to return to the location while under the influence of alcohol. When Krisha arrives, she warns her to exercise caution in the situation. It is from there that Vamika sets off. Jaya is warned by Krisha that she would be revealed in the near future. I have information that is completely fresh with regard to you. Jaya says you can’t accomplish anything, you are just talking.

Dev is confronted by Krisha, who tells him, “I love you, and you shouldn’t be upset with me.” According to Dev, you were wrong to have any suspicions about Jaya. The things that I have been saying are accurate, according to Krisha. According to Dev, what evidence do you have to support your claims? According to Krisha, Jaya’s bedroom contains an album that provides evidence. Dev will tell you that he doesn’t believe you and that he will go from that location.

The information that Dev no longer places his trust in me was relayed to Rati by Krisha. Virendra shows up there and tells him that he has no choice but to have faith in me. I have been able to retrieve the information from my memory, and I intend to share it with Dev. No, according to Krisha; you can’t place yourself in such a precarious situation. Virendra is adamant that he cannot accept this and insists that he must investigate the matter.
Vamika is cautioned by Jaya to be careful because she noticed that she too had consumed alcohol the previous evening. According to Vamika, I did phone you ahead of time. Jaya is unable to make heads or tails of the situation.

Virendra and Krisha chats to Dev. Virendra asks Dev if he is admitting that Jaya had him locked up in the basement and that Vamika used to torment him. Dev asks Virendra if he is confirming this. Krisha receives an angry gaze from Dev, who then exclaims, “I can’t believe you would go this low.”

Jaya hears from Vamika that she answered the phone when she called her, and that Vamika says, “I called you.” After looking through her call logs, Jaya discovers that her call was already in progress. Jaya claims that I was not able to pick up this call. The question then arises for Vamika: Jaya informed me that I inadvertently left my phone in your room. There’s no way anyone else could have answered this call than Krisha.

Krisha hears Dev saying, “You are making him lie to me, and you are using his mental condition to make him say whatever you want.” Dev informs Krisha that he believes Krisha is behind the lies. Virendra claims that I recall all of the pain that was inflicted on me. Dev inquires as to the motivation for Jaya and Vamika’s choice to subject you to torture. Because Vamika is Jaya’s daughter, Krisha suggests that you inquire with her about obtaining that record so that you can discover the reality.

Jaya asks Vamika to leave her room. Krisha, Virendra, and Dev arrive just as Vamika is about to depart, but Vamika has already left. What occurred, Jaya wants to know. I’ve been told by Dev that I need to listen to one of the albums you have in your room. What is Jaya saying at the moment? Krisha believes there is evidence in it that identifies Vamika as being Dev’s daughter, and Dev has confirmed this to Krisha. Jaya argues the statement is not accurate.


Dev tells Krisha that Jayamaa was correct; the two of you are unable to dwell in the same house because it is Jayamaa’s house and she will live here; but, if someone else leaves this house, then you will. The precap concludes with this statement. You are asking me to leave your life and your place, Krisha continues, and I should do it immediately. You will immediately leave the house since Dev has given you the go-ahead, and the reason for it is that you have been so stubborn against Jayamaa.


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