Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na [9th August 2022] Written Update [TBJJN]

Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 9th August 2022 Written Update [TBJJN] On writtenlab.com

Jaya threatens Virendra, saying that if he speaks out, she will kill Dev and make Krisha look like the guilty party. Then I will torment you in fresh and different ways. Virendra is terrified and begs you not to injure Dev, so please do not. Jaya says then do as I say. She leaves once he gives her the OK. Virendra lets out a terrified wail.
Krisha mulls over the question of how she can get Jaya to reveal the truth. When Rati arrived, he told them that they needed to keep fighting. Krisha is concerned that my relationship with Dev could suffer as a result of all of this. Rati predicts that it won’t take place. She then brings her to Dev and requests that he pay attention to her. Dev claims that she is spreading false information about my mum. Virendra appears before them and asks, “Krisha, did you behave appropriately?” You made a promise to me that if I lied to Dev, you would buy me ice cream. He demonstrates the letter to Dev and explains that Krisha provided him with the script to read. Jaya hides and smirks. Krisha is able to deduce that Virendra is dishonest due to Jaya’s influence. She is feeling miserable. I find it hard to comprehend, adds Dev, that Krisha can fall to such a low level.

When Raghav and Ugra put the photo back together, they realise that Jaya and Vamika are in it. According to Ugra, Krisha was correct; this is a strong piece of evidence against Jaya. Raghav has stated that he intends to make use of this photograph.

Krisha is confronted by Jaya, who tells her, “You have sunk so low in your husband’s sight; look at me and give me a challenge.” Krisha mocks her and asks, “You have lied so much, but what have you gotten?” before laughing. I still own every ounce of authority. She then reveals to her that she will never be able to obtain the keys. Jaya believes that I will have the keys in the near future.

Dev is staying in his room by himself and is thinking about Krisha. When he comes to, his first thought is, “Where is Krisha?” He distinctly remembers informing Krisha that the two of them are no longer together.
Krisha is currently in her room alone herself, and she is thinking over Dev’s statements that their relationship is over. Krisha weeps because she is missing him.

Virendra tells Krisha in the morning that he is sorry for what he did and that he had to do it for Dev. Krisha says it’s okay. Krisha makes an effort to administer the medicine to him, but Dev arrives and claims that he can take care of him himself. Due to the fact that Dev is unaware of his regimen, Krisha administers the shot to him. Krisha receives an apology from Dev. Krisha asks whether this person is sorry for informing her that she needs to kick her out of the house or the room. Dev has stated that he does not care if you stay or leave. It is from there that he departs. Krisha looks on.

Vamika gives Jaya instructions on what she should do in order to force Krisha to leave the house. Jaya insists that we must resort to the legal system in order to keep Dev and Krisha apart. I have no choice except to coerce Dev into divorcing Krisha; otherwise, he will have to choose between me and his wife. Raghav, Ugra, and Naina travel to that location. Jaya says I don’t allow beggars here so get away. Raghav claims that the purpose of our visit is to rob you of your money, and that we will accept any amount that you are willing to offer us. Ugra has warned that you could be the one who is kicked out of the house before Krisha. Jaya says are you people lost? Even Krisha was unable to prevail in our matchup. Ugra says, but the evidence we have against you is overwhelming. Raghav reveals to her the picture he took of Vamika and Jaya together. Jaya is taken aback by it. Ugra claims that they are aware of your reality and demand that you pay them 50 crore. Jaya says I need some time. Ugra informs you that you have three days to make the necessary arrangements before they leave. Jaya exclaims that she cannot believe that they are attempting to blackmail her. It is necessary for me to steal the keys from Krisha. Vamika says I have an idea.


In review, Jayamaa and Krisha are there in the hall with everyone else. Jayamaa tells Krisha that because it is common knowledge in this palace that things are not going well between the two of you and Devraj, it would be best for the two of you to get a divorce and spend the rest of your lives apart. Krisha states, “I’m ready to sign the divorce papers, but there’s a condition: I just want to hear about the divorce from Devraj personally.” Krisha’s condition is that she wants to hear about the divorce from Devraj directly. According to Devraj, he believes that this will be appropriate.

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