Udaariyaan [ 10th September 2022] Written Update

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Nehmat is thinking about Jasmin. According to Nehmat, this denotes that Naaz is my sister. The answer is yes, Fateh, and we will let her know at the appropriate moment. Tejo says that God granted your desire and that you now have a sister because you became friends with Naaz and shared your crayons with her as well. Nehmat is thinking of Naaz. She denies that the other person is her sister and questions why Jasmin chose to keep her with her. She also thanks you for teaching her how to be a good friend and share things with others. Tejo affirms that it is, so why are you hesitant? Nehmat asserts that all moms adore their offspring, is this correct? Tejo says yes. Nehmat confronts her with these questions: why was she talking to me in such a condescending manner? If she is my mother, then why didn’t she give me a hug and ask how I’m doing? Fateh ponders the question of why Jasmin inflicted so many wounds on Nehmat. She questions how it is possible for her to do that if she is my mother. Tejo gives her a hug. Although she claims that Jasmin loves you very much, she was not speaking with love because we are your parents. She says that Jasmin loves you very much. She knows you are happy with us, and we love you very much, so she chose not to come between you and us since she knows you are happy. Nehmat asks, “Why did she then ask me to ask you both when she could have just told me?” You will comprehend this when you are older, Fateh adds; in the meantime, you must have faith in the fact that we are your parents. Tejo has confirmed that the three of us are connected, and that this connection cannot be severed by anyone. He mentions that we will be having kulfi. Tejo deems the plan to be perfect. Nehmat has stated that she is interested in meeting Jasmin’s mother.Satti says that Naaz is waiting for Jasmin, and that I put her to sleep today. What do you think we should say to Naaz the next day? Nehmat wants to know how it is she can abandon me. Satti claims that she has already abandoned the baby Nehmat and that she will not return. Rupy is thinking about the letter. Tejo claims that Jasmin had no choice but to abandon you. According to Fateh, because your father was absent, it was difficult for Jasmin to bring you up. Tejo claims that she gave you to us because Lord also desired this, and because Lord did not give me a baby, you will receive all of the love that is intended for me. They give Nehmat a bear embrace. When we inform Naaz about Jasmin, she shouldn’t break, and we should tell everyone, especially Shelly, that she makes the misery of others worse. Rupy adds that Naaz is terrified, and that we need to show her a lot of love. It is now the morning, and Fateh and Tejo have made their way to see Nehmat. She requests that he allow Nehmat to rest. According to Fateh, just the two of us ought to retain the truth. She receives a call from Rupy. She walks outdoors to confront Rupy with the question of why he is waiting there. He hands her Jasmin’s letter. Downstairs, Naaz can be found. She addresses Satti by name. Satti informs me that you awoke. Naaz says mumma didn’t appear. Satti has assured me that she would be there; in the meantime, please freshen up since I have prepared some delicious food for you. Naaz says I want to chat to mumma. Yes, according to Satti; however, you should wash up first. She sheds a tear. Tejo asks, “Why did Jasmin disclose this to you? Nehmat is already scared, and we can’t tell Nehmat the truth about her true father, Harvinder Singh, since he is a criminal.” Nehmat’s biological father is a criminal. Rupy is taken aback by this. Tejo requests that we do not reveal this information to her under any circumstances. Rupy asserts that this information will not be shared with Nehmat because it is irrelevant to the story of her biological parents. When Fateh arrived, he greeted him and invited him inside. Rupy replied, “No, I came to see Tejo.” Tejo claims that I discussed Harvinder with Rupy. Fateh is concerned. Rupy promises that she won’t share this information with anyone else. According to Fateh, we will make a solemn oath that this truth will not be divulged. They are making a gesture of nodding while holding hands.ejo confronts Nehmat with the question of why she went back to her house despite the fact that she enjoys being at Nani’s. Nehmat is quoted as saying, “I despise Naz, and I have no desire to visit there.”Nehmat has conversations with her doll. She says things like, “Why doesn’t Jasmin love me? When my parents tell me I’m the best, I’m going to ask Jasmin why she abandoned me.” She sheds a tear. While Fateh and Tejo observe, They shed tears. Tejo has expressed an interest in interacting with Jasmin. Fateh encourages her to keep her strength. He claims that we are unable to get Jasmin. She claims that I am unable to witness my daughter in this condition. She receives a call from Satti. Satti tears. Tejo inquires as to what took place and the reason behind your tears. I don’t know what to say to Satti when she tells me that Naaz has been asking for her mother since the morning; what’s more, she has also been asking for Nehmat, but I can’t urge her to go fetch her. According to Tejo, Nehmat is eager to talk to Jasmin. Fateh has stated that we will be coming, that it will be beneficial for them, and that we will allow them to continue playing and talking. Tejo claims that Nehmat is upset and that she is in a state of shock. According to Fateh, we will be able to tell when they are confronting one another. The three children, Nehmat, Tejo, and Fateh, return home. Nehmat receives a hug from everyone. Naaz looks on. She thinks back to what Yash’s mother had said. She hurries up to Nehmat and gives him a hug. We are sisters; in fact, your mother and my mother are sisters, and Tejo is my Maasi. Naaz said she had been wondering about you and that she was overjoyed to see you. Chocolates are presented to her by Fateh. Nehmat is invited to come by Naaz. Nehmat is prompted to go out and play by Fateh. Nehmat and Naaz make their way into the chamber. According to Naaz, I just have a few toys. Satti looks on. Naaz approaches Nehmat with a request to reveal the password to her tab. Satti goes. According to Naaz, mumma is going to show up since she can’t live without me and I can’t live without her. Nehmat is under the impression that she ditched me because Naaz is her favourite. Naaz lauds her mother and says that she loves me a lot and that her mother is the best, that she wishes her mother would come back soon, and that she misses her very much. Nehmat gets angry. Tejo has told me that I should go and see them. According to Shelly, everything is OK because they are sisters, they will play together, and they share the same blood. Nehmat says I want to go. You are my sister, Naaz says, which is better than being best friends.

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