Udaariyaan 18th August 2022 Written Episode Update

Udaariyaan 18th August 2022 Written Episode Update on writtenlab.com

The first thing that happens in this episode is Tejo telling you that you weren’t pregnant. Jasmin replies, “No, I wasn’t, but I was pregnant, and I went to a party, and I was harmed, and I had a miscarriage, and I didn’t have the confidence to inform my family.” Tejo spreads such a massive untruth, and although I have forgiven you in the past, I won’t do so this time; instead, I will expose everyone to the truth. Jasmin pursues her and steals her phone when she is away. Tejo gives her a smack and asks, “Do you have any shame? Why do you want to cheat the family? You are going to marry Yash. Why are you creating this drama with them?” After the slap, Tejo adds, “Do you have any shame?”Tejo receives a smack from Jasmin, and Jasmin tells Tejo that she has had enough of his drama, that you and Fateh will never be able to expose me, that this family will always be thankful to me, and that she will watch how you tell them to thank you. She grabs Tejo’s leg and prevents her from moving further. They engage in combat with each other. Tejo chastises her for it. I will tell them the truth about you, she says. Jasmin has told me that I can’t tell them to leave me alone. Tejo and Jasmin disagree with one another and fight. She will inform them that I will tell the truth to them. Jasmin strikes her on the head. Tejo seemed to have passed out.You are mistaken if you believe you can easily triumph over me, Jasmin adds; not in this incarnation. She will accompany the landline with her. She gets up and dashes out of the house. She places a call to Yash. Yash is seen to be laughing. She asks him why he isn’t picking up his phone when she calls. She hires a car and travels to the doctor’s office. She claims that Yash can trick me in the final race, and that in order to win, I have to get to the hospital first. Yash responds, “I am aware of the reason you are contacting me; yet, I will not answer since you ought to be familiar with the sensation of being afraid.”

Tejo gets conscious. She is cradling her head. She searches for her cell phone. She told me that even the landline was disconnected, so I should head to Fateh as soon as possible; I’m not sure what Jasmin will decide to do. Jasmin gives Gurpreet a call and requests that she hurry to the elderly home. Tejo, the phone is for you, as Gurpreet has instructed. The nurse reports that no one else is present and urges anyone who can help to do so immediately. Bau ji comes home. He asks if you are at home and why Jasmin went to the hospital by herself. Tejo wants to know what. He confirms that Jasmin is experiencing contractions and instructs you to leave. She advises him to get some rest. She tells me that I will go to them and reveal the truth.

She goes to the hospital and requests for Jasmin to be brought to her. When she looks around, she assumes that everyone has learned the truth about Jasmin. When she first sees the infant, she is astonished. The arrival of the infant has brought joy to Gurpreet as well as to everyone else. Gurpreet reports that they are having a girl. Satti claims that you have transformed into Maasi. Gurpreet says infant is just like Amrik. Everyone is in a good mood. Tejo is presented with the infant by Satti. Tejo cries. Satti reports that Tejo’s lap made the infant start to smile. Nimmo thinks the infant doesn’t look like Jasmin and Amrik. Tejo is confused as to whose daughter this is and what Jasmin has done. The doctor comes in and tells Jasmin that she had a caesarean section, that the operation was difficult, and that she is experiencing significant pain as a result of her recuperation. Tejo is thinking about what she is saying. The doctor deceives them. Tejo believes that she has us fooled. The physician believes it is a blessing for the infant to get love from all parties. Tejo, Khushbeer asks, did you inform Fateh? I’ll phone him right now. Tejo asks where the recovery room is located. She leaves. Nurse puts an end to this. Tejo says I m patient’s sister. The nurse says the doctor is currently inside. Tejo waits on the outside and ponders the question, “Why did Jasmin do this?” Jasmin is the one who applies the makeup. She tells you, “I’m travelling in an international aircraft, I will do makeup, and make me wear the coat as quickly as possible.” The coat is on her back. She tells me that she is aware that you are a physician and that you can help me. She asks me how I look and if I don’t appear ready to go to Canada, she says that my desire will come true and I will get rid of these troubles. The doctor responds, “Don’t try to take advantage of me; I’ve put my career on the line to assist you.” Jasmin promises that she will be of assistance to you and acknowledges that she is aware of your desire to get financial support for your mother’s medical care. She is the one who pays. Tejo believes that she does not know whose baby she got, and that the doctor and the nurse are probably involved. She places a call to Fateh. He congratulates you and adds that Amrik’s daughter has arrived, that he has become Tau Ji, and that he is coming. He is deaf to her every word.I really hope you won’t say anything, since I want everyone to think that the kid is mine, and Jasmin says you should keep your mouth shut. The doctor advises not to be concerned about that. Jasmin claims that you are unfamiliar with Tejo, despite the fact that she is her sister, and that she will investigate the matter further. The doctor thinks I’m taking a huge risk, but I’ve got a foolproof strategy, so don’t worry about me. I believe she will take care of things, Jasmin said. I will call Yash, but he might cheat me and flee away. She places a call to Yash. She asks him why he isn’t answering her question. Tejo inquires about Jasmin’s well-being and whereabouts. Who are you to question me, doctor? Just leave, it’s a no-trespassing zone. Tejo says that he is aware that Jasmin was not carrying his or her child, and he asks how much money Jasmin paid you. The doctor argues that you are placing the blame on me. Tejo adds, “I will prove this, and then you will know the great price you are paying. You are a doctor; you should be ashamed; I will expose Jasmin and even you.” Tejo will prove this to you, and then you will realise how much of a price you are paying. The doctor recommends that you obtain a proof before we continue. Tejo is admonished by her. Everyone should gather here, including Gurpreet. She inquires about Jasmin’s well-being and whether or not it is possible for the two of us to meet her. The doctor says you’ll be able to see her in a few hours. Rupy suggests to the doctor that they eat some sweets. The doctor says that it was my responsibility, and that you are free to take the baby home, but that Jasmin will require some rest. According to Satti, the infant will require the mother’s breast feeding. The doctor has informed Jasmin that she would not be able to breastfeed her baby, so Jasmin should take the baby home and feed the infant artificial milk. She leaves. They all have sugary treats. Tejo believes that everyone is happy; thus, I ought to tell them the truth before it is too late. Congratulations, says Fateh when he arrives. He notices the infant.Udaariyaan…plays… Fateh plays with the infant while making jokes. Tejo has requested a conversation with you, Fateh. He interacts with the young child. She mulls about what to do, thinking that she will have to inform them that this kid is not Jasmin’s, but rather someone else’s.

According to Tejo, Jasmin has already departed Moga, and she has left a letter for us. The letter is read aloud to them by her. Gurpreet cries. Tejo tells Fateh that the woman before them is not Amrik’s daughter. Fateh is taken aback by this.

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