Udaariyaan [19th August 2022] Written Update

Udaariyaan [19th August 2022] Written Update on writtenlab.com

At the beginning of the episode, Jasmin questions Yash by inquiring, “Where are you? I thought you left me.” Yash tells her, “I love you a lot, I want to marry you, I paid the doctor, and I’m waiting at the back gate. Shall I come inside if you don’t trust me?” Yash says this to her even if she doesn’t trust him. She denies it and claims that her family and Tejo are already here, so she will hide and then arrive. He assures me not to be concerned, as we will make our way to the airport. He hangs up and asks how you plan to escape from Canada before hanging up. The nurses are compensated by Jasmin. She tells me to finish the assignment, and she demands that a member of my family read this letter. She can be seen concealing herself inside the stretcher trolley. She exits the room. She thinks that poor Tejo is both delighted and tense at the same time. Tejo is invited to come by Fateh. According to Tejo, I will check in with Jasmin.Yash is given a hug by Jasmin. He compliments your actions, saying that because of them, a baby has found a loving home to call their own. Even though I believe what you did was wrong, he still thinks you committed a crime. Tejo and Satti had been searching for Jasmin. Satti suggests that perhaps we entered the incorrect room. Tejo asserts that it is in fact the same room. Everyone gathers around and inquires about Jasmin’s whereabouts. Satti claims that she has no idea where she went. It is not necessary, according to Gurpreet. The nurse inquires as to the location of the patient. Tejo puts the same question to her. The nurse responded, “I don’t know.” Satti tears. Nimmo inquires as to whether or not she escaped. Khushbeer challenges her to contemplate and articulate her thoughts. Tejo gets the letter. Fateh tells me to go check on it, and he speculates that they may have moved her to another room. After reading the letter, Tejo explains that Jasmin left Moga and that she left it for all of us. They are all startled by it.When Tejo reads the letter that Jasmin wrote explaining her decision to leave and giving Fateh and Tejo responsibility for the baby, everyone in the room starts crying. Rupy wonders how Jasmin will manage without the baby. Tejo, according to what Nimmo has said, becoming a mother is not a joke. She did a nice deed by giving you a baby; you should be able to take care of your daughter now. Gurpreet asks her how she can do this considering that the baby needs her mother. Nimmo adds that we should count our blessings that our family heir did not accompany her to Canada. Tejo is under the impression that she is not the heir to the family property, and she has no idea whose child this is. Khushbeer hugs her. Tejo embraces the infant and takes it in his arms.Tera mera Rishta….plays… Everyone, including Fateh, is happy to cry. They leave the hospital with the newborn child. Both Simran and Buzo yell out a warm welcome. The aarti is performed by her. According to Satti, Jasmin gave birth to Tejo prior to departing. Rupy claims that this is the one and only positive thing she has accomplished in her life. Gurpreet requests that Tejo make foot impressions on the wall using the baby’s feet. Tejo does it. A phone call is placed to Fateh. He goes. Biji puts a black dot on the girl’s forehead. According to Bau ji, she already has a dark mole on the back of her neck. Amrik is shown the newborn child by Gurpreet. Candy has indicated that we shall dance. Keep the music at a slow tempo, according to Gurpreet. Tejo is patiently waiting for Fateh. Everyone dances.Tejo claims that I need some proof in order to believe that Jasmin was not pregnant. She examines the various files. She claims that Jasmin is smart and that she would have brought the proof along with her. Perhaps she had thrown that belt away somewhere along the way. She exits the house in order to check. She claims that I don’t have any evidence, that I don’t know anything about this baby, and that I have to take action. She goes to the station where the cops are. The inspector asks you why you came, assuming that you came to acquire your signatures on some paperwork related to Aman’s case. Tejo looks at the picture of the baby and wonders to himself, “Is this the same picture? How can I tell?” She overhears the officer talking about the infant to another person. When she declares that she doesn’t have any moles, it indicates that she has changed in some way. She is only seven days old, according to Constable, and her parents are inconsolable because she has been taken from them. Tejo asks what it is you want me to do. Tejo is asked to sign, Aman is taken into custody, and the investigation into his case is coming to an end. Tejo is grateful to him. She tells me that I need to have a conversation with Fateh before the cops get involved because Jasmin has fled this location.Simran asks what name will we keep. Biji says yes. Khushbeer says Tanu. Simran says Asmita. They all provide their suggestions for the names. Nimmo says Tina. Simran gives them the chits and tells them to put their names on them whichever they like. When Tejo returns home, he finds that they are happy. She is considering the best way to tell them the truth. Gurpreet and Tejo both inquire to her on the chit. Tejo is able to hear them. The baby’s name, according to Simran, is one she wants to keep. Tejo dials Fateh’s number and tells her, “I need to talk to you.” According to Fateh, I require some time. She begs him to hurry up and arrive. Simran confronts Fateh with the question, “Are you going to name your daughter, and if so, what will it be?” Everyone contributed by placing their chits in the bowl. Tejo also makes a wager on the game. According to Simran, we will eventually find out the baby’s name. Candy chooses a card at random. Simran gives a jovial smile before checking the chit and announcing the name Nehmat.Nimmo inquires as to who preserved this name. Simran says Tejo. Nehmat is the name that Gurpreet chooses for her child. Tejo receives the infant from her. Simran says, “Wait here, I’m going to play some music.” They are dancing. Tejo is considering telling them the truth in the near future.



Yash and Jasmin had a conversation with Yash’s mother. Yash says I got your bahu. His mother has asked him to take Jasmin on a tour of Canada. He says sure. Tejo asserts that Amrik does not have a daughter. Fateh is taken aback by this.

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