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The first line of the episode is spoken by Naaz, who says “thanks to you, my mother will agree.” Aykam observes Nehmat and Naaz. He taunts Mallika. Mallika gets angry. Nehmat is invited over to Naaz’s residence after being invited by Naaz. Mallika takes Nehmat aside and argues. Nehmat says that she is going to introduce me to her mother and that she will visit your home the next day. She warns you to keep your brother away from her or she would punch him in the face. Mallika has stated that she does not like the other girl and that she is your best friend. According to Nehmat, Naaz is going to have a negative experience. Mallika, according to her assurances, will become her closest friend. The instructor complimented Nehmat, adding that her parents are doing an excellent job of parenting her.Gurpreet inquires as to whether or not you have lost your mind, demanding to know why it is necessary for you to inform her that Amrik has departed yet Jasmin is present. She is correct, according to Khushbeer. The adoptive youngster should be aware of this, according to Tejo. Fateh inquires about the actions that we will do in the event that she is aware. Tejo claims that if she is aware of it, she will have feelings of betrayal. Biji asserts that there is no requirement for her to be informed. Gurpreet claims that no one will share any information with her. Khushbeer affirmed that she was correct and that we will decide what to do when the appropriate moment arrives.Naaz is heard crying into the phone while she speaks to Tejo. She implores me to have a conversation with Nehmat and says the following: Tejo says okay, don’t cry. Concerning Nehmat, she enquires. According to Fateh, she is currently outdoors having fun with Mallika. According to Nehmat, the game of cricket is a lot of fun. Aykam inquires whether or not you are familiar with the sport of cricket. Mallika asks him not to start again. There is a disagreement between Nehmat and Aykam. Aykam asks Mallika to come. They went their separate ways. Tejo wants Nehmat to talk to Naaz. The conversation begins with Naaz pleading with Nehmat to appear. According to her, my mother did not allow me to go on the vacation. According to Nehmat, I will be there. She inquires of Tejo regarding whether or not the two of us will proceed. Tejo has indicated that she is OK to our explanation that elders would determine what is best for us. Shelly inquires of Lovely of Jasmin’s status. Lovely agrees to do so. Lovely adds that Jasmin is happy there, and all of us are happy here; yet, because to Tejo and Nehmat, no one talks about her here. Shella contemplates what the nature of their relationship is. Tejo and Nehmat make their way to meet up with Naaz. Jasmine can be seen peering through the glass. She has a startling transformation.Tejo has suggested that we bring Naaz and Mallika back to our house so that they may get to know each other. Nehmat has a positive opinion of you. The question of what to do next occupies Jasmin’s thoughts. They make an attempt to enter by knocking on the door. Tejo inquires as to whether or not anyone is now present in the house. Naaz opens the door. Nehmat responded that she had come to your house in response to your call, and that her mother had also accompanied her. Naaz greets Tejo. Tejo assures you that field trips like these are commonplace at schools, so try not to be sorry about it. Naaz claims mum isn’t letting me go. Tejo warns not to show your sadness since it will cause her to feel the same way. Instead, she encourages people to smile in the present. Naaz smiles. Nehmat’s clothing and clips are cute in her opinion. She claims that you have everything going for you, therefore she asks that you please become her best buddy. Nehmat expressed regret and stated, “Mallika is my best friend.” Nehmat’s mother expressed optimism that the three of them might get along. They share a hug. According to Tejo, you enjoyed some of my clips. Naaz is the recipient of the clips that she has given. Jasmin is brought to mind by Tejo.She then addresses the question to Naaz’s mother. She is reportedly inside, according to Naaz. Tejo has informed us that we will talk to her. The invitation to come is extended by Naaz to Jasmin. While she frets, Jasmin turns on the sink’s faucet in the bathroom. According to Naaz, mum is currently using the restroom; we should wait for her to emerge. Tejo believes that there is some kind of link between us. What took place, Naaz wants to know. Tejo remarked that you are delightful, and I really sense a connection between us. Even you are wonderful, according to Naaz, and my mother is also lovely, as you can see from her picture. However, she insists that it was at this location despite the fact that she cannot locate it. The ripped card that Naaz had made for Nehmat is displayed by Nehmat. It appears like Mallika tore it, according to her. Tejo gushes over how lovely it is and promises that he and I will participate in it right up until your mother arrives. Jasmin glances outside. Tejo was seen by her with the children. The door is then shut by her. She claims that she is familiar with Tejo and that while she was in town to meet Naaz’s mother, she insisted on introducing herself to her as well. It’s Rupy who gets the call.She claims there is a significant issue, that Nehmat and Tejo are currently present at my residence. He inquires as to whether or not you received a visit from the individuals in question at your residence. I don’t know what she means, but she insists that I act quickly or Tejo will find me. He asks did Tejo see you. It’s a no, Jasmin says; I shut the bathroom door and locked myself in; give Tejo a call.Tejo receives a call from Rupy in which she is urged to return home. He claims that I am experiencing chest pain and that no one else is at home because they have all gone to the Gurudwara. Tejo advises, “I’m coming soon, take your medications; I’m just about to arrive.” He hangs up and apologises, claiming that the reason I lied was so that you could be happy. Nehmat, Tejo informed me that Nanu is sick, and we need to go going. She tells Naaz that we will find another means to talk to your mother. They went their separate ways. The faucets are turned off by Jasmin. She claims that today was the day that I was saved, but she doesn’t tell how long this salvation will last or why my father has kept this condition in front of her.Tejo administers medicines to Rupy. He says I m better. She adds that your mother should come because she will hear all about how terrible you are. He assures me that I will behave and tells me that I must attend Nehmat’s wedding. Nehmat has stated that she is not interested in getting married and does not like boys. It appears that she is leaving. Tejo reports that I went to Naaz’s house. Naaz is Nehmat’s buddy, and Nehmat and Naaz have a close relationship. I was happy to meet her, and she reminded me of Jasmin. Nehmat and Naaz have a strong connection. Rupy is under the impression that she is Jasmin’s child. She claims that she lives with her mother, who may have a fragile financial situation, but she sends Naaz to a reputable educational institution. Rupy asserts that we are unable to determine her motivation. She claims that everyone wants the child to study in a good school, and that parents want to give the best to their children. He is approached by Satti, who requests that he provide some change. The door is opened and Tejo exits. According to Rupy, Jasmin was the one who arranged for Naaz to attend Nehmat’s school.Jasmin confronts Naaz with the question of why she decided to call Nehmat while she was aware of the situation. It’s been brought to my attention by Naaz that I don’t have any friends. Regarding the excursion to the museum, Jasmin advises against showing any sign of obstinacy. Tejo shares with Nehmat the hopes and goals that Jasmin has for her future in Canada. Nehmat claims that you’ve told him this story a hundred times, and he wants to know if she travelled to Canada. Tejo affirms that her wish came true and that she travelled to Canada. She believes that Jasmin would be happy, and I wish that Nehmat had a sibling. She concludes that the lesson to be learned from this anecdote is that one should never take the easy way out and should instead opt for the route of righteousness. Jasmin asks Naaz to sleep now. She is of the opinion that taking this shortcut has completely derailed my life.


If Naaz’s mother really have money, then I don’t see why she would lie to me about it. Her anger builds up. Tejo, Shelly informs me that she has seen Jasmin today. Rupy told me that she had made a decision, and it is that you will not remain in Moga. Jasmin worries

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