Udaariyaan [22th August 2022] Written Update

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The episode begins with Jasmin looking at a picture of Manish and thinking back on their history together. She claims that we cannot get married since you are unable to take her to Canada. He says that if I am separated from you, I shall perish. She tells him that she doesn’t care and that he can die if he wants to. FB finishes. Yash claims that you wanted him to die, and that he did it because he loved you so much. His mother claims that you tricked him into fulfilling your false dreams so that you might take his life after he failed to live up to your expectations. Buzo inquires as to the cause of Fateh and Jasmin’s sadness. He displays a picture of Jasmin and explains that she recently got married. Simran claims that she has no sensations or pain and that she does not understand what I am saying. Fateh requests that they refrain from discussing Jasmin because she has severed all ties with her. Why would I do this? I didn’t want to marry Manish. Why are you blaming me? Jasmin wonders. “Why would I do this?” Yash claims that you were his ideal, that you spurned him when he was denied a visa, that he gave up everything for you, and that he spent his entire life thinking about you. It is important to Jasmin that you strive to comprehend. Jasmin receives a smack from his mother, who then exclaims, “You shattered our life. You broke my son’s dreams. Now watch as I break your dreams.” Tejo claims that everyone is beginning to develop feelings for the infant, so I will keep the kid with me. She requests that Buzo and Simran retire for the night. In the words of Simran, “we will go,” this is the behaviour of a decent mother. They leave. Fateh states that she was surprised to learn that Jasmin would act in such a way. Tejo claims that there is no other option for us, so I have faith that the Lord will decide what is best for us. They start crying when they see the infant. Tera mera rishta…plays… It is now morning, and Tejo has brought everyone the baby. Everyone is in a good mood. Tomorrow, according to Biji, we are going to hold a havan, and Tejo and Fateh will sit there because they are her parents. Bau ji asks Fateh to take tea. According to Fateh, I have some job to do for an imp in college that requires me to leave early. When the police arrived, they inquired about Jasmin Sandhu. Tejo takes Fateh’s hand and whispers, “Nehmat…” to her. Inspector inquires as to whether or not Jasmin delivered any children three days ago. The answer that Khushbeer gives is that you’re looking at Nehmat. Who are these other people? They are the parents of a baby that is between three and four days old, the inspector explains, and we are finding the baby; all you have to do is show the infant to them. Biji claims that this is our new child. The inspector requests that they merely expose his face to the baby.Tejo cries. The woman notices the face of the infant. She claims that my grandmother was just like this, except that she did not have a mole on her neck. She sobs and then bolts for the door. Her husband leaves. The inspector extends his apologies to the family and prays that they find their daughter. Biji prays. According to Fateh, we ought to look for the baby’s parents as well. Tejo states that I will also check with hospitals and visit them.

Jasmin gets yelled at by Yash’s mother, who then tosses a roti in her direction. Yash tells Jasmin to simply go inside and tells her not to speak a word about it. Jasmin has informed me that I am unable to remain here and that I must take action in order to return home. It appears that she is eating. Yash and his mother are able to stop her. Jasmin says I m hungry. They serve her some rotis with onion as a side dish. Jasmin will not consume any of it. Yash claims that you have a criminal mentality, that this place is a jail, and that this food is prison rations. They leave. According to Jasmin, this is sufficient. She begins to pack her things and announces that she will be leaving, that she will find a way to prevent you from stopping her, that she will put you in jail, and that Manish’s death was not her fault. Yash’s mother is being pushed by her. Yash assures everyone not to be concerned because she won’t be rescued, she is under multiple curses, and she will return. Simran visits Tejo and inquires about the current situation. Tejo believes that I am attempting to put her to sleep because I needed to go to college to sign some important paperwork. Simran promises that we will take care of her.

Tejo arrives at the hospital and confronts the attending physician. She inquires regarding the baby’s biological parents. The doctor steps away from her. She recommends that you inquire with your sister. Tejo asserts that you are aware that Jasmin was not pregnant since you assisted her. The doctor claims that she was able to accomplish that with the assistance of a nurse. Yash is greeted by a shivering Jasmin when she returns. He asks if you went to Canada and how you got back, as well as what transpired and how you got back. She requests that she be shown her passport. He inquires as to whether or not you have it. She warns against putting on an act because she is aware that you stole the money and passport. He claims that you believe we will allow you to leave. He gives her a reprimand. The doctor adds that your family always desired a baby and that they are happy now; there is no need to dig up the past. Tejo accuses you of stealing a kid from her parents and demands to know how much money Jasmin paid you for your wrongdoing. The doctor tells you that you believe it to be a crime, and that you should call the authorities. However, the police can’t prove anything, and they will put the baby in an orphanage. How do you feel about that? Jasmin breaks down into tears and implores you, “Please let me go home.” Yash is quoted as saying that you are going to suffer, that your tears are bringing me comfort, and that you are required to remain here with us until we wish. You have no choice but to carry out our instructions, according to his mother. Jasmine is a crier. Tejo wants to know how she can take care of another person’s child, and she promises that she won’t report the matter to the authorities. According to the doctor, no one is locating her. Tejo has informed her that her parents will be looking for her. According to the doctor, the baby does not have anyone. Tejo is curious as to how you can state this with absolute certainty.



Tejo is warned by the nurse that she would report her to the authorities if she does not stop looking into the past of the infant. The nurse believes that Tejo has stolen the child.

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