Udaariyaan [23rd August 2022 Written Update

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At the beginning of the episode, Tejo receives a call from Fateh. She requests that you pray that we are successful in bringing this child to her mother. The infant is in her care. It looks like Fateh is on his way. Khushbeer chats to Biji and Bau ji. Gurpreet tells me that I would prepare the prasad at my house. Nehmat is the one who sees the dress first. Nimmo told you to go ask Tejo why she changed, seeing that she always cares for the baby in the same room. According to Gurpreet, Tejo is making an effort to take the role of the baby’s mother. The newborn is crying. Tejo says baby just had milk. Gurpreet begs her to give the baby a hug and to burp her for him. She thinks it’s a good thing for Nehmat that he got you.It is Jasmin who consumes the meal. The arrival of Yash He apologises to Jasmin and says, “I know you are hurt; please take a shower and put on these new clothes.” Why, she wants to know. He tells her to forget about it and get some clean clothes on because their mother is asleep. Are you sure, she questions you. The obvious response is that he agrees. She leaves. Gurpreet claims that you kept the baby in the room, which bored her, and that she and I would play together. She decides to take the infant. She belts out “Mere ghar aai…” Everyone is in good spirits. Tejo not only hugs but also sings to the baby. Simran smacks. Tejo believes that I intended to keep Nehmat at a distance; yet, she is becoming closer to us. I hope that Fateh is able to locate her parents. Nehmat is constantly in the conversation. Tejo is of the opinion that Nemat can safely withdraw from us. Yash begins by lighting the candles. The arrival of Jasmin He suggests that she put on some cosmetics or, at the very least, some earrings because he thinks that will complement her appearance. Why is he acting in such a manner, she wonders to herself. After that, she leaves. He says things like, “I’m not stone-hearted, you are my newly wedded bride, come on, this is Canada view, we will take a selfie, people should know you are happy in Canada, mom makes me emotional, it doesn’t mean that I don’t love you, don’t you want your family to get happy seeing us, smile now, you look beautiful, please one selfie.” (He says) “I’m not stone-hearted,” “you are my newly wedded bride,” “come A grin appears on her face. They do a self-portrait. He says things like, “We make such a beautiful couple,” “Get hot milk for me,” “We didn’t celebrate our marriage the first night,” “I told you, I want kids,” and “Once the baby is born, your mother won’t get angry with you.” She leaves. He feels that I will get in the way of you doing things the way that you do, even though you talk a good game. It is posted on his website. Lovely begs Satti and Rupy to look at the picture because she thinks Jasmin is smiling a lot in it. Rupy claims that she can never be pleased for long. He speaks ill of her. Satti claims that she has accomplished her childhood desire of moving to Canada by giving the baby to Tejo and Virk’s family. Since Satti worked very hard to make this dream a reality, it is possible that she will change her behaviour now that it has been realised. He argues that you still expect this behaviour from her and that she will come to her senses when she encounters someone cunningYash moves in for the kill on Jasmin. She is able to escape. He inquires as to what took place and whether or not you have any desire to fulfil your role as a wife. She claims that you are torturing me now that you have me here. He tells you to make sure that your mother is content, that we will begin our family soon, that you may put your faith in me, that you shouldn’t cry, and that I will actually accomplish all of your goals. He hugs her. Tejo is responsible for Nehmat’s well-being. Tera mera Rishta alag hai….plays… She is thinking back to what the doctor said. The voice message is transmitted to Fateh by she. She instructs him to look at the medical records and tells him to take care of himself. She tells the child not to be concerned about anything. She says that until we discover your real parents, Fateh and I will step in as your parents and raise you as our own. Fateh has not yet arrived at the destination.It is already dawn, and the family jokes and chats with the newborn infant. Tejo looks on. She is contemplating going to the hospital in order to locate her parents. It is Jasmin who prepares the meals. She adds that I was going to enjoy myself here, but instead I’m chopping vegetables. She asks how I’m going to be rescued because I can’t spend every day in the kitchen. Yash eventually makes his way over and gives her a hug. He claims that you are aware of what I am going to do when I am angry: I will cook well. Even though he was acting nice the other night, she is convinced that he will never stop being a jerk. She moves forward to stab Yash. He is clenching her hand in his.

Tejo visits the healthcare facility. She decides to go ask someone about the deliveries that took place on the same day that Jasmin’s kid was born. He apologises but states that he is unable to provide any information. She is dishonest with him. After checking the system, he states that it is impossible because there is no record on that day. He will check it out. According to her, something is not right. She encounters the nurse. The nurse warned that she would report the incident to the authorities and that the consequences for the offender would be severe. Tejo claims that you are not threatening him, but if he finds proof, he will send both you and the doctor to jail. According to Nurse, she does not have anyone. Tejo inquires about the delivery method of the baby. According to the nurse, her mother passed away soon after the birth of the infant. Tejo does not believe it.Yash inquires as to what it was that you were accomplishing. Jasmin claims that I was chopping vegetables. He claims to be familiar with you and points out that the similarities between your actions and mine are striking. While she has her hand resting on the table, he brings the knife down between her fingers. He makes a list of her transgressions, including how she has damaged Fateh, Gippy, and Tejo’s life and how she lied about her pregnancy drama. Her hand ends up getting injured. The woman shrieks. He shoves her and then walks away. Her tears fall. Tejo says that she has a request for you, that we can’t live in guilt, the baby is nice, and we love her, but I’m frightened that if her family comes to take her, then what will we do. Please let me know if you know anything about the baby’s father. Tejo adds that she has a request for you. The nurse requests her to go at this time and notes the information down before doing so. Tejo examines the paper in his hand.

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