Udaariyaan [28th August 2022] Written Update

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TEjo claims that she is his princess. That, according to Fateh, is the unique birthday cake for you. He puts it in her mouth. They take their time and then go. Itti si hasi…plays… Mallika says your mum is emotional also. Nehmat reassures me that she isn’t always Hitler, that they both love me very much, and that you should leave now. Mallika gives her a hug before departing. It is morning, and Khushbeer commented that you have a good theme. When Nehmat returns, he finds that he enjoys everything. She tells me that I shall go and change. Tejo interrogates the speaker, demanding to know what they are concealing and why they have their hands in their pockets. Nehmat demonstrates her rashy hands to you. Tejo inquires about the person responsible for this. According to Nehmat, I experienced a fall. Tejo claims that he knows you are incapable of lying; therefore, tell me. According to Nehmat, a man was fighting with Mallika, and I became enraged and attacked the man. Tejo questions why you didn’t complain to the teacher about the situation. According to Nehmat, his mother warned him before she went. Tejo has told me that I will speak to your teacher. She reprimands NehmaFateh places a call to Nehmat. Nehmat goes. She receives a dress from Fateh as a present. Tejo has stated that she will put this garment to use at the celebration. Nehmat apologises but clarifies that she does not aspire to hold the title of princess. He tells her to get dressed and get ready. He claims that she is his daughter. Tejo claims that I am concerned for her. He says that she is special, that she should be happy. She has expressed concern that this may become a source of difficulty for her. He gets some parcel. He claims that he purchased this book for Nehmat because it will be of assistance to us in breaking the news to her that we are not her biological parents. Tejo asserts that we are not going to tell her. He replies, “I don’t want her to live a giant deception as truth. You claim that relationships built on lie do not support each other. What will we tell her if she knows? She will hate us.” My buddy adopted a boy, and he is of the opinion that every child should be aware of his or her true identity. Will you inform her that she is Harvinder’s daughter and that dad is a murderer? She wonders what identity she should use. Nehmat need to be aware of this, as the rest of the family feels this way about it. He claims that we will never tell her about him, and by “her” he means Jasmin and Amrik. In addition, she claims that it is a falsehood. He claims that she is intelligent, so she will understand. She encourages him to talk to his family, but not right now. He invites her to accompany him.Tejo is the one who brings the birthday guest. Rupy bestows his favour upon Nehmat. They are laughing. The phone rings for him. Satti instructs him to pick up the phone when she calls. Abhiraj and Shelly arrive and present her with the gift they brought. Satti remarked how stunning Nehmat’s appearance was. Shelly assures me that we will have a wonderful time celebrating Armaan’s birthday. Satti and Lovely have decided that we will proceed in our own particular manner. Shelly feels her temper rising. She claims that Rupy has quit politics because they can no longer afford it. Tejo is the one to approach her and give her a hug. She is being praised by Shelly. She expresses her desire that I would make such preparations for Armaan’s birthday. Tejo says that I shall do it on my own. Both Simran and Buzo show up. Tejo wants to know where Candy is. Simran claims that he is currently visiting his grandparents; nevertheless, where is the birthday girl? Tejo catches sight of Nehmat taking something out of a pocketbook. She goes to ask you about it and accuses you of theft. According to Nehmat, this is Nani’s bag, and she instructed me to get it. Satti comes up to you and tells you that we have a watch for you. Nehmat breaks down into tears and insists that she did not commit the theft. Tejo wishes to apologise. Nehmat challenges the notion that you believe I am capable of stealing. Tejo consoles her with an apology and a hug. Fateh looks on.He sends her to Mallika. He asks Tejo how he could have such a belief. Tejo apologises profusely and adds that I was wrong to think so. He tells me to calm down, that I need to get control of my fears, that she is our daughter, and that I trust her. He is able to comfort her. He draws her near to him and complements her. She gives a friendly grin and then leaves. She invites the girls to come dance with her. Tejo and Nehmat do a singing and dancing number to the tune of hum to aise hai bhaiya… All of the people clap. Rupy receives a call of some kind.He thinks that Tejo is doing so well in life, and I’ve always wished for her to be successful. Nehmat sings ek dusre se karte hai pyaar hum…. Rupy is curious about who is calling. He answers. The woman claims that our non-governmental organisation (NGO) assists the girls who have been rescued from the United Kingdom and Canada, and that one of the recovered girls, whose name is Jasmin, provided me your contact information. He has a shock. She claims that she is travelling with a young girl who is six years old and that the girl is currently waiting for you to arrive so that she can introduce you to her. I will send you the address so that you can meet the daughter as soon as possible. Rupy worried. Nehmat is given the opportunity to make a request by Fateh, and she is told that she would be granted her wish if she wishes with a pure heart. Nehmat has some hopes. She slices the cake and then serves it to everyone. Mallika says Tejo got a nice cake. Nehmat requests that her mother not be referred to as “Hitler’s Mumma.” Mallika makes her request for her wish. Nehmat tells me that I have a sister. Mallika wonders am I not your sister. Nehmat has told me that you are my best buddy. He also mentioned that you had a brother. I wish I had a sister. Tejo is amused when he hears this and smiles. Rupy watches and mulls over what the woman had said.

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