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The episode begins with Nehmat stating that he does not want to go to school. During the video call, Nehmat and Tejo have a conversation with Fateh. Fateh cheers up Nehmat. He tells her that she needs to get some breakfast and then go to school. He sends her. After saying “love you,” Nehmat leaves. Fateh expresses that he thinks about Nehmat all day, and that he thinks about you all night. Tejo inquires as to whether or not you intended to say that. He requests a sugary dish and a kiss. She claims that I do not send kisses over the internet. Nehmat appears and says, “I would want a kiss, too.” Fateh laughs. Tejo kisses Nehmat.What are you saying, it’s a good school, and Naaz wants to study there? Jasmin questions your statement. If you don’t listen to me, I won’t allow you to continue living in Moga since Rupy claims the issue comes to an end and that she won’t study there. He goes. She thinks back to what Naaz had said. She sobs and says that Naaz is suffering because of my errors, that she is sorry, but Naaz will study there and that she will be able to be near Tejo, and that I am unable to take this opportunity away from Naaz.The student Naaz has arrived in class. According to Nehmat, you are the same female; is this a fresh admission? Naaz nods. She is seated. Mallika has told me to get up because this is her seat. Nehmat instructs us to let her sit down. Mallika wants to know in which seat I will be seated. According to Nehmat, you can sit anywhere. The teacher is here. Nehmat is seated next to Naaz. Nehmat is thanked by Naaz. She claims that she believes her mother forgot to retain the colours. Nehmat is the one who provides the colour kit. She reassures me that I have another one that looks exactly the same as the first. Naaz is grateful to her. Mallika gets angry. She asks are you mad, why did you give your colour box. Nehmat says my mum says we should share things and help others. Naaz smiles.Jasmin asks how was the first day. Naaz says really good. Jasmin asks did anyone trouble. Naaz says no. Jasmin asks how did you get this. Naaz says my friend gave this, the girl who applied the band aid to me, Nehmat is really nice, she helps me a lot. Jasmin recalls Nehmat. Jasmin thinks it means Naaz is in Nehmat’s class, Nehmat is taking care of Naaz. Nehmat says I gave colour set to Naaz, I told you I will give it to my sister, Mallika got angry, I think she is jealous, because she is my best friend. Tejo says convince her, then you all become friends. Nehmat says perfect. Naaz says I will make thank you card for Nehmat, and make you meet her. Jasmin thinks I don’t want to meet her. Jasmin drops some box. Naaz asks what happened. Jasmin says nothing. Naaz says if Dadi was here, she would have beaten a lot. Jasmin says forget it, don’t share anything about your dad and Dadi. Shelly sees Jasmin going. She picks the fallen note and gives it to Jasmin. Jasmin thanks her and goes. Shelly says I have seen her somewhere, who is she. She recalls Jasmin’s pic and calls her out. Jasmin thinks to leave. Shelly follows her. Jasmin runs. Shelly comes in front. She says Jasmin Didi. Jasmin says no, you are mistaken. She goes. Shelly says you are surely Jasmin Didi.Rupy asks Tejo is she fine. She says yes, why are you asking this. He says I always worry for you, I m a dad. She hugs him. He thinks I can’t tell you about Jasmin. Shelly asks Satti is this Jasmin’s pic. Satti nods. Shelly says I have seen her today. Satti says she is in Canada. Shelly says she is here, I have seen her here in Moga, why can’t she come back. Lovely says she can never come back after what she did. Shelly asks what did she do. Bebe lies to her. Satti says it was her childhood dream to go to Canada, why would she come back. Shelly thinks I will find out. She says fine, if you are saying so. She goes. Rupy looks on.He thinks Shelly has seen her, Tejo can also see her, I have to do something. Naaz gives the thank you card to Nehmat. Nehmat asks did you make this, wow, so beautiful. Mallika says yuck, what’s this. She drops the card. Nehmat says its not yuck, I like it, stop it, else I won’t talk to you. Mallika tears the card. Naaz cries. Mallika falls down. Nehmat helps her. Teacher asks the kids to get fees to visit the museum. Nehmat asks Mallika not to fight. She asks Naaz to get money, then they will have fun. Naaz recalls Jasmin’s words. Jasmin comes to pick her. She says I will send you to the museum next time. She goes to collect fees receipt. Naaz stops Nehmat and asks her to convince her mumma. She introduces Nehmat. Jasmin sees Nehmat.Nehmat asks her to send Naaz on the school trip. She says my mum is a college professor, she says that we learn many things on visiting the museum. Jasmin says she taught you a lot, but not that everyone has their problems, I will see. She sees Gurpreet coming to pick Nehmat. She hides.Tejo asks why did you tell this. Fateh says yes, everyone has their problems. Nehmat says she should send Naaz. Tejo says its impolite to tell elders what to do, go and do your homework. Nehmat runs. Tejo asks Fateh to see Nehmat, he spoilt her. He asks how. She says you fulfill her demands, she doesn’t know that life doesn’t give everything to everyone. Naaz says Mallika has torn the thank you card. Jasmin says don’t cry, Nehmat is good, she takes care of you. Fateh says Nehmat is our life, who will fulfil her demands if we don’t. Tejo says we should explain her, I don’t know about Naaz’s mummy, she has no family, don’t know what situation she faced. Naaz says please let me go, else Mallika will make fun of me. Jasmin says I will find a solution, do your homework. She thinks I can’t tell dad, I didn’t think I would need his help.Rupy says I want a small flat in Chandigarh for a family member. He ends call. He says if Jasmin stays in Moga, then anyone can see her, Jasmin’s stay here can ruin Tejo and Fateh’s happiness, I won’t let this happen. Tejo says Nehmat’s biological father is here. Fateh says we have to trust that nurse, Nehmat’s mom is dead, Harvinder is still in jail, I don’t think anyone would know. Tejo says I m worried for Jasmin, if she comes back and tells the truth. He says we should tell the truth to her. Tejo says yes, we can tell her, but not the total truth. He hugs her.


Love story between Fateh and Tejo. Naaz extends an invitation to her friend Nehmat to come over to her house and play with her. Tejo and Nehmat make their way to meet up with Naaz. Tejo raps on the door and waits. Rupy receives a call from Jasmin, who informs her that Nehmat and Tejo have arrived. He is taken aback by it.

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