Udaariyaan [ 3rd September 2022] Written Update

Udaariyaan 3rd September 2022 Written Update on Writtenlab.com

Naaz tells Jasmine at the beginning of the episode that everyone in her class is going to the museum except for her. Jasmine admits that she is strapped for cash but assures her that she will pay for the trip the next time. Tejo falls asleep while reading a story to Nehmat at the Virks’ home. To take Tejo to their chamber, Fateh enters Nehmat’s room. Teases Fateh, Nehmat. Back at her home, Jasmine is on the phone with someone about finding employment. Naaz becomes upset that her mother lied to her when she discovers money in the purse. Without listening to the bedtime story, she falls asleep.Tejo is brought to their room by Fateh. Tejo beams. Fateh becomes aware that she was lying about sleeping. Tejo claims that she had to put on a show every day to get him to pick her up. Tejo seduces Fateh by sensually dancing. Tejo and Fateh then start dating. Nehmat and Mallika are prepared to accompany their classmates to the museum in the morning. Nehmat and Ekam begin to argue. It is stopped by Mallika. Naaz is made fun of by Mallika for being unable to pay for the vacation. Nehmat warns Mallika against making fun of others. Naaz arrives there right then. The sight of Naaz surprises Nehmat.Tejo is discussing Naaz with the Virk family at their home. Tejo claims that Naaz and Jasmine are similar. Tejo is instructed by Gurpreet not to use Jasmine’s name. To meet Tejo under the guise of offering her prasad, Shelly arrives. Jasmine was seen by Shelly in the market. When Tejo and the Virks hear this, they are astonished. Tejo claims that Jasmine is in Canada and will be met by her even if she travels to India. Nehmat is lied to by Naaz at school, and the kids travel. Shelly says goodbye to the Virks and leaves. Shelly believes that Virks too became anxious at hearing Jasmine’s name, same as Sandhus, and she sets out to discover the truth. Gurpreet informs Tejo that Shelly has come to seek some information and inquires as to whether her parents may have informed Shelly of Jasmine’s paternity for Nehmat. Tejo disputes. The family wants to tell Nehmat the truth about her adoption before anyone else does, Fateh explains to them.

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