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The episode begins with Jasmin expressing her sadness by crying. Gurpreet inquires as to whether or not anyone else has expressed themselves. The response from Jasmin was “no,” and my stomach is in knots. The question concerning the matter is posed by Gurpreet. According to Jasmin, Nikki’s brother passed away, and both of her parents passed away a while ago; consequently, she is completely by herself now. Gurpreet recommends that if you want to go there, you should because it will make her feel better as well. Jasmin says that she considered going, but she decided against it because she thought it would make you feel uncomfortable. The answer is in the negative, according to Gurpreet. Jasmin says Simran’s… Gurpreet assures me that there is no need for concern because he will accompany you. You should stick with Simran, according to Jasmin’s recommendation. Gurpreet advises that you should take good care of both yourself and the baby. Jasmin claims that she can rely on me to look after everything.
Tejo will finally receive assistance thanks to Fateh. During this period of nine months, she claims to have instructed you in the art of cooking. The memory of Fateh comes back. He claims that you have no desire to learn the details of what I have been up to. She claims that she is able to guess what kinds of things you have been feeding her. He says you can guess. They laughed at the joke. Kneading the flour is one of her responsibilities. He prepares the vegetables by cutting them up. Assi mann….plays…. He smoothes her hair back so that it is not in her face.
Her eye gets hurt. He apologises for his behaviour. It is then that he administers some water to her eye and tends to her needs. He asks her to handle the responsibilities of preparing the meals. She makes it clear that she wants him to remain. She removes the flour that was on his face with a tissue. He claims there will be no more spicy food, only cucumbers from now on. She believes that Fateh has progressed a great deal since they last saw each other. He inquires about the person or people for whom you are preparing this meal. She recommends that Jasmin eat something healthy like green vegetables. She should try to improve her diet. Jasmin has some interest in putting on a dress that she has seen and is considering. She hurls the package containing the dress out the window. She tells me that I can’t go out in public wearing this and that it’s boring. I’m going to let Fateh and Tejo deal with the tedious drama that Simran has been causing while I attend a party.
There will be a visit from Jasmin at the pub. She meets Nikki. Nikki says you didn’t change, you are all glowing and glossy. When Jasmin hears this, she immediately asks, “Who will steal my glow?” Jasmin meets her friends. Tejo encourages Gurpreet to consume some food in the conversation. Gurpreet claims that I do not wish to consume any food at this time. Fateh encourages her to take a bite out of the food that has been prepared. He claims that I was responsible for cooking the food today as well. Biji asks what did you make. As far as Fateh is concerned, this salad. In the conversation, Mahi inquires about Jasmin’s whereabouts. Tejo suggests that I go find her and give her a call. It was said by Gurpreet that Jasmin went to visit a friend of hers whose brother had recently passed away. Tejo is curious to know which of his friends it is. I’m not sure is what Gurpreet says, by the way. Fateh believes that I am aware that Jasmin is able to come up with a variety of reasons to leave the house. Jasmin eats noodles. A friend of hers catches her and asks her to watch over the baby for a while. To which Jasmin responds, “Let me eat something spicy, and don’t say a word.” Tejo is concerned that she might not have remembered to bring her medication with her. Jasmin drinks. Her friend says you are pregnant. Jasmin responded, “I know, it’s okay.” Someone who knows you well says that you are uncomfortable in high heels; therefore, please refrain from dancing. Jazmin says, “I’ve come here to enjoy myself and party, and you should come too.” A phone call comes in from Tejo to Jasmin. The phone belonging to Jasmin has been placed out of reach.
Dance is something that Jasmin enjoys doing with her close friends. Tejo has suggested that once Aman’s problem has been resolved, the rest of the family go on a trip together, and that Jasmin will enjoy the experience. There is a nod from Fateh. Jasmin continues to dance. Tejo does not lose his sense of apprehension. Fateh looks on. Jasmin is remaining silent, and she claims that I am tense about it. He reassures her that she won’t need to worry about coming because she will. He believes that he does not know where she is hanging out with her friends at this moment. Inadvertently, Jasmin spills some drink on another woman. It is stated that she is sorry. The other girl apologises after she accidentally spills her drink on the first girl. The next thing you know, Jasmin is there. They engage in combat with one another. Jasmin is the one who pushes her and then leads the way downstairs. She is brought to her knees after tripping over something. She shrieks out in agony as she is being hurt. The name Dimple is called out by her. Dimple takes her outside. She just told me that you need me right now, so I’m going to call Fateh and Tejo. Jasmin says no. Dimple has indicated that we will be going to the hospital, so please come with her.
At the medical facility, Jasmin inquires about the arrival time of the attending physician. Dimple advises you to hold tight for a little while longer. Jasmin is of the opinion that nothing negative should take place to this infant. She requests that she be provided with her reports. It is the words of Fateh, Tejo, and Gurpreet that come to her mind. She contradicts me and says that the baby is doing just fine, so what am I thinking? They talk on the phone for a while. Tejo inquires as to the reason why you did not show up. Jasmin assures you that everything is fine and that you shouldn’t worry about her. She says she has to stay with a friend, but she will be there in the morning. Tejo says okay, sleep on time. The call is terminated by Jasmine. Gurpreet inquires as to what it is that she has stated. Tejo claims that she is currently residing at the home of a friend. Doctor comes. When Jasmin inquires about what information was included in my reports, I start to feel anxious. The doctor regrets to inform you that due to the significant amount of internal bleeding, you unfortunately experienced a miscarriage and you are no longer pregnant. Both Jasmin and Dimple experience a startling realisation. When Jasmin hears the doctor’s statement, she grabs his collar and asks, “What are you saying? My baby was everything for me.”
The physician advises the patient to take some deep breaths and take a seat. According to Jasmin, there is going to be a solution to this problem. The physician expressed regret and stated that there was nothing more he could do. It’s over for her. Dimple implores her friend Jasmin to take a deep breath and relax. Jasmin exclaims, “Get away, my baby! I just had my baby; what will I do now? How will I go home? Everyone was loving me because of the baby; what will I answer them?” Jasmin has recently given birth to her child. Dimple advises you to take a deep breath and that she will call Tejo right away. Jasmin has threatened that she will kill you if you stay here, so you should leave.
The morning has arrived, and Tejo has informed us that we require your assistance. Rupy told me that you hadn’t told me about this matter before, and she advised me to reassure Simran that she shouldn’t worry about it because I will look into it and Aman won’t take any action. She promises that she will share the information with you as soon as Fateh receives new information from the police station. According to Fateh, Simran and Buzo didn’t get any sleep at all last night; instead, they sat by Candy’s side the whole time. I’m going to the police station now. Police comes home. It was a criminal named Amanpreet, according to Fateh, so we opened a police report against him. Aman shows up and claims that he is the one who committed the crime, and not me. The wounds that he sustained on his face are visible to everyone.
Dimple turns to Jasmin and asks, “What will you tell the family?” in this recap’s final question. Simran is placed under arrest by the Inspector. Jasmin says, “I have no choice; I will go to Amritsar; I won’t let them laugh at me and insult me.”

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