Udaariyaan [4th August 2022] Written Update

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Aman introducing himself as Candy’s father. Jasmin wonders who he could be. Aman claims that you have all been shocked, Simran; I want you to make the tea for me because you know how much I enjoy sweets. The memory of Aman torturing Simran comes to her mind. Candy has come and is requesting his toy. Simran invites him to come inside the house. Aman says let me meet him, he is just like me. Candy receives chocolates from him. Candy says that her mother advised them not to talk to unknown people or take anything from them. Aman taunts Simran. He declares, “I am not a stranger; I am your…” Tejo admonishes everyone to be quiet and to keep their distance from the child.
She requests for Mahi to bring Candy inside. According to Jasmin, Tejo meddles in everything she does. Aman screams out “I’m Candy’s dad!” Fateh has his hand on his collar. Everyone puts a stop to Fateh. Tejo is very stern with Aman. She questions how you got here to claim your right today and why you have it. You’ve asked the right question, but I’ll just answer Simran’s in private. According to Aman, this is what’s known as beauty with brains. Fateh requests that Aman leave. Tejo asks Fateh to make a call to the police. Khushbeer responds “yes,” and says she will contact the authorities. Simran has instructed us not to call the police because we cannot put our faith in him and he may put us in danger. Aman says to Fateh, “You call the police, Fateh you beat me, everyone will know that your unmarried daughter was carrying a child, the entire village will spit on your face, call the police, get me arrested, and beat me.” Aman is threatening Fateh with public humiliation if he does not comply with Fateh’s demands. Simran is seen crying, and Buzo comes up to her to ask why and who the source of her distress is. Aman says, “I was waiting for you; I’m the original, and you’re the copy.” What nonsense, Buzo wants to know. Aman explains that he is Candy’s father and that he is not to blame because his second wife became pregnant and then ran away. He is admonished by Buzo. Simran says it’s a lie. Aman wants to know, “What is the truth, tell me.” He tells you that he feels sorry for you, Buzo, because you are the one who handles someone else’s child. I love you, yaar. Buzo says stop nonsense. Aman makes a request to Buzo to view the DNA report.
Fateh and Tejo conduct a thorough examination of the positive DNA report. Tejo inquires as to how the test was carried out in the absence of a sample. Remember that Aman claimed Candy went missing on that day. He recalls pulling a strand of Candy’s hair while also offering her a chocolate. He wants Simran to say something in response. Simran yells out that yes, it is true that he is Candy’s biological father, but it doesn’t matter because I made a mistake and Candy’s parents are actually Buzo and I. She requests that Fateh expel the obnoxious man from the premises. Aman says beat me. Tejo claims that you believe showing this DNA report will make you Candy’s biological father, but he is sorry to inform you that you are too late, and that Simran is now married to Buzo. Fateh requests that Aman leave. Aman claims that if you are successful in defeating me, it will strengthen my position. Tejo stops Fateh. Fateh signs Buzo. They both help Aman up, and then they take him out. Aman activates the deadbolt and locks the door from the outside. Simran puts a stop to it. Candy is in need of care, and Khushbeer asks Simran to provide it. According to Fateh, we have to submit a FIR. It’s a no from her because she’s afraid he’ll steal her candy. Tejo claims that the individual is only trying to frighten them and that the authorities are able to set the situation straight. The next stop for Fateh and Buzo is the terrace. Tejo and Fateh discuss the FIR while Tejo is on call. Since everyone else is with Simran, she asks Fateh to watch out for Buzo and himself. According to Jasmin, it’s probably for the best that Fateh won’t be concentrating on me. Tejo notices Jasmin standing by the door. She asks if you are doing okay. Jasmin has suggested that I eat something spicy, so please prepare pakodas and imli chutney for me. Tejo assures you that he will succeed, citing his promise to the child and his intention to look after you. She leaves. Jasmin has told me that I can be bad to you, but that you can never lose your innocence and that you are my emotional sister. Tejo talks to Satti on call. Satti wants to know how Jasmin is doing these days. Tejo has confirmed that it is, so you shouldn’t be concerned. Simran comes. Tejo hangs up after that. She asks Simran whether she should prepare something for him. The answer is no, says Simran; I was just bored and came to help you. As Simran thinks about Aman, she accidentally cuts her finger. Tejo warns her to be careful in the conversation. She sees to it that Simran’s injury is treated. Jasmin appears and places an order for pakodas. Tejo says no, you have an acidity problem; therefore, I made some paneer bhurji; please consume it. She leaves. Jasmine claims that if they continue to feed me healthy food I will die. There is a call for her. She believes that Yash has called her. It was her response. The young lady claims her name is Nikki and that she has recently moved to Punjab after getting married to a man from Germany. I recall, Jasmine cites you as saying. Nikki says, “I want to meet you, I have kept a party, all of my friends are coming,” and she invites you to attend. Jasmin has responded, “Fine, I will come.” The call is ended by her. She assures me that I will be able to eat well at the party; however, I am unsure how to proceed because I need to persuade someone.
The return of Fateh and Buzo to their home. Simran inquires as to what has transpired. According to Fateh, the police have confirmed that they will take Aman into custody after the FIR was filed. Simran is told by Buzo not to worry about anything. He is a disgusting man, I can’t even tell him what he did with me, I was so blind, he showed his true face after going to Canada, and I didn’t know that he will be a devil until he showed it to me. Simran says that you don’t know him, and that he is a devil. She has a memory of a man touching her hand. Aman reprimands her and then asks her to make his friend happy at all costs. Tejo wants to know why you were willing to put up with it. Simran says, “It wasn’t easy for me; think of my situation; I had to get punished for my mistake, so I didn’t tell anyone anything; I had no money to come back.” I had no money to come back, so I didn’t tell anyone. On Facebook, Simran can be seen asking Aman for money to pay for the food. Aman gives her a request to convey to her father. She hands her bangles and then requests that she please get some food. She claims that he gambled away those bangles, so I had no choice but to go to the gurudwara and eat the free food there. When I told him I wanted to go home, he would beat me every day. I didn’t have any other choice. Gurpreet, Fateh, and Khushbeer all end up crying.
Simran claims that someone assisted her, I was given the opportunity to instruct children online, I saved money and purchased the ticket, I’m scared, and he is a criminal. Tejo congratulates you on your bravery, stating that she does not understand why young women wish to travel to other countries because you have already done so. I couldn’t abort my baby because I didn’t want him to turn out to be like that devil, he can’t love anyone, he wouldn’t come for Candy, his motivation would be different, what does he want now?, Simran says. I came from there. Tejo tells you not to be afraid because no one will be able to take Candy away from you, and that we will take care of Amanpreet while you watch out for both yourself and Candy. Fateh says that he will be in jail very soon, but that he will not leave you alone and that he will be with you. They embrace one another. He believes that Jasmin is already a challenge, and now there’s this Amanpreet.

According to Tejo, Jasmin is not picking up the phone when it rings. There is a sharp pain in Jasmin’s stomach. She will be staying there for some time. Your miscarriage occurred due to heavy internal bleeding, as the doctor explained to you. Jasmin cannot believe her eyes.

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