Udaariyaan [ 4th September 2022] Written Update

Udaariyaan 4th September 2022 Written Update on Writtenlab.com

The first thing that happens in this episode is Fateh showing a photo of Amrik to Nehmat. The latter acknowledges that he is indeed Amrik’s uncle, who has since achieved fame. Teko is getting ready to show her a photo of Jasmine. Nehmat takes note of the family tree drawing that she had previously created for Fateh and Tejo. She declares that they are her favourite, and she goes on to say that there is no one who can come between them. Fateh is about to reveal the truth to Nehmat, but Tejo interrupts him just in time. Tejo has stated that she will put this photograph in a frame so that they can keep it with them at all times. Nehmat is dispatched by Fateh to get cleaned up.Jasmine accuses Naaz of stealing money and confronts her. She reprimands her for doing the same thing. Naaz denies it. Then Jasmine inquires as to where she got the funds to purchase the museum ticket. It’s a lie, but Naaz says that Nehmat gave her some money. While this is going on, Tejo assures Fateh that they will share the truth with Nehmat when she is an adult. Fateh wonders what will happen if Shelly is honest with Nehmat. Tejo has said that she will speak with her parents about providing responses to Shelly’s concerns concerning Jasmine and ensuring that Shelly does not reveal this information to Nehmat. At this point, Jasmine inquires about Nehmat’s source of the money. Once more, Naaz lies and says that Nehmat’s mother gave her money since she saw her crying. Rupy’s remarks are ingrained in Jasmine’s memory. She invites Naaz to join her in going outside and playing. The fact that Tejo handed money to Jasmine’s daughter has infuriated Jasmine. She claims that she does not require anyone’s assistance because she is capable of looking after her daughter by herself.When Aykam meets Nehmat at school carrying the donation box, he lauds her efforts and thanks her for her generosity. Mallika is relieved to learn that Ekam has a high regard for Nehmat. She believes that at this point the three of them can get along. Both Jasmine and Naaz show up to the school today. Naaz is given money by Jasmine with the instruction to give it back to Nehmat. The latter observes Jasmine and proceeds to approach her in order to speak with her. Nehmat asks Jasmine if Naaz also donated her old goods to the needy children, and Jasmine responds that Naaz does not have any old belongings to contribute. Nehmat is surprised by Jasmine’s response. Nehmat believes that it is beneficial to be of assistance to other people. When Jasmine’s temper flares, she accuses Nehmat of behaving in the same authoritative manner as her own mother. She claims that her mother encouraged her to be rude to other people, and as a result, she provided Naaz with the funds necessary to purchase museum tickets. Naaz denies it. Nehmat is instructed by Jasmine not to lie. Nehmat claims that she does not lie since both of her parents instilled in her the belief that lying is unethical. According to Jasmine, her parents have been intentionally deceiving her all along. She tells Nehmat to go home and question her parents about why they won’t reveal her biological parents to her. This comes as a complete surprise to Nehmat. Nehmat is encouraged by Jasmine to inquire about the background of her biological parents. Jasmine is the instigator. Jasmine leaves. Remembering what Jasmine had said, Nehmat goes away with a sad expression on his face.Nehmat goes back to his house. Nehmat is taken aback as Fateh and Tejo reveal the photograph frame with her drawing. They ask her how she felt about it. Nehmat stays quiet. Gurpreet reports that Nehmat maintained his silence even when they were travelling by car. Fateh and Tejo inquire of Nehmat regarding what took transpired. Nehmat confronts them with the question of whether or not they are her genuine parents and whether or not she is their real daughter. The question that Nehmat asks causes both Fateh and Tejo to be taken aback. The family is equally taken aback. Tejo wants to know from Nehmat where she got this information. Tejo asserts that the situation is not as described. She makes an attempt to give Nehmat a hug. However, Nehmat is able to interrupt Tejo, and she is questioned by Nehmat about whether or not she was born from her womb. Nehmat is given the reassurance that Gurpreet and Biji are in fact her parents. But Nehmat insists that Fateh and Tejo disclose to her whether or not they are her biological parents. Fateh asserts that there is no longer any point in concealing the truth and implores his family to give him permission to do so. Tejo’s hand can be seen in Fateh’s grasp. They genuflect to the ground in reverence. Nehmat overhears Tejo telling her that everyone adores her and that she is really important to them all. She was not born from Tejo’s womb, according to Fateh, who claims that they withheld the facts from her. While Fateh and Tejo are sobbing, Nehmat watches in disbelief.While Jasmine is walking down the road, she is thinking about her past and the words that Rupy spoke to her. She makes the decision to be completely honest with Naaz. Tejo assures her that she is loved by the Virks despite the fact that she is not their biological daughter. Naaz is the one who Fateh asks to feel their heartbeat. Nehmat suppresses her sobs and closes her eyes. She is able to recall what Jasmine had said. She slowly opens both of her eyes. She jerks Fateh’s and Tejo’s hands away from each other. She flees from the location. Tejo and Fateh set out in pursuit of her. They put an end to Nehmat. Tejo wants to know who gave her this information. Nehmat claims that Naaz’s mother revealed to her that the two of them are not Naaz’s biological parents and that they have lied to her about who they are.

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