Udaariyaan [ 5th September 2022] Written Update

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The first thing that happens in this episode is that Nehmat gets her drawing book. She tells you that she prepared this item just for you. Tejo claims that it is quite lovely, but I had never seen it before. Nehmat says, “I made this at the school. The teacher asked me to do the drawing of my favourite object, and you both are my favourite.” This is our love circle, and no one else is allowed to enter it. Tejo stops Fateh. She requests that the drawing be given to her so that she can frame it. They hug. Nehmat inquires as to the cause of your rapid heartbeat. Because we are in a circle of love, according to Tejo. Nehmat is instructed by Fateh to go and clean herself up. She goes.Jasmin confronts Naaz with the question, “What is this, and did you steal it?” She claims that you want others to refer to you as a thief at all times. She is admonishing Naaz. Naaz confronts you with the question, “Why are you angry? I didn’t steal.” Jasmin claims that you are lying and that you are the one who stole the money. She claims that because I did not pay the electricity bill and because we did not have light in our home, people will assume that I am the one who taught you to steal. Naaz says I didn’t steal. Jasmin inquires as to where you obtained the funds to purchase the museum ticket. According to Naaz, Nehmat is trustworthy because she handed over the money to me. Nehmat is not guilty, according to Tejo; we will inform her of this later. If Shelly were to tell Fateh, she would say. Tejo responds with “no,” and he promises to talk to his parents about changing their minds. Jasmin wants to know where Nehmat got all of his money from. According to Naaz, Nehmat’s mother overheard me crying and sent the money even though I didn’t ask her to. Jasmin loses her cool and orders her to leave the house so that she can go play.She argues that Tejo should be ashamed of himself for giving money to my daughter because I don’t require assistance from anyone. When Aykam sees Nehmat working, he gives thanks to God and comments that Nehmat is performing some labour that makes sense. Mallika says you got your complete cabinet, I didn’t get my barbie set, its too precious. It is Jasmin’s request that Naaz give the money back to Nehmat. After that, Nehmat will visit Naaz. Mallika gets angry.Nehmat inquires as to whether you have handed the used item over to Naaz for her to donate. The answer is no, Jasmin, because she does not have anything to donate. Nehmat says mumma says that we donate goods and our affection also reaches them. Tejo claims that you are just like your mother because you constantly lecture and irritate others, and because you say things that insult both Naaz and myself. Nehmat apologises but maintains that she doesn’t understand. She is reprimanded by Jasmin.Nehmat claims that I was merely stating that we ought to assist. Jasmin said you call donation as help, you donated Naaz’s trip money to her. Nehmat responds, “No, I never lie; my parents have always taught me that lying is wrong.” Jasmin told me that I should go home and ask my parents who my real parents are and also that I should ask my parents whose daughter I am. Nehmat lets out a sob. Leaves of jasmine. Nehmat is considering Tejo and Fateh at this moment. It is time for Nehmat to return.When Tejo and Fateh show Nehmat the picture in its frame, they take her by surprise. Tejo asks is it good. Ask her why she’s been so quiet; she hasn’t spoken a word, as Gurpreet advises you to do. Fateh inquires about what took place and whether or not anything significant occurred at the school. Tejo claims that if you tell me your problem, it will be fixed. Nehmat questions whether or not the two of you are her biological parents and whether or not she is their daughter. Everyone is taken aback by this.Nehmat questions whether or not you are his father and whether or not you are his mother. She inquires about their responses. Tejo and everyone cry. Gurpreet has told me that because you are so much like your mother and father, I should consider you their daughter. Biji wants to know where you got the idea that your parents don’t love you very much because you are their daughter. Nehmat wants to know what they have to say. Tejo’s hands are resting in Fateh’s grasp. They have taken a seat. Tejo says that you are our universe and our life, and that we love you a great deal. We want you to know that we really do adore you. Nehmat presses Fateh for an answer and asks him to be honest.You are not our daughter, Fateh explains, and we are truly sorry that the truth has been hidden from you. The names Tejo and Fateh come to Jasmin’s mind. She states that she won’t let her daughter suffer the consequences of her mother’s faults and that instead she will be honest with Naaz about everything. You are our life, Tejo says, but what if you didn’t come from my womb? The relationship between a kid and their parents is one of the heart. Nehmat is instructed to close her eyes, listen to Fateh and Nehmat’s heartbeat, and feel. When Nehmat thinks back on what Jasmin said, he becomes enraged. She will leave. Tejo and Fateh inquire of her regarding the source of this information. According to Nehmat, Naaz’s mother informed him that both of you lied to him. The question is posed to Jasmin by Naaz. “Where did you go?” Jasmin gets a bag. She is given a recording. She believes that I will provide Naaz with a loving family and that Rupy will do this for her not out of sympathy but because it is Rupy’s responsibility.


Jasmine’s mother states that she hopes to meet her daughter someday and that Naaz also deserves our love. Tejo is curious about Naaz’s mother and asks Fateh, “Who is she? I want to see her. She filled her daughter’s heart with hatred.” The question is posed to Jasmine by Naaz: “Will my Nanu come?” Your Nanu and Mausi will come to take us up, according to the guarantee that Jasmine has given you.

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