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At the beginning of the episode, Naaz says, “I know you are my Maasi, mumma told me, where is Nehmat, she is my sister.” Nehmat is the character that Naaz refers to as her sister. She departs in the direction of Nehmat’s location. Fateh is allowed entry thanks to Nehmat’s assistance. Fateh enters the room and makes an effort to calm her down. He makes her put on the boxing gloves against her will. He gives her the signal to hit the teddy bear. Nehmat becomes enraged and thinks back to what Jasmin said. She throws punches at the teddy bear. She hurls the boxing gloves to the ground and then sits down to cry. Fateh says are you feeling better, you are just like my dad. She claims that you have implied that the two of you are not her biological mother and father. He claims that I never made the statement. Tejo asks is Naaz Jasmin’s daughter. Satti nods. Tejo reports that Jasmin has returned; did her father know about this? Satti admits that he was angry, but he kept this information to himself and I just found out about it today. Tejo says that she came to see Naaz’s mother, but she didn’t know that she was Jasmin. Jasmin told Nehmat that she isn’t our daughter, and I was worried because of this. She gave the truth to Nehmat, and she told that we lied to Nehmat up until this point. Tejo adds that she was scared for this. She sheds a tear. Both Rupy and Satti are anxious.Tejo inquires as to what she wants and wonders why she has come. Naaz asks Nehmat isn’t outdoors, didn’t you get her along. Tejo cries. We are grateful to those who gave you birth, otherwise your mother and I would not have become parents. The Lord didn’t give any baby to Tejo because he wanted you to come into our lives. Fateh says that you know Devki and Vasudev had to leave Krishna with Yashoda. Did Krishna say that Yashoda isn’t his mother? He knew that Yashoda and Nand loved him as if they were his real parents. He regarded them as his real parents. The truth, according to Nehmat, is that I am not your daughter. According to Fate, both you and we picked each other. Naaz says God chose you as my Maasi. Tejo gives her a hug.According to Naaz, their mother told her that she also has a family, which made her happy. Naaz also has a sister named Nehmat. Fateh says that ever since you came into our lives, we have seen nothing but happiness, whereas before you came into our lives, we had problems. If you think you are not our daughter, then your mother and I will die, and we love you very much. Since you came into our lives, we haven’t had any problems. He gives her a hug. Rupy claims that Jasmin was the one who delivered the letter. Satti extends an invitation to Naaz to join her in playing the game. They leave. Tejo takes a look at the letter…. I should get punished for my mistakes, but it’s not Naaz’s fault; she needs a good life, but I know that she can’t live such a life as long as I’m here, so I’m leaving from your lives. I’m sorry about that, Papa, Mommy, and Tejo. I’m sorry that I’ve never brought anyone any joy. I should get punished for my mistakes. Rupy claims that Jasmin has departed, although it seems impossible for her to abandon her daughter. He gets angry.In her writing, Jasmin… You would be damning me with curses if I stayed here, but I know why I made this decision: I want Naaz to live with you all, and that won’t happen if I stay here because you all despise me. Tejo confronts her with questions such as “what nonsense is she saying?” and “what does this mean?” He is certain that she did not think for her child. The following is an email that Jasmin sent to Tejo: “Tejo, you are thinking right about me. I want to provide a good Maasi to Naaz. I know you will love her. Take care of her. Don’t attempt to find me. Forgive me, if possible. Yours, Jasmin.” Tejo tosses the letter into the air. She inquires as to why Jasmin returned in this condition, as well as what her dreams were. He claims that she was deceived, and that she was punished as a result of her actions. He does not withhold anything from her. Tejo cries. Rupy comments, “I pity this girl; she has seen a lot for such a young age; Jasmin would not have gone far if she had seen what she has seen.” Tejo affirms that it is necessary for us to locate her. Satti has arrived, and she has a question for Jasmin. Tejo claims that she walked away, leaving Naaz in our care. Naaz arrives and inquires as to why her mother did not come or phone her. Rupy has confirmed that she wants me to call her.It appears that Jasmin is on her way. She receives a call from Rupy. She believes that it would be appropriate for me to depart from this location. She silences her phone and walks away. She takes the sim out of the game and then tosses it. Tejo suggests that perhaps she was engaged in some imp business and that she will return soon. In the meantime, he suggests that you accompany them to Rupy’s house. The question that Naaz is really asking is, “Can I come? Will you take me?” They have confirmed it. Because it will be the first time I’ve seen them, Naaz advises I need to put my best foot forward and wear a stunning dress. Satti hugs her. Rupy calls Abhiraj. He instructs him to go to the bus stop and look for Jasmin there. Abhiraj says but Jasmin.. Rupy has asked that you not share this information with Shelly or anyone else. Abhiraj goes. Jasmine is a crier. Biji inquires as to the reason why the other woman shared information on Fateh and Tejo with Nehmat. Gurpreet claims that we do not know who informed her of this information. Tejo appears and claims that Jasmin is responsible for this. Khushbeer inquires as to when she arrived at this location. Tejo claims that she was also present and then left. Fateh inquires as to what it is that you are stating. She confirms that she did leave, taking her daughter Naaz with her. Naaz is a friend of Nehmat’s, and she is Jasmin’s daughter. Rupy and Satti are the ones who bring Naaz inside.Satti does her aarti. Naaz wants to know if these buffaloes belong to us. Rupy says yes. Satti recalls Jasmin. Gurpreet inquires as to what it is that you are stating. Tejo says that the first person I want to talk to is Nehmat. According to Fateh, she is currently asleep. She then goes to Nehmat and tells him, “I want to see her.” She tears as she embraces Nehmat. Fateh will arrive. Tejo has stated that you are his entire universe, that I am nothing without you, and that I will perish if you do not consider me to be your mother. Fateh and Tejo hug Nehmat.


At the beginning of the episode, Naaz says, “I know you are my Maasi, mumma told me, where is Nehmat, she is my sister.” Nehmat is the character that Naaz refers to as her sister. 
She departs in the direction of Nehmat’s location.

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