Udaariyaan [ 8th September 2022] Written Update

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The first thing that happens in this episode is that Naaz returns home. She has a complete view of the home. After recalling what Jasmin had said, she dashed off to find Bebe. She inquires whether you are Bebe. Bebe confirms her identity and asks, “Whose daughter is this?” Rupy receives a visit from Abhiraj. Rupy puts a stop to it. Satti says she is Jasmin’s daughter. They are all startled by it. This, according to Tejo, was done by Jasmin. Fateh asserts that I will not abandon her. She claims that she has left Naaz, but Naaz is unaware of this; instead, she is aware that her mother has gone to work. According to Gurpreet, it would be preferable to not have a mother rather than to have a mother like this. Biji warns me not to claim that because of her, not only did we have Nehmat, but Naaz also received her fate. Bebe inquires as to whether or not she is Jasmin’s daughter. Shelly claims that she has told you about Jasmin, and now there is proof that she did so. The question that Naaz has is whether or not Naaz’s mother ever lived in such a large and lovely home. Satti says yes. When Naaz asks if I’ll be staying here, she also wants to know where Nehmat is and if Tejo’s daughter is my sister. Shelly has indicated that she will remain at the palatial residence that she shares with her grandparents. Abhiraj puts a stop to it. Shelly claims that your mother would not have shared any information about me with you because I am your Shelly Mami. Satti requests that Shelly acquire something for Naaz on her behalf. Shelly is the one who gets the meals. Because Naaz claims it’s my favourite, I’m going to eat it today. Satti claims that it was also your mother’s favourite dish. Shelly inquires as to why Jasmin did not provide her with nourishment. Rupy states that she is aware that everyone has a lot of questions, and that she will answer them all—just not in front of Naaz.He receives a call from Tejo. He goes and answers. Tejo inquires as to whether you have located Jasmin. He denies that and claims that Abhiraj looked everywhere but came up empty. Tejo explains that we can find those who are lost, but that we can’t find people who purposefully disappear, and that we now have duty for Naaz and should forget that Jasmin will return. Satti says that we are going to go to your mother’s room, where there are a lot of toys, and you should come. Even Nehmat, according to Bebe, enjoys playing with his toys. Rupy inquires about Nehmat’s well-being. Tejo has a more compelling argument, but first I must confer with her. He claims that he has no idea how many times Jasmin will appear in our life as a form of darkness. Tejo insists that we make an effort to improve the lives of these two young ladies. Satti demonstrates the aeroplane and explains that your mother thought it was amazing because she loved Canada and always wanted to visit there. Naaz uses it in his play. Shelly claims that she has abandoned her kid. Lovely claims that this is not the first time she has done this; in the past, she has also abandoned Nehmat. According to Shelly, this denotes that Nehmat is Jasmin’s daughter. Lovely is reprimanded by Harman. Shelley confronts me with the question, “Am I an outsider? You conceal secrets.” According to Abhiraj, we are not concealing any information; yet, the reality is unpleasant; you should keep this to yourself. Rupy claims that Nehmat is aware of everything. Satti approaches Naaz with an invitation to play with Nehmat. I’m starting to get drowsy, Naaz says; when will mommy come? She told Rupy that she will be late and that Satti will be sleeping with her today. Satti promises that she will come. Satti can’t help but wonder why Jasmin gave up her child in the first place. Bebe is curious as to how Nehmat had such knowledge. Rupy claims that Jasmin shared the information with her that Fateh and Tejo are not Rupy’s biological parents. Bebe wonders how Tejo will be able to put up with this. Rupy believes that things should not have transpired in such a manner. The letter that Jasmin wrote to Tejo comes to mind. Fateh has arrived to appease her. She continues, “I can’t see Nehmat and Naaz like this; I’m feeling horrible for Jasmin; Jasmin and Naaz suffered; Yash tortured them.” Jasmin and Naaz both suffered because Yash tormented them. According to Fateh, I do not sympathise with Jasmin but I do sympathise with Naaz. She claims that she did nothing wrong, that she is a mother who wants the best for her child, and that if Naaz had been with Jasmin, we would not have accepted them together. She questions whether or not Naaz has a need for her mother and whether or not you would abandon your child if you were part of Jasmin’s plot. She replies, “No, I’m going to Nehmat; let her wake up and wail if she wants to.” He claims that this is something that is called mom, and I will accompany you. They move forward after hearing Nehmat.Rupy overhears Shelly criticising Naaz in private conversation. He wonders what foolishness, upbringing, and values a person has, rather than their genetics, determine their temperament. He says that you have seen how Tejo raised Nehmat with a decent upbringing and morals and that we would raise Naaz with the same principles. He also says that Naaz shouldn’t know that Nehmat is also Jasmin’s daughter since it would hurt her feelings. He gives her a reprimand. Tejo informed us that we were heading in your direction. Fateh wants to know why you got up so early. She asks shall I cook noodles. The answer from Fateh is yes, the three of us will eat together. Nehmat stops Tejo. Tejo inquires as to what you just said. Nehmat is overheard telling his mother, “Mumma, I want to stay with you.”Rupy gets Jasmin’s letter. He slams the door behind him. He is reading… I have something important to tell you, imp: Nehmat is not my daughter; Naaz is the only one who bears my name. He thinks back to when Nehmat was born. Nehmat asks, “If God were to give you an option between the baby and me, which one would you pick?” Naturally, according to Fateh. Tejo claims that you are the best option. Nehmat claims that there are no other parents that are better than you. He claims that there is no other best daughter on earth like you. Rupy is reading… You have the right to pick who your family is; Naaz is your family, but Nehmat isn’t anyone; give Naaz her rights. Tejo is aware that Nehmat does not share Sandhu and Virk’s family blood, but she has kept this information to herself. He is overcome with emotion as he remembers Nehmat. He asks Tejo, “What sort of a person are you? I’m proud of you, just you can do this; you raised Nehmat with love; you gave her good morals and an upbringing.” Tejo responds, “I’m proud of you; just you can do this.” Nehmat wants to know if you will continue to be his mother. Tejo has stated that she will always be your mother. According to Fateh, you will always serve as our Nehmat. Nehmat claims that the three of us are in a circle of love; therefore, you must swear to me that you will never leave the circle and that you will always love me. Tejo says yes, always. Nehmat promises that she would pen a letter to God pleading with him not to take her away from her friends. A embrace is shared. Rupy responds with, “No, I won’t tell anyone Nehmat’s secret, Nehmat is Tejo’s daughter, and it’s for the best that Jasmin departed.” He opens the door. Satti arrives and inquires about what has taken place. He says that I am doing well. He is going to conceal the letter. The noodles are consumed by Fateh, Tejo, and Nehmat. He jokes and laughs. Nehmat wonders if there is anything else she can ask, and if she does, would you feel bad? Tejo says no, ask. Nehmat inquires about the identities of my parents and clarifies that I am a daughter. Tejo is concerned.

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