Udaariyaan[20th August 2022] Written Update

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At the beginning of the episode, Yash is seen bringing Jasmin back to their house. He tells his mother, “I brought your bae home.” Jasmin is greeted by his mother. The home is appealing to Jasmin. She gets happy. His mum says I will receive some sweets. She will leave. Yash said, “I’m so delighted that you’re here.” You made my goal come true and brought me to Canada, Jasmin said, and for that, you are the finest. He taunts her. Hearing Yash and his mother causes Jasmin to get perplexed. Tejo is asked by Gurpreet what occurred; please tell her. Tejo has advised me to reveal the truth about Jasmin to Gurpreet. Yash’s mother tells her daughter, “I’m only joking; many girls don’t respect love and merely want to move to Canada; you aren’t such a girl, right?” Yash’s mother is joking. Jasmin says yes. Laddoos are consumed by her. She decides to go check out the panorama from the balcony. His mother breaks down in tears and begs him to explain Canada to Yash.The newborn will be given to Simran. Tejo receives the newborn child from Gurpreet. Tejo’s feelings start to show. Gurpreet inquires as to whether or not you are concerned about Jasmin abandoning the infant. When Jasmin thinks about her trip to Canada, she can’t help but feel enraged. A selfie has been taken by her. She says that I will send my selfie to Bebe, poor Tejo would be going crazy thinking about the baby, I think Tejo won’t tell anyone about her because she cares for everyone’s happiness, but I don’t care because I have come to the city of my dreams, Canada, and I think Fateh and Tejo would be cursing that day when they got against us. She cares about everyone’s happiness.Gurpreet says that the baby wasn’t fed by her mother, but I’m glad that she has a mother like you, you will raise her, Jasmin made mistakes but she gave us a beautiful gift, Nehmat is your daughter, forgive Jasmin, Nehmat is a special girl and got special mom, she made Fateh and you parents, Jasmin’s dream also got fulfilled, and we got Amrik’s sign, we shouldn’t question the Lord and should instead thank She will leave. Tejo tells Nehmat, “You are my greatest source of delight; I am feeling so wonderful; yet, I do not deserve this.” Tejo continues, “I don’t know why Jasmin did this to you; she separated you from your mother; please forgive me.”Yash’s mother is greeted by Jasmin. Yash told me that we are going to eat breakfast in Vancouver, and she claims that we are going to go to Vancouver. His mother adds that he promised that he would make some nice parathas, but he never did. His mother asks, “What happened? Don’t you know it?” I am aware, Jasmine responds. Yash’s mother has informed you that this is your first rasoi, and she has requested that you prepare the breakfast for us. Yash likes vegetable parathas, and I like paneer parathas; in addition, you are required to prepare chutney. The answer is no, Jasmin, we will make it together; just tell me what to do, and I’ll get it done. Yash’s mother adds that Yash mentioned that you are a good cook, that she has done a lot of cooking, that she has sugar, and that she needs breakfast on time, and that breakfast ought to be on the table in fifteen minutes; good luck with that. Jasmin becomes enraged. She claims that I am currently making parathas here, but she does not know what is in store for me. Yash asks her if she is in agreement. His mother is in tears. She claims that I want to hit her and ask her why she caused my son to commit suicide, because he loved her, and whether or not we are treating her appropriately. He adds that this is not the case and that the Lord has chosen us to punish her for her misdeeds. He gives his mama a bear hug.

The infant is addressed by Fateh. Tejo shows up and invites him to eat breakfast with him. She contemplates the best way to tell him. You should play with this toy now, says Fateh, because it belongs to Amrik. Tejo is reminded of the words that Jasmin spoke. She claims that Amrik does not have a daughter. Fateh is staring at her. He inquires as to what you are stating. Tejo states, “I’ve been trying to say this for a very long time, and I can finally say it: this is not Amrik and Jasmin’s daughter.” She divulges all of her secrets to him. He cannot believe it. They shed tears. She claims that she has no idea who the baby’s parents are and that if they knew that we were so thrilled to have her, they would be inconsolable. He claims that I will murder Jasmin. She asks him to keep the baby’s family in his thoughts. She claims that we are unaware of her mother and father in any capacity. He claims that we will locate her biological parents. She claims that everyone fell in love with the newborn baby. He believes that we ought to be honest with them. She states that this is not the case, that they have finally found happiness after a very long time, that we will locate the baby’s biological parents first, and that she has been to both the hospital and the police station. He claims that I will check with each hospital in the area to find out. She inquires whether or not we should call Yash. Yash enjoys the parathas very much. Jasmin has stated that she will get ready and come with us to go shopping, where she will purchase heels for Jasmin. His mother inquires as to where you will be travelling next. Jasmine recommends going shopping. She inquires as to who will be responsible for the cleaning. Jasmin responds with a question: “How can I, Yash already knows I can’t do it?” He replies that since this is Canada, each of us is responsible for our own task. His mother told him that you had no choice but to move to Canada because this is your life now. According to Fateh, the phone is unable to connect, and Jasmin will not give the correct number. Tejo speculates that perhaps she is still on the trip, and that if I speak to her just once, I will be able to obtain information regarding the baby’s parents. Jasmin apologises and adds that she did not come to work as a maid. She pulls Yash aside and explains that the reason she is here is not for the work that is being done. He takes her hand in his and tells her, “I know you very well, and I also know your dreams; you have destroyed countless lives.” His mother claims that one of them was her son, Manish, who is my son.Jasmin inquires as to what you are saying and who Manish is. Yash interrogates, “Haven’t you identified until now?” He then forces her to the ground at Manish’s picture and watches as she writhes in pain. Jasmin takes notice of Manish’s photograph. Tejo believes that the Lord would exact punishment against Jasmin because of the sin.

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