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Rupy first notices Jasmin approaching at the beginning of the episode. She starts crying and then she hugs him. He thinks back to what Tejo had said. He doesn’t hug Jasmin. According to him, Jasmin is not my daughter. The shock overcomes Jasmin. Tejo becomes confused and wonders, “What, didn’t dad come home?” Satti claims that his phone number can’t be reached. Tejo assures us that there is no need to be concerned because he will appear soon. Rupy receives an apology from Jasmin, who is shown supporting his leg. She claims that Yash did not love her, that he took her to Canada in order to exact revenge, that both he and his mother were cruel to her, and that she begs for forgiveness. He claims that you had posted pictures of yourself smiling on the internet; was this an act? She confirms that this is true and that Yash was the one who was posting the phoney pictures. They took my phone and put me in the storeroom so that I couldn’t get out. Eventually, I went to the Gurudwara and an NGO assisted me there. She adds that she is holding your feet and pleading with you not to leave her. He says something to the effect of “I don’t trust you,” “you have injured us so many times that our hearts have turned stone,” “I can’t take you back in Fateh and Tejo’s lives; they are happy,” and “if you came back believing that everyone will embrace you, then you are incorrect.” She begs you to give her one more opportunity, claiming that she did not come to destroy anyone’s life. He asks for forgiveness and explains that Tejo is now considered to be my only daughter.Tejo is with Fateh at the moment. He wants a kiss goodnight before he goes to bed. Her laughter may be heard. When she sees the book, his words come flooding back to her. Jasmin inquires as to where she will go and offers to take her home. Rupy says I m not your dad. He is halted by a female who says “Nanu.” According to Jasmin, her name is Naaz, and she is both my daughter and your granddaughter. Rupy is crying while she is holding Naaz. Tejo believes that because we all love Nehmat, she will eventually realise that relationships based on love are more powerful than those based on blood. According to Fateh, you have now grasped it. She recommends that we be honest with the members of the family. He claims that you intend to reveal to the family that Nehmat is not Amrik’s daughter but rather the daughter of the criminal Harvinder. Rupy says that she is not your Nanu and that she merely knows your mother and that she is not related to her in any way. Please may I have one request, Jasmin begs to her. He tells me that I will take care of your house and your food, so there is no need for you to anticipate anything else. Naaz says I m feeling pretty hungry. Jasmine cries while comforting her with an embrace. Rupy cries.The response that Jasmin gave was, “I have nothing, so how can I give you anything?” According to Tejo, Nehmat’s family ought to be aware of whose daughter she is. No, according to Fateh; they will judge her once they find out that her father was a murderer, and then what will we do? He gives her an explanation. She believes that I should never have any doubts about Nehmat. I am aware, he says. She claims that I have forgiven Jasmin completely since she helped me experience what it is like to be a mother. He affirms that it is irrelevant as to who was responsible for bringing her into this world. Just wait, Jasmin says, since she will go buy some food. The lady states that Rupy cares about you and has provided you with food and money. Rupy is thanked by Jasmin. When she sees Naaz devouring the meal, it makes her cry. Rupy is a spectator and she is crying.Nehmat is given the milk to drink by Tejo. Nehmat claims that I expressed a desire to have a sister. Tejo asserts that he is aware since his mother is quite knowledgeable. Rupy cries when he gets back to his house. He adds that he is unhappy and upset over her homecoming, that he will not allow her to do anything wrong, that it would be best if she stayed away, that he regrets for Naaz, and that it was not her fault. Nehmat gestures at the identical presents and declares, “Lord, you have shown me a sign that you will give me my sister; I will give this to her.” Tejo is of the opinion that our daughters would have been sisters if Jasmin had a daughter of her own. She implores Nehmat to remain a nice person who is caring and loving throughout her life. She gives Nehmat a bear hug. The words “I wish I were a good person and could give you a good life” were spoken by Jasmine. She makes Naaz sleep. Satti opens the door. She inquires of Rupy the reason he is waiting outside the house for her. Nothing is spoken by him, and I was only meeting a friend, so why are you inquiring? She interrupts him and tells him, “I am your wife, I understand what you say and what you don’t, there is something you are hiding, tell me.” He claims that there are no problems.The morning has arrived, and Fateh inquires of Tejo regarding Nehmat. She claims that you told her that you will be gone for the next two days. He claims it will not be simple and that training camp will be difficult. She claims that you are irrationally afraid of your daughter. Gurpreet claims that since since he became a father, he is no longer our Fateh. They laughed at it. Nehmat and Mallika have a conversation. Mallika informed me that my brother has returned, that we will all be attending the same school, and that you will be able to play with him because he is very active and is skilled at playing football. A young man dials Mallika’s number while striking the football. After making the catch, Nehmat inquires as to who was the player who hit the ball. A few of the youngsters have arrived to retrieve the football. Naaz recommends that I eat butter along with aloo parathas. The answer from Jasmin is that we will get it. Naaz is nourished by her. It is quite delicious, according to Naaz. According to Jasmin, we won’t ever leave this place. Naaz sees a family. She says that you mentioned that we also have a family, that their house is going to be enormous, and she wants to know when we are going to see them. When Jasmin thinks back, She considers it a stroke of bad luck that I am still here. Nehmat and the boy have a disagreement. She requests that he take the football away from her and she thanks him. She is a runner. The young man Aykam is the one to capture her. Nehmat’s fall is what ultimately causes his own. Mallika asks them to listen. They are both combative.


Jasmine sees Tejo with her family and says if Naz gets an aunt like Tejo that will be great and for that she should be in same school as Nehmat.

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