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The episode begins with Khushbeer returning to his house and addressing Gurpreet and Biji by name. Gurpreet jokes. Biji says we are cooking treats. Gurpreet informed me that tomorrow is Nehmat’s birthday. He claims that we were unaware of the date on which she became six years old. She claims that she was the source of much joy for us. He tells me to tell him what I should do and what I should purchase for her gift. She will ask me for her gift, and Tejo and Fateh ask me to get anything decent, but Nehmat should enjoy it. Yes, Gurpreet advises against getting a chess set because she found that it wasn’t very fun. He replies that he expected she would play and pick it up quickly. She claims that you are aware of how unique she is and her preferences. The answer is yes, but where is she? She claims that she would have been boxing with her father present in the room. They are laughing. Tejo comes. After punching Fateh in the face, Nehmat apologises to him.Tejo chastises her for it. Fateh claims that she is only a child. Tejo chastises him as well. Nehmat smiles. Tejo adjusts her ear with a twist. She tells Fateh that you should clarify the situation for her, but you act like a child. Nehmat affirms that this is the case, that the individual is pretending to be innocent, and that he is a national coach who behaves in this manner. Tejo states that enough has been said and asks what you done with this space. According to Nehmat, everyone says that I am just like my dad, that I am my dad’s girl, and that I have his blood. Tejo is thinking over the words that Balwant said. You are going to win the national championship, according to Fateh. Tejo invites her to come and has a fantastic time. Nehmat goes. Fateh encourages her to relax, Nehmat is just like him. Tejo claims that I do not want her to find happiness through boxing. It’s easy for me to believe what he says about her future self-improvement. Nehmat is provided with the candies by Khushbeer and Gurpreet. Tejo responds, “I know, I try a lot, but I can’t forget this; if Nehmat doesn’t become like us then…… He says that it will not go the way you are imagining it will, that the Lord picked us to be her parents, that today is her birthday, and that you should try to cheer up the situation. She confirms that this is the case and that you are responsible for making the necessary arrangements. He confirms this by stating, “Yes, I got everything. I received the return gifts, and I invited her friends as well.” She inquires of Sharma aunt, “You forgot, do you know? Because I invited him.” He sings her praises. She makes a joke and then asks him to leave her alone. She leaves.Satti has requested that Lovely bring Nehmat’s favourite goodies in her bag. She had a collision with someone and utters the word ghost. The young woman pulls off the dark mask covering her face and reveals her name to be Shelly. She insists that we attend the party, therefore I should put my best appearance forward. Satti thinks that you are already quite gorgeous. Shelly replies, “I don’t want to look much less,” and Abhiraj is going to show up carrying Nehmat’s favourite candies and presents. Nehmat receives an enormous panda as a gift from Rupy. Shelly claims you may buy the entire shop for her, but it doesn’t matter to me either way. Tejo makes a phone call to Satti and inquires about the preparations. Satti claims that everyone is ecstatic. According to Tejo, Nehmat has asked each of you to get here promptly. Satti claims that we would be there, but Dilraj is busy preparing for college admission and hence cannot attend. Tejo assures me everything is alright, so please be on time. They are blessed by Satti. Tejo hangs up after that.Nehmat kisses Khushbeer. She claims that you are aware that I do not lie and that she believes that lying is wrong. He requests for more kisses. Everyone in the room chuckles. She wants to know about the presents. According to Bau ji, it will come as a shock. Tejo has warned you that subsequent requests will result in progressively less prizes. Nehmat has told me not to inquire more. Tejo tells her to turn in and get some rest. Nehmat informs me that it is my birthday at twelve. Tejo says no, go and sleep like a good girl. According to Biji, the birthday party would take place in the morning. According to Tejo, we are also required to celebrate birthdays at school. Nehmat is asked by Khushbeer to listen to her mother. Nehmat says just dad understands us. Tejo alleges that Fateh pampered her excessively.Satti looks at the picture of Tejo and Jasmin. Her tears fall. It’s been six years now, she says, Jasmin, how are you doing? I attempted to get in touch with you, but I wasn’t successful; perhaps you also have a daughter in Canada who is similar to Nehmat. Tejo goes to Nehmat and tells Nehmat to boo. According to Nehmat, I do not feel afraid. Tejo rushes up to her to tickle her. Nehmat runs. She makes Tejo tell a story after she begs him to. Tejo says okay, but you have to sleep. Nehmat is interested in hearing about two sisters’ stories. Tejo claims that there was once a pind inhabited by two sisters who loved each other despite their distinct personalities. In addition, Jasmin relays the narrative of the sisters to her own daughter. Nehmat is interested in knowing if I have any sisters. Even though Tejo has given you his approval, you must pay attention to what I say. Nehmat promises. Tejo tells her to go to sleep. Naaz, Jasmin’s daughter, inquires about the family they come from. Jasmin asks her to sleep. Satti says prayers for Jasmin’s child, in the event that she has one.Nehmat is holding out until twelve. She takes a look at the time. Her good friend Mallika has arrived and is knocking on the door. Nehmat is confused as to why you would show up at this hour, advising you to depart immediately should the celebration be called off. Mallika says no, just open the door. She gives you the gift and tells you that we will celebrate your birthday when you are 12, nobody will know about it, it is almost your 12th birthday, don’t worry, your Hitler mother won’t be here, and nobody will know about it. There is conversation between Fateh and Tejo. He makes light of the fact that she is constantly preoccupied with their child by joking that he should be worried that she may end their marriage because of how busy she is. She insists that it won’t take place. He claims that you do not have any time for me. She tells me no, that you don’t have time for me. They are aware of the time and counting down. Nehmat’s mother, Fateh, wishes you a happy mother’s day. They share an embrace. After wishing Nehmat, Mallika gives her a piece of cake. It has been decided by Fateh that we would go and wish her. Tejo says I made her sleep. According to him, she would be awake, and I know her since she is my daughter. Nehmat’s presents are acquired by Fateh and Tejo. Nehmat is currently located with Mallika.


Nehmat is there thanks to Tejo’s invitation. When she observes Nehmat taking something out of a pocketbook, she confronts her and asks if she is stealing.

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