What has Janhvi Kapoor gained from her mom Sridevi? Examine the situation

In a recent interview, Janhvi Kapoor elaborated on the lessons she learned from her mother, the late Sridevi.

Janhvi Kapoor, daughter of Boney Kapoor and the late Sridevi, has steadily established a position for herself among the famous celebrity children with each of her movies. Janhvi and her acting skills have recently been in the spotlight thanks to the success of her film Good Luck Jerry. Janhvi recently sat down to discuss her late mother Sridevi’s influence on her life and career, revealing that she identifies more with the culture of South India than that of her father’s homeland of Punjab.

What Janhvi Kapoor has learned from Sridevi

Janhvi was recently asked by The Beer Biceps what she has learned from her mother Sridevi. The star of Good Luck Jerry admitted to wondering this often but avoids discussing it for fear of coming out as “arrogant.” According to Janhvi, “This is a perennial mystery that has me pondering. I believe that if she had been there, I would have responded much more freely to that question. Since Mom is no longer here, I worry that others would see any comparisons I make between me and my mother as conceited. My mum, I think. The public, however, would never see it that way because Sridevi Kapoor is simply not my mom to me.”

Janhvi went on to compare herself to Sridevi, highlighting the following qualities: “My morning stroll down the hall puts me in mind of hers, so I’ve been told. My eating habits and the noises I make while doing so have been compared to hers, and the comparisons are uncanny. My voice has been compared to hers, and it sounds a lot like hers. Apparently, I weep like her, I am needy like her, I suppose. Like her, I can be a bit awkward in front of the camera. In that respect, I believe we are similar in temperament.”

With Good Luck Jerry, Janhvi Kapoor has become a fan favourite.
In the role of Jerry, Janhvi won over audiences and received rave reviews. The original version of the film was filmed in Tamil and starred Nayanthara. Critics and audiences alike praised the picture upon its Disney+Hotstar debut.

The next project she has is Bawaal, which stars Varun Dhawan. Nitesh Tiwari helms, and Sajid Nadiadwala is producing, the film. She also has Mili to rely on. This film marks her first time working with her father, Boney Kapoor, in a producing capacity. watch more updates on writtenlab.com

What has Janhvi Kapoor gained from her mom Sridevi? Find out

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