Yeh Hai Chahatein [10th August 2022] Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th August 2022 Written Update On

Roohi loses her footing and trips on a stone, which causes her to smash her head and pass out. Preesha hurries up to her and immediately grabs her in her arms. Armaan states that Roohi has finally been located, and that she has a habit of barging into his home. He will punish her if she is not wounded adequately. Preesha becomes infuriated with him for being so heartless, and she orders him to make a phone call to the physician. She picks Roohi up and carries her inside the house. After witnessing Roohi’s condition, the Gardener Prem/Rudra becomes anxious and chases after Preesha. Armaan intervenes and asks him why he is going inside the building. Armaan is admonished by Preesha to make the initial phone contact to the physician. Armaan tells Prem to get back to his job and then enters inside the room. Prem believes that Saransh will be able to be with Roohi and would disclose her condition to him. He gives Saransh a call to let him know that Roohi has fallen and injured herself, and he also gives Saransh the details. Sharda is given information by Saransh regarding Roohi.
Raj drops Pihu home. Pihu overhears Prem conversing on a pricey phone and wonders how the latter can afford to own such an expensive device. After Raj comes to the conclusion that he is in fact Rudra, he requests that Pihu disregard the servant, assuming that his family must have gifted him. Pihu claims that Prem pretended to be impoverished in order to elicit pity from his mother and is currently residing in the servant quarters; hence, she needs to investigate how he was able to acquire such an expensive phone. Preesha makes the decision to give Rudra a call and let him know about Roohi’s health. Armaan calls her attention to what Rudra did to her and warns her not to call Rudra again. Preesha acknowledges that she is aware of this, but cites the importance of Pihu at this time.

Pihu approaches Prem and inquires as to how he can afford such an expensive and high-end phone. Prem puts on an act as though he is unaware of what is being discussed and seems to be clueless. She is adamant that he show her his phone. He demonstrates an ancient rotary phone. She claims that she noticed a high-end phone in his hand at the time. He advises her to have her eyes examined immediately. He recalled that Raj had messaged him to tell him that Pihu had seen her with a high-end phone and was coming to see him. He decides to get a new phone. Pihu suggests that perhaps she was distracted and then exits the room. Prem expresses his gratitude to God for allowing him to successfully handle the crisis, and then he decides to check on Roohi.

Preesha is informed by the doctor that Roohi will be treated, but he is unsure as to why she is not regaining consciousness. Prem walks in. Armaan is rather abrupt in his request that he go. Prem reveals that he is concerned about the girl’s health and has brought herbal medicine for her. Armaan is given a warning by Preesha. Prem asks Preesha to let him stay until the girl regains consciousness in the hospital. It seems that Preesha is on the same page. He thinks he brought pudina chutney to see Roohi, but all he has with him is herb to feed her. Roohi opens her eyes and wonders where she is before turning to Preesha and asking who she is. Preesha refers to her as her Preesha aunty, calling her “mom like mamma.” Roohi claims that she does not remember her at all.
She recognises Prem and immediately calls her father. Armaan wants to know why Roohi refers to the elderly man as papa. When Prem hears her calling him papa, he becomes agitated and explains that he has no idea why she is doing so. Roohi asserts that he is her father. The conversation continues with Preesha asking Prem why Roohi is calling him papa. Prem claims that he is unaware of the situation and that this is their first encounter together. As soon as Saransh reaches the location, he inquires about Roohi’s well-being. Roohi is adamant that she will not name him and insists that she wants to stay with her father. Armaan presses him to confirm that he is not familiar with the elderly man. Saransh says no.

According to Preesha, Roohi was unable to remember anything after sustaining a brain injury. Armaan brings the doctor to their house to examine Roohi while he ponders the reason for Roohi referring to an older guy as her papa.

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