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This first segment features Armaan asks Saaransh that, assuming that Saaransh is not familiar with Prem. He is informed by Saaransh that he is not familiar with Prem. He inquires of Ruhi as to what took place with her. Preesha explains to him that Ruhi is unable to name anyone due to the head injury she sustained earlier. He asks her how it is even possible for that to happen. She explains to him that the head injury that Ruhi sustained caused her to lose her memory. When Rudraksh hears her, he becomes concerned. Ruhi will be seeing a neurologist, according to Saaransh’s statement. Preesha reveals to him that she is going to travel with them. Armaan is opposed to the choice that she has made. She explains to him that she does not consider it insensitive to leave children unattended. He requests that Saaransh bring in the Doctor so that Ruhi can be examined. After giving him a nod, Saaransh walks away from there and begins to call Sharda. Armaan has the impression that something is not quite right.

After a while, Pihu approaches Preesha with the question of whether or not Ruhi will be okay. Together with Doctor, Sharda travels to the location. Saaransh reveals to her that Ruhi is not able to recognise him in any way. Sharda inquires of Ruhi as to whether or not the latter is doing well. Ruhi inquires as to the woman’s identity. She claims that she is familiar with her biological father. Sharda has a request for Doctor to carry out. The doctor requests that everyone else departs, with the exception of Khuranas. Someone else has left the room.

Ruhi receives praise from Saaransh for her acting. Sharda implores all of them to keep their voices down. She claims that Rudraksh is anxious about something. She inquires of Ruhi as to the reason why they did not include Rudraksh in the plan discussion. Ruhi is grateful to God. She claims that everyone is under the impression that she has completely lost her memory. She tries to remember what she said to Sharda when she expressed her desire to continue living with Rudraksh. She discusses her strategy with Saaransh and Sharda. In the conversation, she asks Sharda to bring Doctor. Saaransh and Sharda share her viewpoint on the matter. Sharda requests that Vidyut set up an appointment with a neurologist. She divulges all of her secrets to him. He assures her that he is able to fulfil any request regarding Rudraksh. He claims that the neurologist father of his friend is the one he will call, so keep an eye out for that.

Ruhi hears from Saaransh that Rudraksh was in a state of extreme concern when he called him. Ruhi shares with Saaransh and Sharda the news that she did not have the opportunity to discuss her plan with Rudraksh. She shares with them the details of her escape from the outhouse. She reflects on how she coordinated all of the aspects of her performance. She has been running on purpose for Preesha to be able to see her. She ends up on the ground. She spreads jam all over the stone as well as her own head. She has the appearance of passing out. She explains to them that when she referred to Rudraksh as her father, he became very anxious. According to Sharda, the completion of the final stage of their plan is pending. The doctor has informed everyone that he will spread the news that Ruhi has temporarily lost her memory and that she must spend the next few days with Prem.

Rudraksh holds himself responsible for the condition that Ruhi is in. Inside his head, he offers Ruhi an apology. Preesha is the one who comforts him. Armaan is curious about the reason why Ruhi referred to Prem as her father. He claims that he has absolute certainty that Rudraksh is making use of Ruhi. When Ruhi arrives, she gives Prem a hug. She is Prem’s selection. She whispers in his ear that she was acting all along. She urges him to relax and not be concerned.

Episode ends.


The doctor breaks the news to Preesha that Ruhi is not doing well. According to Preesha, Ruhi will remain at the Thakkur mansion until such time as she is healthy again. Sharda explains to her that Rudraksh won’t agree to that request for permission. She is informed by Preesha that she will discuss the matter with Rudraksh. Armaan assures her that he will follow her wherever she goes. Saaransh, Sharda feels uneasy whenever she hears them.

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