Yeh Hai Chahatein [12th August 2022] Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 12th August 2022 Written Update on

The first portion of the episode consists of According to the doctor, it is important for Ruhi to get some rest. Pihu takes Ruhi inside. When Rudraksh learns that Ruhi is doing well, he experiences a sense of relief. He can’t help but wonder what her motivation was in doing all of this. Preesha inquires about Ruhi’s well-being to Doctor, who reveals the following: The doctor explained to her that the head injury that Ruhi had sustained caused her to temporarily lose her memory. He claims that Ruhi is unable to deal with unexpected events, so they have a responsibility to ensure that she leads a joyful life. The request that he makes of her is to grant all of Ruhi’s wishes. He relays the information to Prem that Ruhi is required to remain with him at this time. According to Armaan, there is no way for that to happen. Preesha interrogates him about what exactly it is that he is stating. He reveals to her that Rudraksh has devised this strategy with the intention of ensuring that Ruhi stays with her. Additionally, he mentions that Ruhi is putting on an act.

She explains to him that she is able to empathise with Ruhi’s suffering because she, too, has experienced the erasure of her memories. She expresses her concern that Ruhi not experience feelings of isolation in this conversation by stating that she does not want this for her. She comes to the conclusion that it would be best to care for Ruhi herself until she is fully recovered. She requests that he place some level of confidence in the Doctor. She expresses her appreciation to Doctor for making the trip there to check on Ruhi. Saaransh is under the impression that their strategy has been successful. He makes the decision to participate in whatever it is, and as a result, he remains with Ruhi. He expresses his appreciation to Preesha. He tells her that he is unable to allow Ruhi to remain there by herself for any length of time. Preesha reveals to him that she is currently hanging out with Ruhi. He reveals to her that she is not their mother in that conversation. He claims that he is unable to continue living in this place without Ruhi. He is given the instruction to remain in that location. Armaan’s reaction upon hearing her is one of surprise. Rudraksh is very proud of his children and believes that they are very intelligent.

Sharda reveals to Preesha that Rudraksh will not permit Ruhi to continue to reside there, and she tells Preesha that she has told Ruhi. According to Armaan, allowing Ruhi to spend the night with an unknown person is not a prudent decision. Preesha assures Sharda that she will look after the children if she is allowed to. She insists that in order to take care of Ruhi, they have to adhere to the instructions given by the doctor. She continues by saying that she is able to fulfil any request that Ruhi may have. She tells her that she will talk to Rudraksh in person to try to persuade him. Hearing her name causes everyone to be surprised.

Preesha receives the response from Saaransh that there is no requirement for that. He believes that both he and Sharda have the ability to persuade Rudraksh. Sharda hears from Preesha that she can do anything for Ruhi because she is just like her daughter, and Preesha agrees with her. Armaan calls her attention to the way that she responds when she sees Rudraksh. He believes that Sharda and Saaransh will be successful in their efforts to convince Rudraksh. Preesha reveals to him that she doesn’t give a damn about herself in this conversation. He reassures her that he will be there with her the entire time. She goes to change into a different outfit.

Pihu is informed by Ruhi that her daughter desires to be with her biological father. There have been sightings of Prem there. Ruhi hugs him. Pihu embarks on its journey from that location. Rudraksh discloses to Ruhi that he started to feel concerned. Ruhi tells him that she did not get the chance to explain the plan to him because she did not have enough time. She claims that she will be able to continue living with him going forward. He provides her with information regarding the issue. She has an inspiration for something. Vidyut is the person she wants him to call, she tells him. She requests that Vidyut take on the role of a gardener while they are together. Vidyut informs her that he will be bringing Rudraksh’s clothing with him. She communicates with Saaransh through the use of a message. Sharda receives information from Saaransh regarding the plan that Ruhi has devised. He speculates that Preesha might have a memory of having visited the Khurana mansion in the past.

Vidyut goes into the outhouse under cover of darkness. He disguise as gardener. After putting on his attire, Rudraksh then departs from that location. Others head off to the mansion belonging to Khurana.

Episode ends.


A recap: Rudraksh is unable to move forward because of the heavy traffic. The Khurana residence is greeted by Preesha upon her arrival. She inquires of Saaransh regarding the whereabouts of Rudraksh. She is informed by Saaransh that Rudraksh is most likely located within his room.

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