Yeh Hai Chahatein [13th August 2022] Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts off with Rudraksh trying to conceal the fact that he saw the security guard. Ruhi is informed that he is unable to depart at this time by him. Ruhi informs him that she will be working as a security guard at the location. Vidyut is given instructions to act as though he is tending the garden at her request. She insists that no one should be able to see his face under any circumstances. Vidyut acknowledges him with a nod and then walks toward the garden. She goes to the Security guard and then takes him from there to the water tab to open it. Preesha and the other people go to the mansion owned by Khurana. Additionally, Rudraksh will depart from Armaan’s home. He believes that it is imperative for him to get to the Khurana mansion ahead of them.

Preesha and the others finally make it to the Khurana mansion after some time has passed. Armaan harbours the sincere wish that Preesha will be unable to recall a time when she previously visited this home. He tells Preesha that he will wait outside while he talks to Rudraksh and that she can wait there on her own. She explains to him that she has come to help Ruhi, and that she will speak with Rudraksh afterward. Rudraksh, meanwhile, is unable to move due to the heavy traffic.

Preesha is told to wait outside after Sharda requests her presence there. Arti plate is something she brings. Armaan reveals to her that Preesha is currently present at the location for the purpose of speaking with Rudraksh. According to him, Preesha is not going to go back to the Khurana mansion. Sharda reveals to him that even now, Preesha serves as her daughter-in-law. Preesha is greeted by her warmly. The front door is opened by Preesha. She is able to recall some of the times she spent with Khuranas while they were in that house. Armaan is under the impression that nothing is going as planned. And if Preesha stayed in the Khurana mansion at the time, she would have lived there, she might remember things if she did so now. Therefore, he ought to evacuate the premises as quickly as humanly possible with her in tow. He requests that Sharda not waste any more time and immediately call Rudraksh so that they can speak to him.

In the message that Saaransh receives from Rudraksh, he is informed that Rudraksh is currently stalled in the traffic. Preesha is causing him concern, and he is unsure how to stop her. He is questioned by Preesha about where Rudraksh is located. She is told by Saaransh that Rudraksh must be in his room, and that he will bring him there himself. She tells him that she will go to Rudraksh’s room after they have finished talking. She is about to ask about the room, but she stops herself in time. After stating that she might remember the room, she proceeds to the upper floor. He now realises that he should not have let Preesha know that Rudraksh was in his room because he believes that he has made a mistake.

After Preesha, Armaan will act. She explains to him that she is able to recall the room even now. He reveals this information to her and says that she previously inhabited the house. Sharda receives information from Saaransh that Rudraksh is not present in his room. He hears from Sharda that they need to put an end to Preesha’s actions. Armaan and Preesha enters Rudraksh’s room. It would appear, according to Saaransh, that Rudraksh went somewhere else. After seeing her own photos, Preesha is taken aback. Armaan believes that he would have been better off not bringing Preesha to that location. When Saaransh sees these photographs, he hopes that Preesha will recall some of her past experiences.

After using the restroom, Rudraksh emerges. He inquires as to what they have planned for that location. Preesha confronts him about the photos of her that are framed in his room and asks him why he has them there. He tells her to look at the photographs and tells her how happy she appears in them. He expresses his affection for her by letting her know how he feels. She requests that he cease his illogical babbling. He wants her to interpret what his eyes are saying to her. She is referred to as his life, according to him. Armaan reveals to Preesha that Rudraksh is not telling the truth. He jogs her memory regarding everything that Rudraksh was responsible for. Rudraksh is informed by Preesha that the reason she has come is to discuss Ruhi. Rudraksh inquires as to the whereabouts of Ruhi with this question.

Episode ends.


A recap: Rudraksh reveals to Preesha the saree that he had given to her as a gift. Armaan is under the impression that Preesha has begun thinking about events from her past. Kanchan places a call to Prem from the other side. After a moment, Ruhi pushes open the door. When Kanchan sees Prem lying down on the bed, she is surprised.

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