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The first thing Kanchan does upon starting the episode is to realise that she needs to tend to the garden. It is Prem who she calls. Vidyut is informed by Ruhi that Kanchan is calling him. Vidyut is getting ready to depart for Kanchan at this time. She prevents him from proceeding by telling him that he is not allowed to go in front of Kanchan because he does not resemble Rudraksh in any way. He inquires of her as to the next step he ought to take at this time.

On the other hand, Preesha discloses to Rudraksh both Ruhi’s injury and the fact that she has lost her memory to Rudraksh. She claims that Ruhi believes that Prem is her father, and she says that Ruhi has told her this. Rudraksh inquires of her regarding the viability of such a scenario. He claims to be Ruhi’s father in order to persuade others to let him retrieve Ruhi. She explains to him that Ruhi will be staying at Armaan’s house because she is unable to cope with mental stress on her own. According to her, there is no other choice for Rudraksh to make.

Ruhi is allowed to stay at Armaan’s house, according to Rudraksh. Armaan is mystified as to why Rudraksh gave his consent so readily. He is certain that something is not quite right, and he thinks it’s probably something fishy. Preesha is unable to leave because Rudraksh is blocking her path. He claims that he wants to give Ruhi’s blanket to her because he knows that she cannot sleep if she does not have it. Saaransh is perplexed about Rudraksh’s deceitful behaviour. When Rudraksh opens the cabinet, he does so on purpose and lets Preesha’s saree fall out.

He can’t help but think back to the time when he presented her with that saree. She picks up the saree and announces that she is not going to wear this one because it is too heavy for work. He assures her that this particular saree will look lovely on her. He inquires as to whether or not she has any recollections of the event. According to what she has said, it appears that this has already taken place. Armaan is under the impression that his only concern was related to this. Preesha is the one to whom he conveys his recommendation that they depart. He grabs Preesha’s saree and tosses it in the air before walking away. He then walks away with her while still holding her hand.

Vidyut tries to speak with Rudraksh, but he doesn’t answer his call. He maintains that this is the end of everything. The door is pounded on by Kanchan. Ruhi asks Vidyut to act like sleeping. She walks up to it and opens it. Kanchan inquires after their well-being, inquiring as to what is taking place. She inquires of Ruhi regarding the latter’s whereabouts and activities at the location. She is informed by Ruhi that she is unfamiliar with her. Prem, according to her, is her biological father. She claims that Prem is experiencing discomfort, which prevents him from working at the moment. Hearing everything causes Kanchan to become muddled. She warns Prem that she will fire him if he doesn’t finish the gardening work right then and there, and then she exits the room.

Rudraksh is questioned by Saaransh regarding the means by which the latter arrived home on time. Rudraksh explains to him how he was able to enter his room without being noticed. He takes note of the calls that Vidyut has ignored. Vidyut is the one he calls. It has been brought to his attention by Ruhi that they are in a precarious situation. If Vidyut is discovered, he asks her that question. She enlightens him regarding the cautionary word from Kanchan. She implores him to finish the work in the garden and she waits for him.

Preesha is perplexed as to why she has this feeling that the Khurana mansion is her home. Armaan is the one who brings up the fact that Rudraksh despise her. Rudraksh appears to have kept some of her photographs in his room, and she can’t help but wonder why he did that. She also wonders why she smiles in those photographs. She is under the impression that the eyes of Rudraksh reflected the truth. After arriving there, Kanchan declares that she has mastered everything. There is a momentary lapse in illumination. Raj drops Rudraksh at Armaan’s house. Rudraksh, perceiving an opportunity, moves closer to the house in the hope of capitalising on the darkness. The dawning of light Preesha, Kanchan and Armaan sees Rudraksh.

Episode ends.


Armaan raps on the door of the outhouse before the recap begins. Rudraksh receives information from Vidyut that the window will not open. After some time has passed, Rudraksh reveals to Ruhi that he frequently visited an ice cream parlour with Preesha late at night. He treats Preesha and Ruhi to ice cream at the shop that he takes them to. Digvijay observes Preesha as she departs from the home. Rudraksha drops for the fake beard. This is something that Ruhi has observed. Upon seeing Prem, Preesha experiences a moment of shock.

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