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Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th August 2022 Written Update on

The first scene of the episode consists of Armaan, Preesha, and Kanchan noticing Rudraksh entering their home. Rudraksh experiences a startling reaction when he sees them. Armaan inquires about the latter’s whereabouts and activities by asking what they are. Rudraksh reveals to him that Ruhi is his daughter and questions how he can continue to live without ever seeing his daughter. Preesha tells him that she would accompany him to the outhouse when she finishes her conversation with him. He reveals to her that he will travel without anybody else. Kanchan claims that she is obligated to speak with Prem in order for her to travel with Rudraksh. She is informed by Preesha that Rudraksh would like to spend some time with Ruhi alone, and that Ruhi should meet Prem at a later time. Preesha tells her that Rudraksh has this request. Rudraksh offers an internal prayer of gratitude to God. He exits the house and goes to the outhouse. He is completely open and honest with both Ruhi and Vidyut about everything. Ruhi is the one who lauds his accomplishments.

Pihu, on the other hand, inquires of Preesha for the latter’s well-being by asking if she is okay. Preesha relates to her that after seeing the Khurana mansion, she experienced a sense of contentment. She claims that she recalled Rudraksh’s room as she was thinking about it. She also mentions that she found several of her photographs within Rudraksh’s chamber. Pihu’s reaction upon hearing her is one of astonishment. She is informed by Preesha that she can be seen smiling in each and every one of those photographs. She asks her why she was smiling in those images if Rudraksh was torturing her back then. She says that it doesn’t make any sense. She claims that something about the situation is not quite right. Armaan as well as Digvijay are aware of this information. Digvijay reveals to Armaan that Rudraksh is recruiting his children in an effort to win Preesha’s affection. He claims that he has the impression that Ruhi is making up the story that she has lost her memory. In addition, he emphasises that they need to prevent Rudraksh from arriving to their house. They leave the house to use the outhouse. Kanchan eventually becomes one of them.

Rudraksh finds out from Ruhi about the cautionary statement made by Kanchan. They can hear the sound of someone knocking on the door. Vidyut is instructed by Rudraksh to make his way out the window. Vidyut relays the information that the window will not open. Rudraksh makes his way to him in order to assist him.

After a moment, Ruhi pushes open the door. Armaan asks Prem about Rudraksh. Prem explains to him that since Ruhi did not recognise Rudraksh, he decided to leave from that location. There are times when Saaransh visits there. Rudraksh can still vividly recall the moment when he instructed Vidyut to assume the position of a stool and then wrapped a blanket around him. Kanchan decides to sit atop Vidyut, which ultimately results in her falling off. She is able to resume her sitting position with Ruhi’s assistance. The conversation continues between Kanchan and Prem. Ruhi is under the impression that she must take some kind of action in order to rescue Vidyut. She lets Kanchan know that she is famished in the conversation. She requests that the other person bring some food. Kanchan gives her a respectful nod before walking away from the scene. Vidyut gets up. Vidyut is able to open the window thanks to the assistance of Rudraksh. Vidyut makes his way out of the room through one of the windows. Rudraksh is informed by his sister, Ruhi, that the two of them are now free to remain with Preesha.

In the meantime, Pihu gives Raj a call and informs him that she would want to chat to him about Rudraksh and Preesha. She inquires as to the circumstances surrounding Rudraksh and Preesha’s separation from one another. Raj reveals to her that he is unsure of the specifics of the conflict between Rudraksh and Preesha, but he does say that a fight took place. She divulges to him the information that Rudraksh made an attempt to take Preesha’s life. He is unconvinced by her claims and will not believe her. He reprimands her for speaking in such a manner about Rudraksh and then hangs up on her before continuing the conversation.

The goal that Rudraksh and the youngsters have is to reenact some of their earlier experiences. It is time for Ruhi to visit Preesha in her room. She explains to her that the snoring of Prem is preventing her from getting any restful sleep at night. Preesha invites her to spend the night in her room. Ruhi has reported that she is unable to fall or stay asleep at this time. Saaransh arrives there and tells Ruhi that she can finally go to sleep now that she has consumed ice cream if she has done so.

Episode ends.


The episode begins with Preesha, Prem, and their children leaving the house. This is something that Digvijay is aware of. It appears to Preesha that everything took place in the past as well. It has been brought to Ruhi’s attention that Rudraksh is wearing a false beard.

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