Yeh Hai Chahatein [17th August 2022] Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th August 2022 Written Update on

The first segment of the episode is as follows: Preesha promises Saaransh and Ruhi that she will take them to an ice cream parlour on their next outing together. Ruhi is questioned by Prem about the purpose of her presence in that location. He asks Ruhi where she is going, and she tells him that she is heading to an ice cream parlour. She extends an invitation to participate in their conversation. He shows some reluctance. He finally agreed to come along with them after being persuaded by Preesha and the kids. They walked out of the house. That’s not lost on Digvijay.

Following a certain amount of time has passed, everyone may be seen in the ice cream parlour eating ice cream. A dab of ice cream is placed on Preesha’s nose by Prem. A glimpse of the moment that Rudraksh put ice cream on Preesha’s nose is caught on camera by Preesha. That is the question that Saaransh poses to her. She comments to him that it appears as though ice cream was put to her nose at some point in the past. He inquires as to whether or not she can recall anything at all. It seems as though her nerves are frayed.

That is the question that Ruhi poses to her, and she responds by asking if it is all right. According to what Preesha has said, it seems as though it has already taken place with her. She is cautioned by Saaransh to refrain from thinking too deeply. To help Preesha clean her face, Prem offers her some water. As he massages his face, the false beard on his upper lip is about to come off. As soon as Ruhi realises this, she spins him around so that Preesha will not be able to see him. She gives him instructions to help her stand. He helps her stand on her own two feet. She lets him know about his false moustache and beard. They were able to rectify the situation. Prem advises Preesha that they must go back to the house immediately. That is where they will depart.

The following day, Digvijay shared with Armaan what he had observed the night before. According to him, Ruhi has been lying in order to keep Preesha around. Armaan reveals to him that everything is part of Rudraksh’s plan, and that Prem is definitely a participant in Rudraksh’s plot. During this time, Rudraksh and the kids deliberate over what course of action they ought to take next. Ruhi can’t help but think back to the time when she made Preesha sing for her so that she could go to the bathroom. It is painful to listen to Preesha sing. She is given the instruction by Ruhi to sing her best. Rudraksh visits that location in order to make Preesha laugh. Suddenly, he begins to sing. After using the restroom, Ruhi emerges and expresses her gratitude to Rudraksh. She goes on to tell his family about that particular incident. They have every intention of reliving that same moment.

Pihu and Raj dance to the song “ishq wala love” while they are at the college. He expresses his doubts about his ability to dance and tells her so. Vidyut reveals to him that he would educate him in the art of dancing. He has shown his willingness to assist them in every way possible. Pihu has said that there will not be a problem on her end provided Raj can handle the situation. She requests that Raj keep an eye on it. During the song “ishq wala love,” she dances along with Vidyut. They have realised that Raj is missing in action. Pihu is perplexed as to where Raj has gone and decides to set out in search of him from that point on.

It has been brought to Preesha’s attention by Prem that there is an issue. He walks her to the restroom in the back. When Preesha sees Ruhi crying, it makes her very concerned. What took place, she inquires of her friend, She is informed by Prem that Ruhi needs to urinate and that she has requested that Prem sing for her. Ruhi tells Preesha that the only way she will be able to urinate is if someone starts singing. Prem admits to Preesha that despite the fact that he has a terrible singing voice, he intends to practise. It’s painful to listen to him sing. He is asked to refrain from singing by Ruhi. Preesha is given the request to perform. She is informed by Preesha that she, too, is not a good singer. She is encouraged to give it a shot by Ruhi. The restroom is calling her name. It is painful to listen to Preesha sing. The conversation continues with Ruhi pleading with her to refrain from doing it just as she did before.

Episode ends.


Armaan comes in second place, behind Prem. He notices Prem talking to Vidyut. He takes a picture of them and then he displays it to Preesha. Prem is the one he challenges.

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